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zapier trustmary

Trustmary is a Zapier app

Via Zapier, you can connect Trustmary with thousands of different apps that make your life easier.

These integrations enhance Trustmary’s performance and streamline your work, saving you hours of time while gaining better results!

make integrations

Trustmary is a Make app

Make helps you to create automation workflows in a visual way.

Trustmary can be connected to thousands of apps via Make, and reduce your manual workload.

Explore further integration possibilities

Trustmary can be used with a number of review platforms, CMS, and CRM systems.

Review Platforms

Import reviews from these review platforms into Trustmary and manage them in one place.



Create Google review widgets.



Create Facebook review widgets.



Create Yelp review widgets.



Create Tripadvisor review widgets.



Create Capterra review widgets.



Create G2 review widgets.

google play

Google Play

Import reviews from Google Play.


Import reviews via CSV, Excel, and XML files.

Manage all your social proof in one place.

Import reviews

“Trustmary is a great tool to import G2 reviews and display it on your website.”

“There are lots of options to customize the widget. It is super simple to install it. Just copy and paste the short script and it works instantly! Customer service is also excellent!”

– T Tran (Google review)

Content Management Systems

Add reviews and lead generation widgets to any website – Trustmary is compatible with most CMS.

Build trust and get more customers directly from your website.

Add reviews to your website


“Very smooth and easy way to get our Google reviews to our Boutique agency’s website.”

“And I haven’t even fully explored all the other features yet. Honestly, one of the best product implementation processes in the WordPress environment I have experienced. Decided to upgrade from freemium version of the product to first-tier paid subscription within four days.”

– Mikko Rindell (Google review)

Customer Relationship Management Systems

CRM integrations enable many automation flows for collecting reviews and feedback.



Integrate Trustmary with HubSpot CRM.



Integrate Trustmary with Pipedrive.



Integrate Trustmary with Zoho (via Zapier).



Integrate Trustmary with Salesforce (via Zapier).

firmao logo


Integrate Trustmary with Firmao (via Zapier).

Save time while getting more customer feedback than ever before.

Collect feedback and reviews with your CRM

“We have always known that we are good at what we do. Now we found the best tool for telling others about it too.”

“Within a week of implementation, we received a representative group of referral customers on our website and a multipurpose tool for monitoring the customer experience.”

– Onni Hietalahti, Chairman, Relion

zapier and make

This is just a scratch on the surface.

You can connect Trustmary with hundreds of CRM systems and other apps via Zapier or Make.

Use cases for integrations

Let us demonstrate how integrations can enhance your workflows and reduce manual work.

review sources

Import reviews and manage them on one platform

When you connect review sites to Trustmary, you can:

  • Import all new reviews to Trustmary
  • Easily publish them on your website and social media
  • Get an overview of your online reputation and star ratings

Import reviews

Trustmary works with all the most important content management systems and website builders

Get more customers from your website

Use Trustmary on your website to be able to:

  • Build trust with reviews in the right places
  • Capture leads with lead generation widgets
  • Embed forms and widgets on your website without coding

Add reviews to website

more feedback responses

Automate feedback collection with CRM

When you integrate Trustmary and your CRM, you can:

  • Send feedback surveys to the right contacts at the right time
  • Request reviews in the most important customer touchpoints
  • Transfer data between the two systems and keep track of customer satisfaction

Automate feedback collection

Make reviews and feedback a seamless part of your workflows

Take the next step and start growing your business with customer reviews.

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