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Review import updates (G2, Capterra, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Trustpilot)

We have added for importing reviews from multiple platforms. You can find the review imports in the reviews -page by clicking “Import” from the top right! To import reviews from the new channels you just need to input your profile url from different channels. Review imports from Google and Facebook still work with sso login.

Solving real problems makes the job meaningful – Aleksi Halsas, Product Owner @Trustmary

Trustmary’s Product Owner Aleksi Halsas acts as an interpreter between customers and Trustmary’s Software Development Team. It is his responsibility to bring the customers’ real-life problems to the developers to solve. The work the Product Team does is especially rewarding because each team member gets to use their specific expertise. Only by working together as […]

How to Use Testimonials to Improve Website Conversion Rates for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a critical bottleneck in growth for many companies, due to which optimizing websites for lead generation is very important. Testimonials are one factor that can increase conversion rates on a website significantly. Testimonials mainly increase the conversion rate by improving trust between the potential customer and the seller. But there can also […]

“Thanks to our bootstrapped history, there is not that much bullshit going on” – Kim Salmi, CTO @Trustmary

Since Trustmary’s CTO Kim Salmi joined the company in 2019, he has had one clear mission: To build a well-functioning Development Team to develop Trustmary’s own SaaS product. So far, he has grown his team to four Developers. Because Trustmary just raised two million euros to boost their growth, his team will rapidly grow in […]