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  • The partnership program is aimed at marketing, development, and CRM deployment agencies and consultants.
  • Offer Trustmary as part of your services or recommend it to increase your clients’ website results.
  • Get compensated for each Trustmary customer you acquire.

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About Trustmary

Trustmary is an international software for collecting and using reviews on the website. With the help of Trustmary, companies can increase trust in their websites and acquire more customers.

Trustmary is trusted and used by thousands of users all around the world. The headquarters are located in Jyväskylä, Finland.

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What is the Trustmary partner program?

Trustmary has always cooperated with different marketing agencies and consultants that are responsible for the marketing of modern companies that acquire growth through their websites. 

The partnership is suitable for companies that offer their clients

  • digital marketing,
  • web development,
  • Hubspot or Pipedrive deployment and development services. 

Every partner is onboarded to use Trustmary and to understand the possibilities of utilizing reviews in digital marketing. 

Our partnership models

Agency Partner: Recurring Commission

Buy a discounted Trustmary license and sell it to your customers as a part of your services.

Agency Partner:

One-off commission for each paying customer you refer to Trustmary.

Affiliate Partner

Get a commission for customers who sign in through your affiliate link.

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Here are some of our current partners:

Why join the partner program?

A commission is paid for every customer acquired through the partnership.

In addition to the commission, the partner’s customer will have a significant increase in website results which has a positive impact on the partner’s quality of service and customer retention.

Partners can productize Trustmary as a part of their services and define a suitable price for their customer’s implementation of Trustmary and its maintenance. 

Partners participate in Trustmary’s product development and partners are offered visibility in Trustmary’s marketing. 

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Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.