Search engine optimization with reviews

Show Star Rating in Search Results

  • Add reviews to your website.
  • Get a star rating in the Google rich results.
  • Increase your click-through-rate and improve your search engine ranking.

Add reviews to website now

Google review widget for your website

How can I get a star rating to show up in Google search results?

With Trustmary, you can add star reviews to your website and signal that to Google.

1. Get star reviews

Import your star reviews from the biggest third-party review sites, including Google, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Facebook, G2, and Capterra.

You can also collect new star reviews with Trustmary’s ready-made review forms.

2. Personalize your widget

Create a widget with your best reviews and customize it to fit your website seamlessly. You can modify the colors, fonts, titles, and other details.


schema markup

3. Check structured data

Make sure that the Markup is enabled on your review widget. This signals to Google that your website contains star ratings.

Pro tip:

The setting is a default in all widgets.

copy and paste your review widget HTML embed code

4. Add to your website

Copy and paste an HTML code to the desired spot on your website. The widget is compatible with all website builders.

5. Wait for Google to take notice

Now that you have added a review widget with structured data to your website, Google has the opportunity to pick up the star rating and show it in rich results.

Pro tip:

To speed up the process, you can ask Google to index the page again.

Adding the review widget to your website only takes a minute.
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Need some proof?

Why should I aim to get a star rating in the search results?

Having a star rating in Google’s search results under your page has benefits.

Get noticed

With a star rating, you stand out from the list of results better.

More clicks

Rich results often get more clicks than basic links with no additional elements.

Better rankings

Increased clicks are a signal to Google that people find your page helpful, and it will result in a higher rank.

Act now and start seeing the results faster.

Add reviews to website


A star rating in your search results is a good way to do search engine optimization. When Google shows the review rich snippet below your search result, your page stands up more and might get more clicks. In return, Google rewards you with better search rankings, which in turn increases your online visibility.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict when Google picks up the star rating. Sometimes it can happen almost immediately, while other times you’ll have to wait a long time. Additionally, there’s no 100% guarantee it will work every time. You can try to speed up the process by requesting Google to index your page.

Creating the widget and activating the structured data setting is free of charge. However, the number of widget views depends on your subscription. View pricing to learn more.

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