Get more sales from your online store by using customer reviews.

Add Reviews to Shopify for Free

Embed your existing customer reviews on your Shopify website easily and without any coding skills.

  • Import reviews from major third-party review sites
  • Display the most powerful reviews on Shopify
  • Get more reviews on autopilot
  • Use for free and set up quickly

Add reviews to Shopify

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How to add reviews to Shopify

Easily embed reviews on your Shopify store for free in just a few minutes.

import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Capterra, G2, Tripadvisor, Google Play, or Excel

Import reviews from the desired source

  • Import reviews from major review sites: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Capterra, G2, and Google Play.
  • Whenever you get new reviews on the sites, they are automatically imported to Trustmary.
  • Manage your online reputation easily on one platform.
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Get a widget tailored to your needs

  • Trustmary generates a widget with your most powerful reviews.
  • The widget can automatically adapt to your website’s style with one click.
  • Widget is ready to go, but you can also edit it easily without coding skills.
install trustmary widget by copying the script

Copy and paste the embed code

  • Copy an HTML code snippet.
  • Paste it to the desired spot on your Shopify.
  • No need for developer help.
add reviews to your website

Boost your online store’s conversions

  • Let the reviews work their social proof magic and see your sales going up!
  • On average, Trustmary users experience a 20% increase in conversions.
  • Track your progress with automatic goal tracking.
collect google reviews with review campaigns

Get even more reviews

  • Collect reviews for your online store and various review platforms.
  • Get reviews and feedback on autopilot with automated campaigns.
  • Boost your credibility more effectively with fresh reviews.

Sounds easy, right?

You can do all this right now, and start seeing results immediately.

Add reviews to Shopify

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Elevate your Shopify website with reviews

You spend a lot of money and effort to advertise your online store. It’s important to optimize your store and convert as many visitors into customers as possible.

Get more sales by adding customer reviews to your Shopify website.

Reviews make you trustworthy

  • You know you are legit, but do your potential customers know it?
  • Company reviews are the best way to prove your credibility online.
  • Create trust by showcasing authentic reviews from actual customers.
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Most consumers read online reviews

  • Most consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Control the narrative by taking reviews from external review sites and display them on your website.
add review schema to gain leverage over competition

Climb up the search engine results

  • Activate structured data in your review widget.
  • Trustmary signals to Google that your page contains a star rating.
  • Google can pick up the star rating and show it in the search results.

The results are proven

  • Reviews truly get you more sales. Read more >
  • Reviews increase engagement and reduce bounce rate on your Shopify store.

By showcasing reviews with Trustmary, you can get more sales from your Shopify store.

Why not start today and tap into the benefits right away?

Add reviews to Shopify

Key features

Import reviews

Import existing reviews from the biggest review sites like Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor.

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Stylish widget designs

Display reviews with a tried and tested review widget perfect for your use case.

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Fits your website seamlessly

Customize the widget to seamlessly fit your brand in our easy-to-use widget editor. No coding needed.

Rich snippets for SEO

Enable your overall star rating to show up on search engine results.

Secure and compliant

Trustmary is GDPR-compliant and takes care of your customer’s privacy.

Product reviews vs. business reviews

Shopify has integrated solutions for product reviews, but Trustmary is the best tool for managing business reviews.

What is the difference, and why should your online store care about business reviews?

Product reviews

Business reviews

Share information about the product’s quality.

-> Tell people why they should purchase the product, but not why they should purchase it from your store specifically.

Build trust for your online store and company overall.

-> If one can order the same product from multiple places, wouldn’t they want it from a store with a good reputation backed by customer reviews?

When your products get out of stock or change during different seasons, the product reviews become irrelevant.

Business reviews stay relevant throughout the different seasons and fashions.

Product reviews can be helpful for the buyer, but they don’t offer any feedback on your business.

Business reviews give you an overview of the customer experience. They offer information that is crucial for the development and growth of your business.

It’s difficult to acquire enough product reviews for every product. One or two reviews aren’t enough – it’s better to have at least 10 reviews for a proper social proof effect.

If you focus your efforts on collecting business reviews, you can quickly get a lot of them and keep them fresh.

How Eurokangas’ online store improved customer journey
by over 38% with business reviews

Product reviews are important, but managing and collecting them is challenging.
Especially if you have a large inventory and the offerings change quickly.
Your efforts to collect reviews are quickly made empty if they are no longer relevant.

This is the reason why Eurokangas decided to implement business reviews instead of product reviews in their online store.

photo from Eurokangas, lady cutting textile
  • Eurokangas is a Finnish company that sells textiles and sewing equipment for consumers.
  • They have physical stores as well as an extensive online shop where people can also order custom products.
  • The online store features 80.000 different products annually, some products being seasonal.
  • Collecting and managing product reviews would be impossible for such a large variety of products.
  • Instead, Eurokangas opted for business reviews and used Trustmary to collect and showcase them.
  • They collect 300 reviews a month and also learn a great deal from constructive feedback.
  • The custom-made drapery products had an especially great boost from reviews: after adding a review widget to the order page, a whopping 38,53% more people completed the ordering process.

How much more money would you be making if your online store’s conversion rates increased by 38%?

Don’t wait any longer. Take action now and be ready in 5 minutes.

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Use Trustmary’s review widget and import existing reviews from Google or other review sites. Once you have created the widget, simply copy and paste the HTML code to your website on Shopify.

Yes! The homepage is a great place to showcase reviews, as it proves your credibility immediately. Trustmary’s review widget is specially designed for Shopify homepages. Just sign up, import reviews, and paste the reviews widget to your Shopify site.

Customer reviews are a powerful way to optimize your Shopify homepage. Reviews build trust and help you get more sales in your online store. The power of reviews is based on the social proof effect that makes people follow other people’s behavior.

Adding fake reviews to your website is never a good idea. It can wreck your online reputation and repel new customers. You want to use authentic reviews from real customers, such as Google reviews.

The review widget is free up to a certain number of monthly widget views. If you need more views, you can choose from our paid subscriptions. Read more about limits and rates on our pricing page.

Trustmary is a comprehensive review management tool that helps you import, showcase, test, and manage reviews. Trustmary has various customizable widget templates and an easy-to-use widget editor. Trustmary provides you with automatic tracking for following your success and implements an AI algorithm to identify your best reviews.

You can import reviews from multiple sources, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Capterra, G2, Google Play, and custom sources like spreadsheets.

Just sign up for free with your email address. After that, you can import reviews from your desired source with just one click and use them on your website.

You can simply copy the HTML code from Trustmary, and paste it to the right spot on your Shopify website using an HTML block.

Trustmary’s widgets are compatible with 99% of CMS, including WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and many more.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.