Get More Leads from Your Website with Lead Generation Forms

The best testimonial tool – now with lead gen widgets!

Increase Your Website Conversion Rate with Lead Generation Forms

Call to actions and forms you are using to get leads from your website are crucial parts of your website. Some could even argue that those are the most important parts. Trustmary offers you a library of lead generation forms that have already been tested and optimized on different websites. Create urgency for your potential customers on your website.

Lead generation forms

Showcase forms to your customers to get them to act accordingly.

Find the best performing lead generation forms

Measure your success with A/B tests and keep track of the progress with constant analysis.

Supercharged with social proof

If CTAs and forms are the most important parts for website conversion rates, building trust is the second most important part. Trustmary allows you to supercharge your forms with social proof.

Different fields for different needs

Different use cases require different fields. We have many different fields and fully customizable fields on top of that so that you can customize your fields completely to match your specific use case.

  • Text field and area
  • Contact information fields
  • Dropdown, checkbox and radio buttons
  • Advanced rules to show specific fields and forms
  • Hidden fields to catch relevant data about the user, UTM tags, referrer data, location etc (coming soon)


We integrate seamlessly with CRMs, Marketing Automation Systems and Content Management Systems.

  • Zapier
  • WordPress
  • Pipedrive
  • Hubspot
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Webflow
  • And many more

Customizable triggers

Would you like to show lead generation forms as a popup only to users that come from Google PPC? Or only at a specific time of the day? Or only to returning visitors? You can do that with Trustmary. The collected data that can be used to trigger forms:

  • Page URL
  • UTM tags
  • Device
  • And more

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The best testimonial tool – now with lead gen widgets!

Frequently asked questions

Does it work with my CMS?

Our lead generation forms work with all the most common Content Management Systems from WordPress to Hubspot CMS.

We provide native integrations with HubSpot and Pipedrive. Zapier integration allows you to integrate the form into the most popular systems. You can also integrate the forms with webhooks.

Definitely not. You can get started with popup forms and later change the different forms with the best-performing ones.