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3-in-1 survey: The recipe to great Google reviews

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With just one survey, you:


Measure customer satisfaction

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Get open feedback

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Get customer reviews

(On Google or other platforms)


With just one survey, you get feedback and more Google reviews.

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Are you struggling to get more Google reviews?

Have you tried collecting Google reviews before but not seen results?

It’s a common problem. Here’s why, and how to solve it.

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Not everyone has a Google account

Leaving a Google review requires a Google account. Not everyone has one, so they can’t leave you a review even if they want to.

Solution: Collect Trustmary reviews first to maximize your review rate. 

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Google reviews are not anonymous

Sometimes people don’t want to use their Google account to leave reviews and would prefer an anonymous alternative.

Solution: Collect Trustmary reviews and allow an opportunity for anonymous reviews.

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People forget your request

Even if you ask for a Google review, your customers easily forget about it. Alternatively, customers procrastinate when they think leaving a review is time-consuming.

Solution: Use Trustmary’s review surveys that are short and sweet. You can also set automatic reminders.

without and with trustmary

Get over 100% more reviews with Trustmary

Our method of collecting reviews really works. Here’s some proof.

Kiwi-Xpress Transport had 7 Google reviews. After using Trustmary for 3 months, they got:

  • 19 Google reviews
  • 69 Trustmary reviews
  • 171 pieces of feedback

Want to tackle these common problems, and achieve great results in collecting reviews?

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How to get more Google reviews

Collect reviews from customers in no time at all.

All you have to do is follow our easy survey setup and fill in your information.

connect google by searching for your business or giving the google maps url

1. Connect your Google review page

  • Connect Google by just pasting the Google Maps URL or searching for your business via the search bar in Trustmary.
  • No need to log into any Google account.
set up your review campaign on one page in a couple of minutes

2. Get your ready-made survey

  • Get a survey that collects feedback and reviews at the same time.
  • Includes a request for a Trustmary review and a Google review to maximize the response rate.
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3. Get more Google reviews

  • Send the survey to your contacts via email, link, or QR code.
  • Start getting Google reviews!
add reviews to your website

4. Add to your website

Now you’re all done!

When you get Google reviews, don’t forget to reply to them and add them to your website.

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Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Why are fresh Google reviews important?

Google is the world’s largest search engine and review platform.

A constant flow of new reviews brings about the following benefits:

Build trust and credibility

93% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. When your business has positive Google reviews, potential customers are more likely to trust you.

Enhance online visibility

Businesses with Google reviews are more likely to rank higher on Google searches. The more reviews and the better star ratings you have, the more they will boost your visibility.

Attract more customers

Over 70% of customers disregard reviews that are older than one month. Always having fresh Google reviews secures your credibility in potential customers’ eyes.

Get more sales

More visibility and more trust inevitably lead to more sales. The return on investment of implementing reviews in the customer journey is rewarding.

Would you like to tap into these benefits right away?

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Why should I choose Trustmary
to get more Google reviews?

Trustmary is the easiest all-in-one solution for review marketing.

Don’t just collect Google reviews. Add them to your website and boost your website’s performance!

Without Trustmary

Collecting reviews is not done actively. You might get one or two reviews from time to time.

With Trustmary

⭐️ Review requests are an integrated part of the customer journey, and you get reviews on a regular basis.

There might be reviews, but no one pays attention to them. No one keeps an eye on the online reputation or knows when there are new reviews to respond to.

⭐️ You get notifications when customers leave new reviews so that you can respond to them. Reviews are also automatically imported to Trustmary where you can use them with just a few clicks.

There are no reviews on the company website, or if there are, they are old. They might be updated every few years when the website is renewed.

⭐️ You get your newest reviews featured on the website automatically with beautiful and dynamic widgets that fit your website’s style.

You are hesitant to use reviews because you’re not sure if your methods are compatible with the privacy regulations.

⭐️ You are using a GDPR-compliant tool that respects your customers’ privacy.

The full potential of your website is not realized because of the lack of social proof.

⭐️ Maximize your website’s potential and build more trust by showcasing recent and authentic customer reviews.

You don’t really know how to use reviews in marketing.

⭐️ Access tips from review experts and receive personal help to boost your website.

All of this can be achieved with minimum time spent.

Get Google reviews


The easiest way to ask for Google reviews is to use Trustmary’s Google review surveys which let you set up a whole email campaign easily in just a few minutes. When asking for Google reviews, the initial message is important. You should highlight how helpful the review would be for future customers. Another important factor is the timing of the request.

The best time to ask for a Google review depends on many factors. Generally speaking, it’s best to send a Google review request after a customer has had a positive experience.

If you want to get 5-star Google reviews, make sure to provide excellent service, impeccable products, and an amazing overall customer experience. Ask for reviews from customers who you know to be happy and satisfied. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your request. It must be friendly and remind the customer of their positive experience.

It’s best to have as many authentic Google reviews as possible. The more you have them, the more likely you are to show up high in search results. Use your competitors as a benchmark: if you have more Google reviews than your competitors and a better overall star rating, you are likely to be more visible and appear more trustworthy.

However, mind the quality of the reviews. If your Google reviews appear fake, you will lose all credibility. Additionally, getting too many reviews in a short time can also appear suspicious.

If you get negative Google reviews, you can remedy the situation by responding to them in an appropriate manner. However, if you get many negative reviews from your customers, you should dig deeper and find out why customers are unhappy, and fix the situation. Addressing customers’ concerns not only decreases the number of negative reviews but also improves your business overall.

When you use Trustmary’s survey to collect reviews, you can only ask happy customers to leave reviews. The unhappy customers are directed to leave you feedback in another channel.

When using a Google review survey, you don’t have to add a separate Google review link. Trustmary’s system finds it based on your business location. If you still want to find the link, we have a blog that explains multiple ways to fetch your Google review link.

If you wish to get Google reviews, you must have a Google My Business profile. It’s free and you can easily claim or create a business page on Google Maps. You can also get a Google review page on your own website by using a Google review widget and adding it to your website.

No, Trustmary is an independent organization that is not associated with or owned by Google. You can connect Trustmary and Google to collect and showcase reviews.

Start getting more Google reviews today!

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