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Trustmary is every founder’s top tool for improving customer-centricity.

It’s the best solution for collecting customer feedback, letting customers promote you, and improving the customer experience.

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What is Trustmary?

How are customers feeling about my business? How can I learn from my customers? How could I get happy customers to recommend and promote my services?

Those are some of the questions you might be pondering as a business founder. Trustmary is the solution that keeps you on the pulse of your customers.

Trustmary is designed for collecting feedback and customer reviews from your customers continuously and automatically. It’s the easiest way to build digital trust for your business by promoting customer reviews on your website and social media.

Start growing your business with customer insights and social proof.

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Collect feedback and improve the customer experience.

Gather reviews and use them to convert more customers on your website.

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Know your customers inside and out

Knowing what your customers think and want is the first step to a customer-centric business. With Trustmary, you can measure the experience and gather insights during all important customer touchpoints and track your success.

  • NPS, CSAT, CES, and more feedback forms
  • Distribute surveys via email, SMS, QR code, or website embed
  • Data segmentation and visual reporting

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customer centricity

How to implement a customer-centric approach to business?

Problem: You want to be customer-centric and view customers as the starting point for all business development. But there’s a big problem: you don’t know how to get started and don’t have any tools for it. Additionally, you’re afraid it will take too much time.

Solution: Trustmary offers a multifaceted toolset for becoming a customer-centric business. You get to collect feedback in multiple touchpoints automatically, learn from customer insights, and use customer recommendations as a major growth factor.

Collect feedback

review sources

You can’t control your online reputation

Problem: You get reviews on several platforms, but you have no time to monitor and react to them. Thus, you have an unclear picture of what people think and say about you.

Solution: Connect all your review sources with Trustmary, and automatically import reviews. You see when new reviews are posted, and you have easy access to repurposing them on your website and social media. Additionally, you can offer customers an alternative way to give feedback, where they can address the constructive criticism directly to you instead of posting negative reviews on third-party sites. You’ll get indications of your overall reputation based on this feedback.

Connect review sources

NPS survey

You don’t know how changes affect customers

Problem: Especially in early-stage start-ups and companies going through a major turning point, things change fast. When you implement new processes, you mostly focus on what employees think, but you might not see how everything affects your customers.

Solution: Let Trustmary establish a continuous feedback loop that ensures you keep up with the customers’ “pulse”. For example, NPS surveys are an easy way to track customer satisfaction trends and notice changes quickly.

Send feedback surveys

add reviews to your website with stylish review widgets

You don’t know which customers want to recommend you

Problem: Loyal customers are not only fruitful customers but also might spread positive word-of-mouth and earn you more business. You know this, but you struggle to identify your loyal customers and ask for their recommendations.

Solution: Use Trustmary’s NPS and review collection flow to identify Promoters and ask for their reviews in one single survey. At the same time, you get constructive feedback from those who are not satisfied enough to recommend you.

Collect NPS and reviews

You don’t know the value or ROI of reviews

Problem: You have some kind of hunch that reviews are good for your business, but no data on the actual impact. Also, you’re not sure if your investments in review marketing are worth it.

Solution: You can find out the impact of reviews by using Trustmary’s experiments and A/B testing. You’ll have hard data on what reviews do to your conversion rates, and you are able to maximize your potential.

No idea how to break the silos between departments

Problem: Customer-centricity requires every team’s effort and inter-department collaboration. But you don’t know how to get everyone working toward the same goal.

Solution: Share all feedback internally. Trustmary can be integrated via Zapier with most other apps, such as Slack. When you share the love and criticism between all teams, everyone has a clearer picture of what is going on and how to work towards the same goal.

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Trustmary offers fair pricing that is based on your software use. Never pay for something you don’t need!

Choose a suitable combination of Display and Collect features.

Trustmary Display

Import your existing reviews and display them on your website.


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up to 200 monthly views

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200 monthly views

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One-off review import

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Everything in Starter, and:

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A/B testing

Remove Trustmary branding


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up to 100,000 monthly views

Everything in Business, and:

100,000 monthly views

Up to 25 review platforms

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Full access to all Display features

See other use cases

Trustmary is a tool for more than founders.


Trustmary is a very powerful tool for marketers, as it helps to bring social proof to any website and improve website conversion rates.


Sales teams can use Trustmary to convince prospects and to learn what potential customers think at the most critical points of the customer journey.

Customer Success

Customer Success can use Trustmary to identify happy and dissatisfied customers from each other and track customer satisfaction trends.

Customer Service

Customer service teams can use Trustmary to track customer satisfaction and continuously learn how to improve their processes.

Customer Support

Customer support teams can use Trustmary to gather feedback on the support itself and also collect reviews at very fruitful touchpoints with customers.


Human resources can use Trustmary to track employee satisfaction, conduct employee surveys, and gather eNPS data as well as employee testimonials.


Recruiters can use Trustmary to collect testimonials from existing employees and to use those experiences to attract new talents.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.