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Collect and Display Video Reviews

  • Request video reviews from clients.
  • Collect them with remote video review forms.
  • Display review videos on your website.
  • Add credibility to your business and get more sales!
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The best video review tool

Video reviews are the best way to impress potential clients on your website.

Trustmary is your go-to solution for collecting video reviews and putting them to good use.

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1. Find happy customers

Use NPS or other feedback methods to identify your satisfied and unsatisfied customers.

2. Get feedback and reviews

Let customers leave open feedback, and request video reviews from happy customers.

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3. Add to website

Publish video reviews on your website hassle-free with stylish review widgets.


With this method, you can boost your website conversions by 20%!

Get started in just a few minutes.

Collect video reviews

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Why are video reviews important?

Video reviews build more trust than text reviews and affect people’s emotions differently.

Additionally, using a video review software saves you thousands of dollars compared to professional videos.

Boost your website conversions

Video reviews, and reviews in general, help you capture more leads, sell more products, and get more contact requests.

We have witnessed that time after time with our clients:

People trust videos

77% of people are more likely to purchase after seeing video testimonials. A few reasons why:

  • Videos help people visualize products better than text reviews.
  • Videos are harder to fake. That is a big factor in a world that lacks trust.
  • Video reviews are more authentic than what the company says about its product or service.

Videos touch our hearts

There’s something about video that is more persuasive than text:

  • Video review tells an actual customer’s story.
  • We can see the expressions and hear the tone of the customer.
  • We can identify with the reviewer more easily.

Save time and money

With a fraction of the price of one professionally produced testimonial, you can get countless video reviews.

  • No scheduling time from your customer’s calendar.
  • No hiring a separate team.
  • No traveling.


What are you waiting for? Start collecting video reviews today!

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How does it work?

Collecting video reviews is easy with Trustmary. Do it all in one easy campaign flow.

choose video review template

1. Get template

Use our ready-made video review form to get started quickly.

But if you want, you can customize it as much as you would like.

share video review form

2. Share with customers

Distribute your survey to customers via your preferred channel: email, link, QR code, website embed, and more.

Let customers respond and film a video review directly on the form with their device.

add reviews to your website

3. Add to your website

After getting reviews, don’t forget to use the new videos on your website with stylish review widgets!

Sign up now and get your first video reviews sooner than later!

Collect video reviews

Why Trustmary?

There are many solutions for collecting remote video reviews. Here’s why you should choose Trustmary.

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Easy to use

If you know how to copy and paste, you know how to use Trustmary.

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Fair pricing

The pricing is based on your software use – just pay for what you use.

Automatic collection

Get a trigger-based workflow that collects reviews on autopilot at the right time.

Video and text

One form includes both video and text review requests to maximize responses.

Secure data

Our GDPR-compliant tool makes sure your and your customers’ privacy is secured.

Give your website a boost today – start collecting video reviews!

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Trustmary Display

Import your existing reviews and display them on your website.


Essentials to make reviews matter




up to 200 monthly views

Access to:

200 monthly views

1 review platform

One-off review import

All widget types


For smaller teams, more views and platforms




up to 5,000 monthly views

Everything in Solo, and:

5,000 monthly views

Up to 3 review platforms

Automatic daily review import

Unlimited users


The best Display plan for growing companies




up to 25,000 monthly views

Everything in Starter, and:

25,000 monthly views

Up to 10 review platforms

A/B testing

Remove Trustmary branding


For experts, loads of widget views, all the features




up to 100,000 monthly views

Everything in Business, and:

100,000 monthly views

Up to 25 review platforms

Priority support

Full access to all Display features

Video reviews don’t have to break the bank

See our flexible pricing for collecting and displaying reviews.


You can, if you make the process easy and appealing. Our customers have demonstrated good results when 1-2 of these elements apply: there are enough very satisfied customers, leaving a video review has been incentivized, customer experience is personal, and it is easy to leave a video review.

Why don’t you give it a try? After all, it’s free to test out Trustmary’s video review tool.

Yes, you can. We provide full customisability to our video review forms. Customize the widgets without coding, or if you are a more advanced web designer, you can add your own CSS.

However, we have crafted our templates to be as effective as possible, so you don’t have to worry about building a good form.

You can use video reviews on your website and wherever you like. The best places to showcase video reviews include pages with important conversions: such as checkout pages, product pages, or contact pages. All video reviews are easily downloadable from Trustmary.

The price of collecting video reviews depends on how many reviews you want to collect. Each plan has a monthly limit to responses you can receive. Don’t worry – you’ll be notified when the limit is full, and you’ll have time to update the limits. View pricing to learn more about the limits.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.