How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz That Will Help You Get More Sales

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How to Create a Lead Generation Quiz That Will Help You Get More Sales

Regardless of the size of your business and your current customer base, you always need an influx of new prospective customers who can enable you to take your company to the next level.

You can employ countless lead generation tactics  – come up with a great social media strategy, establish a strong, positive online presence, invest more in your paid marketing, and more.

However, for these tactics to work, you need quite a lot of time, effort, and of course, money. If you’re running a small business or just setting up shop, chances are you don’t have a lot of loose change and need an effective tactic that’s affordable. You need a lead generation quiz.

Lead generation quizzes are considered to be the hidden gem that can increase your brand awareness and quickly expand your email list. They’re easy to make and deploy and will take your business to new heights.

So, take a look at how to create a lead quiz that drives sales.

The Steps to Create a Lead Generation Quiz

Interactive content such as a lead generation quiz can get double the engagement levels of static content, but only if it’s well-designed.

Even if you have the best quiz maker that money can buy, you still need to do some manual work to create a quiz that boosts engagement and generates leads.

While creating a lead generation quiz from scratch might seem like an excruciating task, it’s much easier than you might think. You only need to follow three simple steps.

1. Come up With an Interesting Topic

Naturally, before you start building a quiz, you need to develop a unifying topic. Otherwise, all the questions will seem random and nonsensical.

To come up with a good topic, you first need to find out who your target audience is. What are their likes and dislikes? Their hobbies? Their general interests? In all likelihood, you won’t be able to attract a college student into IT and an elderly citizen into pastry baking with the same quiz topic.

So, consider carefully who you want to attract with your quiz, and find a topic that would be of interest to them.

The second part of the equation is coming up with a topic that’s relevant to your business. It doesn’t need to be directly related to your products or services, but it needs to make sense. A topic such as “Which Country Should You Live in According to Your Taste Buds?” would be suitable for a restaurant, maybe even a grocery store that sells international products, but it would hold no relevance for a SaaS company.

Pay attention to the title as well. In general, about 8 in 10 people will read only the headline, while just two will click to read the rest and take the quiz. You don’t want to lose those two people by making the title seem boring.

2. Decide on a Quiz Type

You can create several different lead generation quiz types, and each type will resonate with a different audience and be suitable for a different topic.

The most popular type of quiz is, by far, the personality quiz. You’ve surely seen a few examples – “Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Character Are You?”; “Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong to?”; “What Does Your Taste in Music Say About You?”.

Everyone has a certain belief about their personality, and everyone wants to learn more about themselves and how others perceive them. So, a simple personality quiz that tells them what they want to know can be quite effective in grabbing the attention of most internet users.

Another interesting lead generation quiz type is the trivia quiz. The results are normally in the form of a score that presents the quiz-taker’s knowledge of the given topic.

It can be useful for testing your audience’s familiarity with your brand, product/service, or seeing how informed they are about your general niche.

You can use this type of quiz to see whether your audience understands your business and whether you need to find ways to keep them properly informed.

If you want to educate your audience, you can present them with a knowledge quiz. This type of lead generation quiz provides feedback following each question. You can use this to showcase your expertise and provide more value to your quiz-takers.

3. Find Software That Supports Creation and Sharing

The last step to creating a perfect lead generation quiz is finding a high-quality quiz maker. There are many different quiz-makers on the market, some better than others.

To find the best software for your needs, you need to look for useful features such as:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Questions library
  • Built-in lead forms
  • Integrated analytics tools
  • Customization options
  • Software support for all media types
  • Social media sharing

The final feature might just be the most important one. You need a quiz that’s easy to share on all platforms and channels. Otherwise, your target audience won’t be able to access it.

General Rules of Quiz Creation to Abide by

When you’re creating your first-ever lead generation quiz, it can be easy to forget some important rules and points. So, take a look at a few things you’ll need to pay close attention to.

Quiz Results Should Be Positive

If you’re using a knowledge test or a trivia quiz, the results will likely be presented in the form of a score. What this means is that it’s possible for a quiz-taker to get a bad score. Even a personality quiz can have a bad result for some people.

But just because the result’s not perfect doesn’t mean that it can’t be positive.

You don’t want your quiz-takers to feel bad about themselves after taking your quiz, as this can impact the way they feel about your business. Not to mention that they’ll be less likely to share their results on social media and increase your quiz’s reach if they don’t like the results they’ve gotten.

So, make sure that the quiz results are as positive as possible. Don’t criticize your quiz-takers or make them feel judged.

Notice the difference between “Your score is 0, you should go back to school.” and “You scored 0 points but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve. Check out our eBook that’s perfect for beginners, and retake the quiz once you’ve read it.”.

The way you present the results can make quite an impact on how your business is perceived, so be careful.

