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Last edited: March 10th, 2023
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Can video reviews generate actual results on your website?

The answer is yes!

Satokausikalenteri learned that adding video reviews to a product page generates 20% more sales than having text reviews alone.

In practice, it means hundreds more sold items and thousands of euros extra sales in a year.

The results were discovered by conducting an A/B test with Trustmary’s widgets.

Let’s take a closer look.

A/B Testing Basics

A/B testing compares two versions of one web page and sees which results in more conversions, like sales or leads.

The website traffic is divided evenly between the two versions. Next, the amount of conversion on each site is tracked. This way we can decide if one page works better than the other.

Conversions can be e.g.

  • making a purchase,
  • registering for a product,
  • subscribing to a newsletter, or
  • requesting pricing information.

Conversions are most often measured by clicks or form submissions.

Finally, we get a conversion rate that tells how large of a percentage of the visitors completed the desired conversion event.

A/B testing principle

In this case, the conversion was purchasing an item in the online store.

Test: Text Reviews vs Video Reviews

To begin the test, Satokausikalenteri created two review widgets for a specific product page.

The first version featured only text reviews. The second one included both text and video reviews.

When the test was launched, the website traffic was divided equally between the two versions. Half of the visitors saw only text reviews, and the other half saw both types of reviews.

During the test, the page was viewed thousands of times.

the test variations

Result: 20% More Sales With Video Reviews

The version with only text reviews had a conversion rate of 3.5%, meaning that out of all the visitors, 3.5% purchased the item.

The second version with video reviews generated a 4.2% conversion rate.

In other words, the second version resulted in 20% more conversions compared to the first one.

For Satokausikalenteri, this means that they can sell hundreds of items more and get thousands of euros extra sales just by including video reviews on their product page!

20% more sales with video reviews on product page

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Satokausikalenteri gained tangible results by simply adding video reviews to their website.

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