Review import updates (G2, Capterra, Tripadvisor, Yelp, Trustpilot)

We have added for importing reviews from multiple platforms. You can find the review imports in the reviews -page by clicking “Import” from the top right! To import reviews from the new channels you just need to input your profile url from different channels. Review imports from Google and Facebook still work with sso login.

New reporting interface

New reporting interface is now available at Trustmary and can be found from the left navigation under Reports. A quick run through of the reporting can be found from the video here:

User interface updates and move to new survey editor

During the past couple of weeks we have made some user interface changes. 1. Move to new Survey editor and removal of old editor Survey editor now defaults to our new drag and drop survey editor that has been available in beta for a couple of months. The old editor is still available through the […]

Dropdown and multiple selection dropdown and automation updates

We have recently released some new improvements and features to Trustmary. 1. Dropdown and multiple selection dropdown You can now use dropdown and multiple selection dropdown questions while gathering feedback with Trustmary. 2. Automation updates We have clarified automation steps for sending reminders and separated wait for answer and send reminder steps. Send reminder send […]

Star ratings, survey folders and other updates

We have recently released some new improvements and features to Trustmary. 1. Star ratings on surveys Now you can also gather star ratings on surveys, if you prefer it over NPS or CSAT or other metrics. (Star ratings are not yet available to be used in popups and inpage review widgets, but will be added […]

Email templates, scheduled survey closing and automation updates

We have released multiple improvements to Trustmary during the past week. 1. Email templates We have added automation templates and templates tabs to the messages section of Trustmary. Through these sections you can create Templates that you can reuse when sending surveys to your customers with email. Templates will be displayed in the “Message template” […]

Video review & popup improvements

We have released some new improvements to Trustmary to gathering video reviews and leveraging reviews and other forms of social proof with popups. 1. Video review improvements Improved error handling and possibility to upload a video if recording a video fails for some reason Select camera menu for switching between front and rear camera Microphone […]

Survey editor 2.0 beta

Today we have released survey editor 2.0 beta to all of our customers. You can change between the new and old editor on the top of the surveys page by clicking “Opt in to beta” or “Opt out from beta”. All surveys made in the old editor work in the new editor and vice versa. […]

Survey theme customisation (colors and fonts)

You can now customise your survey theme through your settings at Trustmary. To access the survey theme settings click “Open settings” found from the top right. After that choose “Theme” under which you can find list of available fonts, primary color and page background color. You can also choose the style of the survey which […]

Automations and Zapier app – out now

We have launched new feature Automations now in Trustmary. Automations allows you to automate the feedback and review collection quickly and easily to your customers. At the same time we have also launched our Zapier app which allows you to integrate Trustmary to over 3000 different apps. Zapier app can be found public on Zapier. […]