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Trustmary is every HR team’s top tool for managing employee satisfaction.

It’s the best solution for collecting employee feedback, getting employee testimonials, and improving employee satisfaction.

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What is Trustmary?

How are the employees really doing? Are we able to retain our employees and how can we improve employee satisfaction? How could I showcase the company culture to the outside world?

Those are some of the questions you might be pondering in HR management. Trustmary is the solution that keeps you on the pulse of your employees.

Trustmary is designed to collect feedback and reviews from your employees continuously and automatically. It makes sure you know how your employees are doing and helps you in employee branding efforts.

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The best feedback tool for HR management

Employees are the company’s most important asset.

Measure employee satisfaction and become the most attractive company for new talents.

Know your employees inside and out

Happy and engaged employees are the most important asset for any company. Keeping them happy is HR’s top priority. Gather continuous feedback automatically and find out how the employees are doing.

  • Measure Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) automatically
  • Identify satisfied and unsatisfied employees
  • Get visual reporting on the results

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You don’t know how employees are doing

Problem: Despite an open culture and a chance to express concerns, the employees don’t open up about problems. You don’t know if someone is quietly quitting, or if there are improvement points that you haven’t noticed yet.

Solution: With Trustmary, you can conduct regular anonymous satisfaction surveys. Employees have a lower threshold to voice their opinions, and you have an easy way to track employee satisfaction trends. The easy eNPS score shows which employees might be quietly quitting or otherwise unhappy.

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You struggle to attract high-quality candidates

Problem: When recruiting new talents, you struggle to find and attract the best candidates. You haven’t established an employer brand that could attract job hunters.

Solution: Employees want to work in an environment where people feel good and are satisfied. Showcasing employee testimonials is one of the best and most authentic ways to build a strong employer brand that helps you recruit top talent.

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Creating surveys and interpreting results is difficult

Problem: Whenever you create surveys, you struggle to make them good enough. They aren’t visually appealing, and it’s difficult to create conditional logic. Additionally, interpreting the results requires spreadsheet work that you dislike.

Solution: Create branded and beautiful surveys in Trustmary’s drag-and-drop survey maker. Get simple visual reports that you can easily share with colleagues and shareholders. Track employee satisfaction over time.

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Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.