Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

3-in-1 Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Trustmary’s 1-in-3 CSAT surveys measure customer satisfaction, collect open feedback, and get you reviews.

  • Measure customer satisfaction
  • Turn positive feedback into reviews
  • Real-time feedback and analysis
  • Easy integration with your existing tools
measure customer satisfaction with star rating, nps or csat

Why it’s important to measure CSAT

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) is a metric that tells you how satisfied your customers are.

Measuring this number gives you a chance to improve customer experience and grow your business.

Know your customers

Recognize happy and unhappy customers and react accordingly.

Improve your services

Learn from customer feedback to perfect your business.

Attract more clients

Satisfied customers are ready to advocate for you publicly.

Grow your business with customer feedback and reviews!

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3-in-1 customer satisfaction surveys

Don’t just measure customer satisfaction. Gain actionable insights and turn feedback into reviews.

Trustmary makes it all happen in one simple survey.

1. Measure CSAT

Find out your overall customer satisfaction score.

2. Get feedback

Use feedback to improve customer experience.

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3. Get reviews

Turn feedback into public reviews.

With Trustmary Method, you make the most out of your CSAT surveys.

The average response rate is 20% and the average review rate is 40% – results that not every other tool can deliver.

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Key features of Trustmary’s CSAT survey tool

From seamless automation to adding reviews to your website, Trustmary has it all.

Distribute CSAT Survey Forms

Trustmary offers many ways to distribute CSAT forms: from email automations to QR codes.

  • Email
  • QR Code
  • Direct link
  • SMS (only in EU/EEA)
  • Website embed
  • Email signature

Customize surveys and add questions

Customize your CSAT forms with a straightforward drag-and-drop builder and include different types of questions.

  • Open questions
  • Dropdown, checkbox and radiobuttons
  • Reviews
  • Video reviews
  • More

Retrieve reports on customer satisfaction

Our reporting enables you to create customized reports for different segments and share them as a password protected dashboards so that it is easy measure the progress in real time.

  • Shareable Dashboard views
  • Customizable reports
  • Segmentation of data

Integrate with other systems

Move the CSAT data between Trustmary and other daily systems, like your CRM and CMS.

  • Zapier
  • Make
  • WordPress
  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • And many more
reviews on website

Add reviews to website

After getting good customer feedback, shout it from the rooftops! Add reviews to your website.

  • Build trust with effective social proof
  • Boost your website conversions by at least 20%
  • Share reviews on social media

Start measuring customer satisfaction today!

Do it now in just a minute, and thank yourself later.

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Further features

Discover more unique features of Trustmary’s customer satisfaction surveys.

Automatic branding

Your brand logos and colors are derived from your website automatically.

Secure and compliant

A GDPR-compliant tool that keeps your and your customers’ data safe inside the EU.

Manage reviews

Collect reviews and manage them easily. Publish on your website with one click.


Create NPS survey in multiple languages: EN, ES, DE, FR, NL, FI, SE, and more.

Mobile friendly

Surveys work on all devices, making the experience smooth and easy.

Quick templates

Ready-made templates for quick setup or easy survey maker for custom surveys.

Frequently asked questions

The price depends on how many responses you want to include in your subscription. For a small business with a few customers, even the free plan might be enough. However, for an effective feedback process for SMEs, a broader subscription is usually needed. View pricing to choose the right plan for you.

There are several ways in which you can automate the CSAT measuring process. You can create monthly or quarterly surveys directly with Trustmary. You can even integrate Trustmary with your CRM and create triggers based on CRM activities. Our customer success team is happy to help you with creating the right automation for you.

Yes, it can make a significant difference for your business. If you haven’t actively collected customer feedback, you might not have a realistic and up-to-date image of the actual state of your business. After conducting just one customer satisfaction survey to your clients, you have a good starting point for planning improvements. It’s recommended to continue measuring CSAT regularly to keep yourself updated.

Customer Satisfaction Score should be measured:

  • During each customer journey stage
  • After important touchpoints
  • At regular intervals (when you have longer relationships with clients)

Rule of thumb is to use it when you want to learn more about the level of customer satisfaction.

Yes definitely. We recommend asking one or two open-ended questions and converting them into testimonials in addition to asking only CSAT score.

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