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Last edited: February 12th, 2024

Did you know that you can also collect video testimonials from your customers?

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Video testimonials are here to stay. In fact, they are getting more and more mainstream by the minute.

If you don’t believe me, see these video testimonial statistics that will surely help you understand what I’m talking about.

What Are Video Testimonials?

We all know at this point that customers read online reviews.

But have you heard of testimonial videos?

Video testimonials are short videos in which your happy customers speak about their experience with your brand or products.

In a way, they are peer recommendations from existing customers to new potential customers. It is a form of social proof, which makes people follow each other’s actions.

There are many reasons why testimonial videos often beat traditional written testimonials and reviews.

Keep reading to find out what those reasons are!

Customer Testimonials in Video Form Aid Purchase Decisions

Customer testimonial videos truly have an impact on consumer’s online purchasing decisions.

Testimonial videos are effective, which these statistics illustrate:

79% of people have watched a video testimonial to learn more about a company or its products and services.

2 out of 3 people would be more likely to to buy something after seeing a video testimonial from a previous customer.

77% of those who have seen a testimonial video about a product or service say that it has motivated them to make a purchase.

People think that video testimonials work because

  • They help visualize how products and services truly work (47%)
  • They help viewers to understand an actual customer’s story (42%)
  • They illustrate what kind of impact the product or service has on people’s lives (39%)
  • They are more authentic than what the company says about their product or service (37%)
video testimonial statistics on the influence of purchase decisions

Video Is King in Social Media

Take a moment to reflect on how much video content you consume on the daily.

That’s a lot, isn’t it? Chances are that your customers are in the same boat.

Every day, people watch over 1 billion hours of Youtube videos. 

What’s even more impressive, is that every minute 167 million hours of video is watched on TikTok!

It is inevitable that video content will be most wanted on other platforms as well. According to HubSpot’s Content Trends Survey, people want to see more video content in the future.

People also like to engage with video content. For example, videos on LinkedIn are shared 20 times more than other types of content.

AND did you know that Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine?

Now that you do, think about how many potential customers are roaming around there!

video testimonial statistics about video in social media

Video Also Influences B2B Buyers

Video is more emotionally appealing than text, which plays a part in why video testimonials work so well. 

And yes, emotions have a great impact on our decisions, even if you think you are immune to them.

Keeping that in mind, video is not just a thing for consumer marketing. It’s also relevant in the B2B sector.

  • 73% of B2B businesses that use video as a part of their marketing efforts report positive ROI.
  • 75% of executives consume work-related video content at least once a week.
  • 59% of executives say they prefer video over text.

Like we learned before, LinkedIn (which is a professional social networking platform) is full of video, too. That’s additional proof about the relevance of videos!

video testimonial statistics on using videos in b2b marketing

Video Testimonials Improve Web Traffic

Did you know that pages with video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page on search engines?

How so?

Well, Google appreciates websites with a low bounce rate, and video is a great tool for lowering the bounce rate.

On average, people stay on a site two minutes longer if the site includes video content.

Additionally, while a website visitor spends only 15 seconds on a website, they are willing to watch almost 3 minutes of video content.

video testimonial statistics on time spent on page

Get More Sales with Video Testimonials

All the above things are great and help your marketing efforts.

But I know you are very interested in the actual sales video testimonials can generate.

So let me tell you that when you add testimonial videos to your landing page, your conversion rate can grow up to 80%.

Video testimonials on sales pages increase conversions as well.

Here’s some real data from our client: they were able to increase sales 20% by showcasing one single video testimonial on the check-out page.

Additionally, another client noticed that those customers who saw video testimonials on the product page were significantly more likely to make a purchase than those who did not see them.

video testimonial statistics


I hope you have learned something new from these statistics! 

As you can see, video converts like crazy. It is an essential contemporary marketing tool and it will grow in the future. 

Video reviews

  • Influence the customer’s purchase decisions,
  • Get you ranking higher on search engines and
  • Are more emotionally appealing

Now is the time to tap in and start utilizing customer testimonial videos on your website and social media.

We are here to help you on that mission.

Trustmary is a remote video app that helps you collect customer video testimonials without any hassle.

Just send a video testimonial request to your customers (automatically!) and let them record or upload a video testimonial. Creating video testimonials has never been easier.

You can then display the glowing video reviews on your website and social media.

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How effective are video testimonials?

We have seen that video testimonials can increase sales and conversions significantly. For example, one of our clients experienced a 32% increase in sales after placing just one video testimonial on the checkout page.

How many video testimonials businesses need?

It’s good to have multiple testimonial videos, but sometimes just one video testimonial is enough to get you more sales and conversions.

How to get video testimonials?

Video testimonials are easy to gather with Trustmary’s remote video software. Sign up and see for yourself! You can even integrate it natively with your CRM, like HubSpot.

Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen
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