Track and analyze your survey results with Trustmary’s REPORTING features

Analyze Customer Feedback

  • Track customer and employee satisfaction
  • Get summaries of survey results
  • Create custom reports

Reporting for feedback surveys

Trustmary provides you with clear, customizable, and shareable reports on your feedback surveys.

NPS report

Get visual reports

With just one glance, you can overview your customer satisfaction metrics.

  • Visual representation of feedback survey results and trends
  • Easy-to-read charts
  • Data is always up-to-date
filter survey results

Filter and segment results

Want to know the survey answers in relation to a specific parameter? No problem.

  • Add different parameters and variables to your feedback forms.
  • Include any variables, such as location, contact person, product, specific service, and more.
  • Create filtered reports based on those parameters and segment results.
survey reports

Share reports

Share report dashboards with password-protected links so that it is easy to monitor results in real time.

  • Enhance team communication.
  • Report results to supervisors easily.

Get flexible reporting features and automated feedback surveys.

Sound any good? It’s all at your fingertips right now.

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Get the exact report that you need

Whether you need to analyze your NPS trends or learn your customer’s opinions on a specific topic, we got you covered.

NPS report

NPS reports help you visualize your NPS and how it is trending.

  • Overall NPS score
  • Average NPS rating
  • Visual line charts for trends
  • Breakdown of customer categories
csat report

CSAT report

Learn what is the average Customer Satisfaction Score of your business.

  • Average score
  • Percentage of each score
  • Number of responses
survey report example

Survey report

A survey report helps you visualize your survey answers and summarize any ratings you include.

  • Response rate
  • Average ratings
  • View all answers
  • Breakdown of each question

Analyzing feedback has never been easier.

Start saving time and improving communication today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can share reports via links to your colleagues and protect reports from outsiders with a password. You can also invite colleagues to join your organization’s dashboard.

Yes, they do. The reports are dynamic and updated with new data constantly. But if you wish, you can fix the time period you are reporting and create a static report, too.

Yes, you can. You can segment the data for example based on customer attributes like product purchased or by specific answers. Just make sure that the parameters you want to use are available for Trustmary in the first place.


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