Present Personalized Results

Personalization is key for generating leads and converting them to loyal customers. Over 63% of consumers expect personalization as a standard of service. So, personalizing the quiz results is quite essential for the success of this lead generation tactic.

To make the results feel more personalized, you cannot just have a 5-question quiz. You need more variety, more options, and more answer choices.

Of course, you’ll need to come up with the quiz results in advance, but try to prepare several possible outcomes. A little bit of effort on your part while you’re creating the quiz can make a world of difference for your quiz-takers and how they feel about your brand afterward.

Visual Content Is a Must

Your primary concern when creating a lead generation quiz is making it sensible and filling it with appropriate questions, answers, and results. But if the quiz is purely textual, it can become boring to your audiences and make them abandon it midway through.

Many quiz makers will give you an abundance of themes and templates that can impact your quiz’s visual appeal, but that’s not enough to grab your leads’ attention.

You need to break up the text with visual content. Images, GIFs, even videos can work wonders for making your quiz more interactive and engaging.

Just make sure that the visuals are appropriate and relevant to the topic at hand.

Keep the Questions Short and Simple

Most consumers will take online quizzes while browsing their social media feeds and enjoying their free time. Sometimes, that’s during their short lunch break, or while they’re waiting in line at the bank. So, they want the quizzes to be entertaining.

If it takes them half an hour to complete the quiz – it’s not entertaining. As a matter of fact, it might even make them feel like they’re back in school taking a math test.

So, to make your lead generation quiz appealing, make it easy and lighthearted. Keep the questions short and simple, and the answers easy to understand.

Keep True to Your Brand Persona 

In all your interactions with current and former customers and prospective leads, you need to stay true to your brand persona, and this requires a unified approach. The tone you use, the formality of your language, the way you address the customers – it all needs to be consistent, even in lead generation quizzes.

So, if you’ve worked hard to establish a more serious and formal brand persona, don’t suddenly break character and make a highly informal and casual quiz. Keep true to the image you’ve created.

A unified approach with quizzes also includes using similar visuals as on your website or social media account. Rely on the same color scheme and font, and stamp your logo on the quiz. It’s a small detail that’ll make you quite memorable to new leads.

Make It Mobile-Optimized

Most consumers access the internet via their smartphones. As a matter of fact, over 51.53% of global website traffic comes from mobile devices. So, you can expect at least half of your followers to access your quiz via their smartphone.

If it’s not mobile-optimized, chances are you’ll see high quiz abandonment rates.

Most quiz-makers will help you optimize your quizzes for mobile devices, but always stay on the safe side and check how your quiz looks on PC, mobile, and tablet before you launch it.

The Lead Generation Form

Now it’s time to come up with an excellent lead generation form. As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to ask for more information from your leads than you need. Primarily, it will be more difficult for you to organize that much data, and secondly, many quiz-takers will skip filling in a long-form.

So, keep the lead generation form as short and as simple as possible. And remember, the more value your quiz offers to your audience, the more willing your audience will be to give you their information.

Also, pay attention to where you place the form. While you could technically put it anywhere in the quiz, you’ll want to avoid placing it just before the first question of the quiz or somewhere in the middle of it. Most consumers will find that annoying, which will discourage them from giving you the information that you need.

The best place for a lead generation form is just after the last question before you present the results. You’ll know that you have the lead’s attention by then, and your quiz-taker would be more willing to give out personal information.

Quiz Promotion

If you want your lead generation quiz to reach a wide audience, you’ll need to promote it. Reach out to your existing customers and entice them to take the quiz and share their results. Announce your quiz on your social media accounts and make it easily accessible on your website.

You can even promote the quiz by having some of your staff members sharing their results either on their personal social media accounts or on your business account.

You could have the most interesting lead generation quiz, but it won’t do you much good if you don’t promote it and encourage leads and prospects to share it.

Lead Generation Tactics

There are several things you can do to generate leads and gather the necessary information with ease. The first tactic is gating the results.

When you gate the results, you essentially prevent your quiz-takers from seeing their results until they provide you with the information you need. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • Gate the results completely by requiring an email address
  • Gate the results by presenting an optional lead generation form
  • Gate the results by providing just the basic information and offering more insightful results after an email address has been provided

Another lead generation tactic would be offering prizes or discounts for quiz-takers. Of course, the more valuable the prize, the more willing your audience will be to give out personal information.

Creating Rich Lead Profiles

You can create rich lead profiles by leveraging quiz answers and analyzing them. Collect all the quiz data, and make use of it for your marketing purposes.

Quiz answers can help you personalize your marketing content to build a more meaningful relationship with your leads.

The more detailed lead profiles you create, the easier it will be for you to approach your audiences and establish valuable contacts.


Lead generation quizzes are a true hidden gem of content marketing. Leverage them to increase your brand’s reach and connect with your audiences in a more meaningful way.

The quizzes are simple, easy to use and reuse, and most importantly – easy to share.

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