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Last edited: May 29th, 2024

This is the last part of our three-part blog series. In the first part, our Onboarding Specialist Petteri Puumala speaks about how businesses can make the best use of their customer feedback. The second part tells you how to integrate CRM and Trustmary, and how to automate feedback and testimonial collection. This part sheds light on how the actionable tips have worked in real life.

Our client Wannado has been able to triple the amount of customer feedback after implementing Trustmary and Pipedrive integration. They have also collected more testimonials than ever before. The whole process is operated in Pipedrive, and there is no need for other platforms.

Wannado is a digital assistant and problem-solving service for businesses. Their services include helping clients with various tasks, such as marketing, communications, strategy and finances. 

Wannado became Trustmary’s client in October 2021. They have since also implemented the integration between Trustmary and CRM system Pipedrive.

Although the integration has only been in use for a short period of time, Wannado is already very satisfied with the solution.

“The response rate has at least tripled from the previous situation.”

Johanna Ahonen, Wannado

Three Times More Feedback

Marketing Technologist Johanna Ahonen from Wannado says that after implementing Trustmary, the company has been able to gather significantly more feedback and testimonials.

Before that, the company collected testimonials from clients via phone calls. The answers were written in an Excel sheet.

The existing testimonials from that time were imported to Trustmary and embedded to the website.

– It was an unpleasant process. The feedback was all around the place and we weren’t sure whether we could share them publicly or not, Johanna recalls.

Laura Smith, Jenny Mäkelä, Henna Nurmi

Once the feedback collection process was switched to Trustmary’s surveys, Wannado started to get more responses.

– The response rate has at least tripled from the previous situation, Johanna rejoices.

Since last autumn, Wannado has been able to send an automated feedback survey to each and every new customer, and the response rate is around 16%.

Sometimes the customer feedback can be surprising.

– There have been times when I have been surprised by an older client’s feedback. It’s of course a good thing, since we can use the feedback to improve the collaboration, Johanna says.

The trick to getting honest feedback has been that the feedback survey comes from Trustmary’s email address instead of the company’s email address.

It’s easier to give honest feedback to a third-party than someone you have been in touch with personally.

Additionally, Trustmary’s email address works for sure: the survey won’t end up in the client’s trash inbox.

Gathering Testimonials Is Easy and Smooth

Wannado has also collected more testimonials than ever before.

– Almost every client that gave some kind of open feedback also gave us the permission to use it as a public testimonial, Johanna tells us.

The problem of not knowing if it is okay to publish clients’ comments has been solved. Trustmary collects the consent in the same survey where the client gives the feedback.

– We have manually picked those testimonials that we want to display on our website.

– I’m sure that we will get even more testimonials in the near future, when we optimize the feedback process even more and find the right time to ask for endorsements.

The testimonials have been embedded to Wannado’s website, and the display has been personalized to fit the brand look and tone of voice.

Operate directly in CRM

Wannado has integrated Trustmary to the CRM-system Pipedrive, which they use as their main platform in their daily work.

Thanks to Trustmary, they have also begun to use CRM more actively, even though Pipedrive had already been in use before.

Because of the integration, the feedback surveys can be sent directly in Pipedrive, and the data moves between the two systems.

You only have to use Trustmary’s dashboard when you create a new survey or want to hand-pick the testimonials to showcase on your website or social media.

transfer data

At the moment, Wannado’s feedback and testimonial gathering process is done with an automation that goes like this:

  1. New customer is moved to the “Deal won” stage in Pipedrive workflow.
  2. This is a trigger that causes the customer’s contact information to move into a contact list in Trustmary.
  3. After the contact is moved, a 30-day waiting period begins. After 30 days, the first message with a feedback survey is delivered to the customer.
  4. If the customer does not respond to the first message, a reminder is sent three days later.
  5. Once the customer has responded to the survey, the answers are saved in Trustmary as well as in Pipedrive, where one can easily see the information.

– Because of the integration, all customer information and comments are visible in Pipedrive under the customer profile, which makes it easier to manage customer relationships and possibly make more sales, Johanna sums up.

– If Pipedrive was earlier just a tool for the sales team, now also the marketing team can make use of it. We don’t have to navigate multiple platforms, since everything can be found in one place.

In the future, Wannado is planning to add more surveys and different triggers for them, so that they can target surveys to specific customer groups and to different stages of the customer journey. Additionally, they are planning to implement Pipedrive for further uses.

Learn to automate your feedback collection with Trustmary.

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Successful Flywheel

In the first part of the blog series, Trustmary’s Onboarding Specialist Petteri Puumala introduced us to a flywheel of collecting and utilizing feedback.

– Briefly explained, flywheel is a circle of continuous value production, where actions follow each other over and over again, Petteri summarizes.

In practice, flywheel can for example mean that the acts of collecting feedback from new customers, collecting testimonials from satisfied customers and making use of the collected testimonials in marketing follow each other indefinitely, and the process aids the overall business growth.

Feedback gives tools for improvement, which generates happy customers and public testimonials, which in turn help with acquiring new customers.

Wannado is an example of a company that utilizes the full potential of the feedback flywheel.

Honest and authentic feedback from customers has provided insights into the customer’s opinions, which has helped with improving the collaboration.

Customers have also given public testimonials, which are displayed online for new potential customers to see.

These stages follow each other over and over again.

– Today we get more testimonials than ever before, Johanna adds.


Trustmary’s client Wannado has found a way to successfully utilize the full potential of customer feedback in developing the organization as well as in marketing.

The business has integrated Trustmary with their existing CRM-system.

They can operate the sending of feedback and testimonial forms directly in Pipedrive, and the surveys are sent to customers automatically upon set trigger events.

The comments that customers give can be seen in Pipedrive, which makes managing customer relationships and satisfaction smooth and easy.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

You too have the chance to optimize your flywheel, aka the process of collecting and utilizing customer feedback and testimonials.

If you are not using Trustmary yet, book a meeting with us and let’s get it sorted for you!

If you are already a customer at Trustmary but you need help with optimizing your flywheel, contact Petteri or book an appointment directly from his calendar.

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How can I gather more feedback and testimonials from my customers?

If you are not using software for collecting feedback and testimonials, you should definitely test it out. Our client Wannado has been able to triple their customer feedback since they implemented the Trustmary software. Start a free trial and see for yourself!

Why should I integrate Trustmary into my CRM system?

When you integrate Trustmary with a CRM system like Pipedrive or HubSpot, you can create different automations for feedback surveys based on the CRM workflow. Additionally, you can always see in the CRM what your customers have said about your collaboration previously. It’s time and money saved!

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