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Add Google Reviews to Your Website

Add Google reviews to your website easily and without coding.

  • No credit card required
  • Automatic daily import from Google
  • Display your best Google reviews on your website
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Why Trustmary Google Reviews Widget?

Trustmary’s free Google reviews widget makes a true difference for your business.

Use tried and tested widget for Google Reviews

  • Embed a customizable Google review widget that is perfect for your use case.
  • Use at the right place on your website, be it a front page, a blog, or a checkout page.
  • It’s proven – You can reach up to 60% more conversions with the right widget in the right place. Read more >

Control which reviews visitors see

  • Trustmary prioritizes your best and newest reviews automatically in a widget.
  • Hand-pick which reviews you want to show to your website visitors.
  • Marketing team can manage and display reviews without the help of developers.

Profit with no investment

  • Import and display Google reviews for free in no time.
  • See your conversion rate rising.
  • No strings attached. Opt out any day.

By showcasing Google Reviews with Trustmary, you can get more leads and sales from your website.

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Key features

Import the Best Google Reviews

Import existing reviews from Google with just a few clicks and highlight the best ones on your website.

Stylish Widget Design

Get a free widget that is crafted for your business case.

Fits Your Website Seamlessly

Customize the widget to seamlessly fit your brand in our easy-to-use widget editor.

Why use Google Reviews Widget on your website?

Business reviews on your website build trust for your brand and help you get more leads and sales.

Build trust with Google Reviews

  • Reviews increase trust for your brand.
  • Satisfied customers are the best advocates for your business.
  • Showcasing their experience helps potential new customers choose you.

Get more sales from your website traffic

  • Reviews increase conversion rates on your website.
  • You get the best benefit from your existing website traffic.

Take control

  • Reviews on Google are important, but you cannot manage them.
  • When you import them to your website, you get to choose which reviews people see.

“It’s very simple and easy process to create added value for our business.”

– Kati, Marketing Director, Purkupiha Group Oy

Import Google reviews for free!

How Trustmary Google Reviews Widget Works

The process of adding Google reviews using Trustmary is easy and requires no coding skills.

Import reviews

  • Type in your Google Business location.
  • Import reviews with just one click.
  • Reviews are stored and usable straight away in Trustmary.

Customize widget

  • Use the pre-built widget or customize further.
  • Edit the colors, fonts, and contents of the widget to fit your brand.
  • Pick the reviews you want to showcase or let Trustmary prioritize them automatically.

Add to your website

  • Copy and paste the widget to your website.
  • No coding needed – anyone can do it.
  • Works with the CMS of your choice, including WordPress, Hubspot, Wix, and many more.

Get more reviews

  • Add a review collection CTA button.
  • Give your Google Business page link.
  • Collect more fresh reviews.

Learn how to add Google Reviews to your website

No hidden fees. No strings attached.

Add Google Reviews to your website for free and start seeing results today.

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What is a Google Review Widget?

A Google Review Widget is an element that showcases Google reviews on your website. It is typically a piece of code that you embed on your website. A Google reviews widget makes it easy to show website visitors what previous customers think about your business.

What are the benefits of having Google reviews on a website?

Google reviews are impartial and trustworthy opinions from your past customers. When you showcase them on your website, you create trust and credibility for your business. That will lead to improved results on your website, such as more customers, leads, or sales.

How can I add Google Reviews to my website?

To embed Google reviews on your website easily, you should look into Google Review Widgets. They are often easy to use with a simple line of code and require little to no manual work after the setup.

Benefits of Google Review Widget

Here are the benefits you can expect when adding a Google Review Widget to your website.

Benefit #1: Get more sales, leads, and customers.

People rarely purchase anything nowadays without consulting reviews first. When you display Google reviews on your website with a review widget, you speed up the potential customer’s decision-making process.

Benefit #2: Build trust and credibility.

No matter how genuine you are in praising your company, no one will believe you as much as they believe other customers’ honest opinions. That’s why Google reviews are superior in creating trust and credibility for your business.

Benefit #3: Spice up your website.

A widget for Google reviews is a great visual element for impressing website visitors. You can easily customize the widget to fit your brand and elevate your website’s appearance without any coding or web development skills.

Benefit #4: Showcase your best reviews.

Google shows all your reviews, even those that date back many years and reflect a totally different company than what you are today. When you showcase Google reviews with a Google review widget, you can choose to display fresh reviews and not let old reviews affect your future customer’s opinions about your current situation.

Benefit #5: Collect even more reviews.

You can use a widget that encourages people to leave more reviews for your business. The existing ones act as social proof and lower the threshold of leaving new reviews.


Google reviews can be easily embedded on a website with the right tool. Trustmary helps you do it in just three steps: give your Google My Business location, sign up for free, and copy-paste your automatically generated Google review widget to your website.

Embedding Google Reviews on your website helps your business in many ways. Reviews build trust and help you get more leads and customers from your website. Additionally, your SEO performance increases.

You can use a free Google review widget tool like Trustmary. Just sign up and you will get a stylish widget for your Google reviews.

You can, but why should you, when there is an easy and automatic solution available? Trustmary automatically imports your newest Google reviews to your website, and you don’t have to do anything.

With Trustmary you can add Google reviews to your website quickly and easily. Trustmary works with 99,99% of Content management systems and is lighting fast.

Just connect your Google location, signup and you are ready to add the widget to your website.

You can simply copy the HTML embed code from Trustmary, and paste it to the right spot on your website using HTML block.

Use Trustmary’s Google review widget to display Google reviews on your website. Once you have created the widget, simply copy and paste the HTML code to your website on WordPress.

Trustmary’s Google review widget works on Worpress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and 99% of other Content management systems.

Yes. You can use one active widget for free.

Customer reviews work as social proof. Especially positive reviews from current customers help new customers trust your business. Showcasing Google reviews on your website is the best way to instantly build credibility for your brand.