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Save hours of your time with Trustmary’s review collection tool.

  • Ask for customer reviews with easy review forms.
  • Store all your reviews on one simple platform.
  • Add reviews to your website to build trust.

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Get Authentic Reviews from Customers

Collect client reviews automatically and ensure the following benefits.

Build Trust and Credibility

93% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. When your business has positive reviews, potential customers are more likely to trust you.

Improve Customer Experience

On top of being a great marketing tactic, reviews are a valuable resource for you to improve your business over time.

Attract More Customers

Over 70% of customers disregard reviews that are older than one month. Always having fresh reviews secures your credibility in potential customers’ eyes.

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How to Ask for Client Reviews in Three Easy Steps

Requesting reviews from a large number of customers is fast and easy with Trustmary.

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1. Create Review Form

Use Trustmary’s tried and tested review forms to request reviews from your clients. Customize the form, add your branding, and provide customers with helpful prompts to complete the review.

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2. Request Responses

Distribute the review form via email, SMS, URL, QR code, or website embeds. All received responses are stored and easily accessed through the form.

3. Automate with your CRM

Integrate Trustmary with your CRM system to create custom automation flows and request reviews at the right time.

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Why Should I Choose Trustmary to Get More Customer Reviews?

Trustmary is an all-in-one solution for your review marketing process.

Don’t just collect reviews. Add them to your website and boost your website’s performance!

1. Get Reviews

Request reviews from your happy customers with Trustmary’s email automation.

2. Add to Website

Publish new reviews on your website with stylish and customizable widgets.

3. Reviews That Matter

Don’t use just any reviews, but reviews that truly matter. Our AI Score identifies your best reviews.

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Get reviews for any platform

Collect reviews for any review platform you want and increase your online reputation and reliability.

All of this can be done automatically – don’t spend another minute on manual review requests!

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Trustmary’s motto is “reviews that matter” – we are committed to finding the best ways to collect and utilize reviews, and providing you with the tools to do the same!

Trustmary offers a continuous flow of fresh reviews that you can use on your website. The intelligent algorithm finds the best reviews, and you get to display them with powerful widgets. Trustmary is also a flexible solution to any business. You can choose the best subscription to fit your needs and only pay for what you really use.

The pricing depends on your needs. We don’t want you to pay for thin air. You can start for free and collect a limited number of reviews each month. When you need to increase the number of reviews, you can choose the most suitable plan. View plans and pricing here.

When you start getting more leads and customers from your website, Trustmary pays itself off in no time. Some of our clients have been able to double the contact requests from potential customers or get more sales directly from the website.

Few people will leave reviews unless you ask for them. Asking for reviews from your customers actively is the best way to get more of them. By sending the request at a right time helps you get even more reviews.

Reviews are important for any business, as they build trust and credibility for your business, help you get more visibility on the search engines, increase conversion rates, and can get you more customers. When you ask for reviews, you are more likely to get them and beat your competitors who are not actively collecting reviews.

The easiest way to ask for reviews is by using an email automation that sends requests to your happy customers. Tools like Trustmary include effective email message templates and reminder messages that get you more reviews than ever.

When you ask for reviews via email, the best way is to include a link to a review form. In the message, politely ask your customer for a review and offer them an easy way to leave one.

The best time to ask for a review depends on many factors. Generally speaking, it’s best to send a review request after a customer has had a positive experience.

Reviews are important because today’s customers rarely engage with businesses that have no reviews. Authentic reviews show your potential customers that you are a legit business that offers something valuable. Additionally, reviews help you rank higher on Google searches, and more people will find your business in the first place.

If you want to get 5-star reviews, make sure to provide excellent service, impeccable products, and an amazing overall customer experience. Ask for reviews from customers who you know to be happy and satisfied. Also, don’t underestimate the power of your request. It must be friendly and remind the customer of their positive experience.

It’s best to have as many authentic reviews as possible.

However, mind the quality of the reviews. If your reviews appear fake, you will lose all credibility. Additionally, getting too many reviews in a short time can also appear suspicious.

The number of reviews you can collect each month is determined by the size of your subscription. When you reach the limit, you have a chance to increase your subscription. The limit is reset in the next month. View plans and pricing to find out more.

The easiest way to do it is to use Trustmary. All you need to do is let Trustmary create a widget out of your best reviews, copy the embed code, and add it to your website.

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