Remote Video Testimonials: 3 Free Templates You Can Copy

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Last edited: October 6th, 2023

Are you looking for a cost effective way to collect customer testimonial videos? Are you in need of some inspiration and templates for video testimonials?

You have come to the right place. This blog introduces the concept of remote video testimonials and offers 3 free templates that you can start using today.

In the end I propose next steps that help you build trust faster and raise your marketing game to the next level with video testimonials.

Why Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are the best way to utilize social proof in your marketing efforts. Social proof helps you to build trust with your customers, as they can see that other people already trust your brand.

Video is effective, because it affects our emotions in a different way than text. We are able to see the face and hear the voice of a happy customer, which makes a greater impression and elevates the story to a different level.

Like the statistics below show, people consume lots of video content these days, even at work.

video testimonials statistics

People watch over 1 billion hours of video on Youtube daily, and every minute 167 million hours of video is watched on TikTok!

And good news for your sales: when you replace your landing page reviews with video testimonials, your conversion rate can increase by 80%.

Remote Video Testimonials: Definition and Benefits

You are probably thinking about the price tag of video testimonials. And true: professionally produced videos can be expensive, although the finished product and video quality is usually worth it.

Luckily, the technology these days is on your side. Pretty much everyone carries a device or two with which they can create videos easily. Most people are quite skillful in recording videos, too.

Remote video testimonials, selfie video testimonials, webcam video testimonials, or whatever you want to call them, are a cost effective alternative to professional video production.

Video processProsCons
Professional video productionGreat video and audio quality
Professional editing outcome
Great script
Time consuming
Only a few videos fit into budget
DIY video productionSave moneyStill time consuming
Might require traveling
Buying equipment
Zoom interview with screen recordingScreen recording is easy
You can ask direct questions
No traveling required
No fancy equipment required
Still time consuming
Potentially awkward
Not the greatest quality
Requires editing
Testimonial softwareEasy
Cost effective
Low threshold
No fancy equipment required
No traveling required
No editing required (unless the customer wants to do that)
Unlimited amount of videos
Depending on the customer’s device, the quality of audio or video might not be the best

Instead of organizing a face-to-face video session with fancy equipment or an interview on Zoom, and spending time on the editing process, you can ask your customers to record their own simple remote video testimonial with their computer or mobile phone. 

Just provide a set of interview questions about the buyer’s journey and let them tell the rest of the story.

remote video testimonial with phone

Customer Testimonial Videos

Usually testimonials are made by happy customers who tell real stories about their journey in a company. These testimonials are great for your marketing campaigns.

A customer video testimonial highlights the problem that a customer had earlier, and how your products or services have helped them solve their problem.

See this example of a customer testimonial video made by Björn Freudenthal…

… and this user experience testimonial for Monidor.

Employee Testimonial Videos

A video testimonial can also be made by an employee who is giving an endorsement for their workplace. Employee testimonials can be used in recruitment campaigns and on your career pages.

Check out these 5 employee testimonial templates you can copy.

Video Testimonial Tools to Try

Here is a list of 5 remote video testimonial tools and their features.


  • Personalized surveys and forms
  • Create automations
  • Unlimited written and video testimonials
  • Unlimited video quality
  • Zapier integrations
  • Importing testimonials
  • Email, phone and chat support
  • Elegant widgets
  • Social sharing



  • Limited to 3 videos
  • Limited video quality to 1080p
  • No integrations
  • Help documentation and email support
  • See all features here

3 Free Video Testimonial Templates to Copy

If you are struggling to come up with the right questions to ask from your customers, worry not. I have formulated three remote video testimonial templates that you can copy.

The templates are based on three imaginary scenarios: choose whichever suits your business and situation the best, and feel free to edit and customize them further.

These templates are created with the Trustmary software.

Template #1: Using Star Rating

Company X is a small B2C company that sells personalized shoe soles. They want to collect more customer video testimonials, so they organize a campaign where those who share their story can win lottery prizes.

Company X decides to set the video testimonial request on their website as well as send emails to all customers who have purchased shoe soles in the past year.

Try out the survey yourself and see the breakdown of different questions and conditions below.

Question 1: How would you rate the shoe soles you purchased? (1-5 stars)

Answer: 1 or 2 stars → Thank you for answering, we appreciate your feedback!

