Ruokaboksi: 37% More Sales with A Pop-Up

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Last edited: April 29th, 2024

Are you still unsure about how Trustmary could help your business?

How about we tell you that you can get significantly more sales?

Trustmary helps you to

  • gather reviews,
  • showcase them on your website,
  • find out the best way to use reviews, and
  • test which reviews lead to the best results.

The testing feature has so far been part of our BETA program, which clients could sign up for voluntarily.

In the program, we use A/B testing to determine which Trustmary’s widgets get the best results on your website.

One of the clients taking part in it is Ruokaboksi, a company that delivers recipes and ingredients for meals (called “food boxes”) to customers regularly.

They wanted to know if reviews actually bring more sales from the website.

Ruokaboksi ran two different A/B tests, one on the registration page, and the other on the checkout page.

The tests proved that review widgets truly have an impact.

A/B Testing Basics

A/B testing is a method for comparing two versions of one web page and seeing which one results in more conversions, like sales or leads.

The website traffic is divided evenly between the two versions. Next, the number of conversions on each site is tracked. This way we can decide if one page works better than the other.

Conversions can be e.g.

  • making a purchase,
  • registration to a product,
  • subscribing to a newsletter, or
  • requesting pricing information.

Conversions are most often measured by clicks or form submissions.

Finally, we get a conversion rate that tells how large of a percentage of the visitors completed the desired conversion event.

a/b testing basics

In this case with Ruokaboksi, the conversion events are registration and making a payment.

Test 1: Video reviews get more registrations

The first test measured which option produces more registrations to the site:

a) registration page with text reviews, or

b) registration page with video reviews.

The results show that website visitors who saw video reviews were more likely to convert than those who saw text reviews.

75.4% of those who saw text reviews completed the registration.

In the case of video reviews, the conversion rate was 81.4%.

Conclusion: a page with video reviews produces 8% more registrations than a page with text reviews.

8% more registrations with video reviews

Test 2: More ongoing subscriptions with pop-up

The checkout page is a critical part of the customer journey, as it’s the last chance to back off and not make a purchase.

Ruokaboksi wanted to test whether an exit-intent pop-up would have an impact on completed payments.

The following pop-up was added to the page, and it was triggered when the customer was about to leave the page:

ruokaboksi pop up

The pop-up includes a review from a happy customer and a 10€ discount code.

The A/B test showed that using the pop-up increased the number of completed payments compared to the page without a pop-up.

In other words, the pop-up was tested “against null”, a page that did not include a pop-up.

In the null situation, the conversion rate was 8.1%.

With the pop-up, 11.1% of visitors completed the purchase.

Ruokaboksi received 37% more ongoing subscriptions with the pop-up. Even though the first food box included a discount, the following boxes were the regular price.

37% more ongoing food box subscriptions with a pop up

The percentages might seem small, but they have a significant impact on sales. After all, Ruokaboksi got many new customers who were already about to exit the site!

Summary of Results

With A/B testing, Ruokaboksi discovered that:

  1. Visitors who saw video reviews on the registration page converted 8% more than those who saw text reviews.
  2. By adding an exit-intent pop-up with a review and a discount code to the checkout page, they got 37% more ongoing subscribers than without the pop-up.

Would you like to know what Trustmary can do for your business?

In case you are already using Trustmary, reach out to your contact person and we’ll start the tests!

If you are not familiar with Trustmary yet, book a meeting with our experts and let’s discuss what would work best for you.

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