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Marketer’s Guide to Trustmary

Trustmary is every marketer’s top tool for building trust online and maximizing a website’s potential.

It’s the best solution for utilizing social proof in marketing, streamlining review processes, and measuring the impact of reviews.

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What is Trustmary?

Websites have become a key avenue for customer acquisition in every industry. Customers read online reviews when making purchase decisions and evaluating different options. Websites need to be able to build trust, and reviews are the best way to do so.

Trustmary helps you build trust with reviews and manage review processes smoothly.

Trustmary’s founding idea was to help marketers gather and display social proof online – effortlessly and in scale.

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Build digital trust for your company while saving time and effort each day.

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Manage all your social proof on one simple platform

Import reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Capterra, and G2 to Trustmary. Get all your reviews to one platform where you can manage them easily.

  • Automatic daily import
  • Tag and manage reviews
  • Let AI calculate the impact of each review

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Here’s what other marketers say about Trustmary

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Add Google reviews to your website with a stylish and customizable Google review widget

Social proof is not visible enough

Problem: Social proof goes unnoticed and potential customers can’t find relevant references to support their purchase decisions.

Solution: Trustmary showcases the right reviews, at the right time, to the right visitor, in the right way. Your potential customers are bombarded with relevant social proof on your website, and they feel more confident in trusting you.

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Reviews are spread all over the Internet

Problem: You have reviews on several different platforms, but you don’t have an effective way of monitoring them or putting them to good use.

Solution: Trustmary imports all your reviews to one place, where you can manage them easily. You see when new reviews are posted, and you have easy access to repurposing them on your website and social media.

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collect more reviews with easy review collection campaigns

Collecting reviews is difficult

Problem: You don’t really know which customers to ask for a review, and how to do it.

Solution: Trustmary’s review collection flow gets you fresh reviews regularly. On average, Trustmary users are able to get 22% of their customers to leave a review. The tool also includes a plethora of effective templates that help you get reviews.

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Gathering reviews is time-consuming

Problem: Getting reviews takes time, as you have to formulate the message and send requests manually. It’s also a task that often gets forgotten or disregarded as secondary.

Solution: Simply automate the review collection flow with Trustmary. You can happily leave the whole review hassle on the back burner in your mind and focus on other important tasks. All the while things get done!

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Sharing reviews on social media requires too much effort

Problem: Social media posts need to be visually appealing, and sharing reviews requires a lot of work. You have to screenshot or copy the review and pair it with a suitable image in a separate design tool.

Solution: Generate review social media posts with Trustmary. In just a few clicks, you can choose the review you want to share, add a branded image, and download the finished image to your computer. Next, you only need to schedule or post it.

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No data on the impact of reviews

Problem: You’re not that sure if reviews even have any impact on your conversion rate. Furthermore, executives and the board keep asking why you spend time and budget on social proof marketing, and you have no way to validate it.

Solution: You can find out the impact of reviews by using Trustmary’s goal tracking and A/B testing. You’ll have hard data on what reviews do to your conversion rates, and you are able to maximize your potential.

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Trustmary offers fair pricing that is based on your software use. Never pay for something you don’t need!

Choose a suitable combination of Display and Collect features.

Trustmary Display

Import your existing reviews and display them on your website.


Essentials to make reviews matter




up to 200 monthly views

Access to:

200 monthly views

1 review platform

One-off review import

All widget types


For smaller teams, more views and platforms




up to 5,000 monthly views

Everything in Solo, and:

5,000 monthly views

Up to 3 review platforms

Automatic daily review import

Unlimited users


The best Display plan for growing companies




up to 25,000 monthly views

Everything in Starter, and:

25,000 monthly views

Up to 10 review platforms

A/B testing

Remove Trustmary branding


For experts, loads of widget views, all the features




up to 100,000 monthly views

Everything in Business, and:

100,000 monthly views

Up to 25 review platforms

Priority support

Full access to all Display features

Do you represent a marketing agency? Become a Partner.

Trustmary is looking for marketing agencies to become Partners. Companies that participate in Trustmary’s Partnership program can use Trustmary’s software as a part of the agency’s service to increase their customers’ results. The Partner earns a commission for each acquired customer. Additionally, Partners get free access to Trustmary’s full-suite tool for their own use.

Interested? Read more about the Partnership program.

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See other use cases

Trustmary is a tool for more than marketing.


Founders can use Trustmary to build trust online for their new businesses and even conduct deeper customer surveys.


Sales teams can use Trustmary to convince prospects and to learn what potential customers think at the most critical points of the customer journey.

Customer Success

Customer Success can use Trustmary to identify happy and dissatisfied customers from each other and track customer satisfaction trends.

Customer Service

Customer service teams can use Trustmary to track customer satisfaction and continuously learn how to improve their processes.

Customer Support

Customer support teams can use Trustmary to gather feedback on the support itself and also collect reviews at very fruitful touchpoints with customers.


Human resources can use Trustmary to track employee satisfaction, conduct employee surveys, and gather eNPS data as well as employee testimonials.


Recruiters can use Trustmary to collect testimonials from existing employees and to use those experiences to attract new talents.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.