Answer: 3, 4, or 5 stars → Next question.

Q2: Would you like to record a video testimonial and take part in a lottery?

Answer: No, thanks. →  Thank you for answering, we appreciate your feedback!

Answer: Remind me later → Please leave your email address for a reminder → Thank you!

Answer: Yes! → Next question.

Q3: Record a video review (Incl. interview questions, contact information, privacy policy).

If the respondent does not want to publish their feedback → Thank you for answering.

Leaving a video → Please leave your email address → Thank you for helping us! We will get back to you about the lottery.

remote video template 1

Template #2: Using NPS

Company Y is launching a new marketing campaign and looking for ways to convince potential customers about the quality of their services. 

The business offers marketing solutions for B2B companies and has very tight relationships with each and every one of their clients. They decide to approach the clients personally and ask for video testimonials in a meeting.

Company Y decides to combine the testimonial request with an NPS survey, so that they can simultaneously calculate their net promoter score. The survey will provide feedback and help them track customer satisfaction: a great bonus!

As the company representatives explain the purpose of and instructions for the remote video testimonials in a face-to-face meeting or phone call, the survey itself can be quite simplistic:

Q1: How likely are you to recommend our product to a friend or colleague?

Answer: 7, 8, 9 or 10 → Next question

(The company only wants to collect comments and testimonials from clients who give an NPS score above 6, so they only make a testimonial request if the NPS score is high enough.)

Q2: What is the primary reason for your score? 

→ Video? → Thank you!

remote video template 2

Since company Y is using Pipedrive as their CRM system, they can automatically send a video testimonial request via email right after a meeting is held.

Here you can see an example of what the email could look like:

Template #3: Employee Testimonial

Company Z is growing rapidly and they have a great need for new employees all around the world. However, almost everyone is working remotely and it is difficult to produce video testimonials for the recruitment campaign in the headquarters.

The company decides to build credibility as an employer by asking the employees who are working remotely to write text testimonials and capture engaging video testimonials that can be used in the upcoming campaigns. They encourage the employees to make the videos personal and showcase the benefits of remote work.

remote video testimonial idea

Some employees are very tech-savvy and good at video editing, so the company organizes a competition: whoever makes the best, most engaging video testimonial wins a prize (rumors have it that it might be a new camera!).

employee testimonial template

The instructions have been discussed previously, but a brief overview of them is given in the beginning of the testimonial form.

text testimonial survey

There are separate pages for text and video testimonials.

remote video testimonial template

In the end, a thank you note is attached.

thank you page

The finished testimonials page could look like this:

employee testimonial carousel trustmary

Pssst! Check out also these 5 employee testimonial templates in written form!


Video testimonials are an effective way to build trust between your brand and your customers and potential employees. They capture emotions, tones and expressions much better than text alone.

Recording remote video testimonials is easy: people these days carry devices with which they can create quality footage in minutes. There is no need for expensive equipment and an elaborate editing process.

We have looked at three templates that you can use for free for your own remote video production activities. 

As you have noticed, remote video testimonials can be combined with surveys, so you can simultaneously collect feedback from your customers.

Next Steps

If you want to produce stunning testimonial videos easily and without too much hassle, try out Trustmary testimonial software. 

Trustmary allows you to:

  • Send automated testimonial requests
  • Collect written and remote video testimonials from your clients
  • Showcase the testimonials on your website with different widgets
  • Conduct A/B testing on the testimonials to increase conversions
  • Personalize testimonial requests and surveys with your logo and brand colors
  • And much more!

Sign up for a free trial and start collecting stunning testimonial videos right away!


What is the definition of remote video testimonials?

Remote video testimonials (or selfie video testimonials) are video testimonials that your customers can record at home with their own devices. 

What benefits do remote video testimonials have?

Remote video testimonials are inexpensive, quick and low threshold alternatives for professional customer video testimonials. They are easy to capture with testimonial software like Trustmary. Videos also build trust faster than text and can get you more sales.

How can I get remote video testimonials from my customers?

You can get remote video testimonials by asking and making it easy for the customer to give a testimonial. With Trustmary software, you can embed testimonial requests easily on your website, send to your customers via email, or even set automated requests.

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