Video Testimonials App: 5-Step Guide to Set It Up

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Last edited: October 3rd, 2023

If you have not yet added video testimonials to your marketing mix because you think it is too complicated – Don’t worry, it is not hard at all!

Here’s a simple 5-step-guide to how to set up a video testimonials app and collect glowing video testimonials from your customers.

The Power of Testimonial Videos

First, let’s recap why you should use testimonial videos.

Video testimonials are a form of social proof that builds credibility and trust for your brand.

In a testimonial video, your happy customers speak about their positive experience with your company.

That is a powerful way to swoon your new potential customers (or potential employees).

Here are some statistics about video content:

video content statistics

In a nutshell: video testimonials can increase your conversion rate and get you more sales!

Especially when you use a remote video testimonial app like Trustmary, your costs are very low and you can easily collect and showcase multiple video testimonials.

Making video testimonials has never been easier for you: it’s the customers who record a video with their own computer or phone camera!

Since the satisfied customers get to talk about their customer experience with their own words, the testimonials are authentic and reliable

Social proof = maximized!

5 Easy Steps to Strong Video Testimonial Game

Setting up a video testimonials app can be done in a matter of minutes.

The entire process is quick and easy. See this overview:

Looks simple, right?

Let’s break down each step.

Step 1: Sign Up

First thing you need to do is start a free trial.

You can register with an e-mail or Google account.

Once you have registered, logging in to your account happens with a one-time password that is sent to your email address.

Step 2: Create New Video Testimonial Form

When you are in the Trustmary app dashboard, navigate to the Forms section.

From there you click Create survey and are directed to the next page where you find the Video review template.

You can use the template as it is or personalize the questions as much as you would like.

See also free templates you can use and the best tips for video testimonial questions.

making a video testimonial request form

Step 3: Send Form or Embed on Website

Now that you have your customer video testimonial request form, you need to get your customers to answer it.

You have several options for how you want to send your testimonial video request form:

  1. URL address
  2. QR code
  3. E-mail
  4. SMS
  5. Embed to email
  6. Embed to website

All you have to do is to copy the respective code or URL and paste it to your email, website, brochure, or whatever medium you have chosen.

You can start getting customer stories as soon as you send the first request: but only if your customers are satisfied in the first place.

See tips on how to get video testimonials from B2B clients, so you are well prepared!

how to share a testimonial request form

Step 4: Create New Widget

Now it is time to decide how you want to showcase the video testimonials you have collected.

Navigate to Widgets and Create new widget.

You can choose the suitable option from the list of various testimonial widgets. Maybe you like the impressive testimonial wall, a dynamic carousel widget or a handy popup widget.

testimonial widgets

Once the widget template is created, you can import testimonials that you want to showcase. It is that easy!

If you don’t have video testimonials yet but have a handful of Google reviews, give our Google review widget a try.

You can try it by entering your business location below ⬇️

Step 5: Add Widget to Website

Last step is to add the widget to your website.

Navigate to Add to website tab and simply copy the embed code.

When it is your first time adding widgets to your website, you must first install the Trustmary tag.

After it is done once, you can embed as many widgets as you want.

Paste the embed code to the right spot on your website.

Congrats! Now you have an elegant widget that will surely increase conversions!

It could be something like this:

examples of video testimonials

That was super easy!

Basics Covered – What Next?

Now you know the basics of how to set up a video testimonials app and add video testimonials to your website.

set up video testimonial app

Let’s take a look at what else you could do with Trustmary!

  1. Personalize your widgets. It is important that the widget suits your website and brand. Luckily you can modify the colors and appearance of your testimonial widgets!
  1. Track customer satisfaction. On top of video and written testimonials, you can collect customer feedback with the various survey templates, such as NPS and CSAT.
  1. Create automations and save time. You don’t have to always send the video testimonial requests and feedback forms by hand. You can set specific triggers for the requests and surveys.
  1. Integrate to other systems. Trustmary offers Zapier integrations to e.g many CRM systems. Also a native integration to Pipedrive and Hubspot is possible! Integration with CRM allows even more flexible automations.
  1. Import reviews from external review sites. If you already have reviews e.g. on Google, Yelp, Trustpilot or Facebook, you can import them to Trustamary and display them with the widgets.
  1. Follow conversions. With the analytics tools you can follow the impact that your newly applied video testimonials have on the conversion rate.
  1. A/B and multivariate testing. Figure out which testimonials work the best on your website to maximize conversions.

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How to set up video testimonials app?

Setting up and creating your first video testimonial widgets is easy and quick. See the instructions above!

What are video testimonial apps?

Video testimonial apps, such as Trustmary, are softwares that help you collect customer video testimonials and showcase them on your website or social media. Trustmary allows you to collect unlimited testimonials and video testimonials, and offers many other cool features as well.

How can I collect video testimonials?

Sending video testimonial requests with Trustmary’s surveys is easy, and the whole process can be automated. As long as your customers are satisfied with your business, you can get video testimonials from them with the low-threshold remote video testimonial tool!

Why are video testimonials good for my business?

Video testimonials help you build trust between your brand and the potential customers. Video testimonials are a form of social proof, which makes people want to do something that other people do. Ultimately testimonial videos can lead to more customers and more sales!

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