I-Valo: Satisfied customers regardless of country

I-Valo is a company that offers its customers different lighting solutions around Europe. I-Valo recently started using Trustmary to measure NPS, gather feedback, and gather and utilize testimonials in its marketing. In less than a month of use, I-Valo has collected 159 feedbacks and 8 public testimonials from 2 different countries. Customer satisfaction at the […]

Pesurivuokraus.fi – Automating the collection of customer feedback and reviews

Pesurivuokraus.fi is a Finnish growth company through which you can rent textile washers all over Finland for € 39 a day. Pesurivuokraus.fi started using Trustmary in late 2020 and has used it to automate the measurement of NPS, the collection of feedback and reviews, as well leveraging reviews on their website.”We are still a relatively […]

Staria – Measuring and improving customer and employee experience.

Staria offers local and international business platforms, accounting, HR and payroll services and Robotic Process Automation for international growth companies. Staria has own offices in 5 countries but they provide international accounting services with a local compliance solution in 38 countries globally already today. With Trustmary Staria has measured NPS and eNPS and gathered feedback […]

Eilakaisla’s most important measure of quality is customer satisfaction

Eilakaisla is a Finnish family business founded in 1971, which offers all recruitment services, HR services and personnel services under one roof. Eilakaisla’s customers represent a wide range of industries and the service packages range from individual assignments to multi-year cooperation and outsourced customer solutions. Eilakaisla and Trusmary have been collaborating with customer testimonials since […]

“Such recommendations are really worth publishing online!”

Kattotutka is a Finnish family-owned company that handles inspections, repairs and maintenance of water roofs in properties throughout Finland. Kattotutka started using Trustmary in early fall 2020, when the first surveys were sent directly via Trustmary. Getting answers at the beginning was a bit exciting, as Kattotutka’s customers are busy real estate decision-makers, which makes […]

Kaisanet: Increase trust with reviews

Kaisanet Oy is an expert company in network services, telecommunications, IT services and digitalisation, which creates value for its customers in the form of high-quality IT expertise. Kaisanet started using the Trustmary in December 2019 and the tool has been utilized for their customers and employees. In total, Kaisanet has collected more than 270 feedbacks […]

Satokausikalenteri: Video reviews to aid customer’s purchase decision

Satokausikalenteri has been using Trustmary for a long time, especially to gather feedback and recommendations. The recommendations have played a key role in the effectiveness of the Satokausikalenteri’s advertising. With the new features Trustmary has launched, Satokausikalenteri has also started to use Trustmary’s software to collect video reviews and utilize it. Video reviews with Trustmary […]

Järvenpään Ajokoulutuskeskus: More leads and sales directly from the website

Järvenpään Ajokoulutuskeskus is a driving school that offers a wide range of driving courses that exceed their clients’ expectations. Trustmary started working with Järvenpään Ajoneuvokeskus in May 2020. It very quickly became clear that their customers are very happy with the level of service they’re getting. Therefore,  they had plenty of possibilities to increase the […]

Verhoomo Sorsa: 100 responses and 30 referrals within the first hour of use

Verhoomo Sorsa is specialized in doing upholstery and all sorts of equipping to cars. Having a high customer satisfaction is one of their core values. Trustmary started the cooperation with Verhoomo Sorsa in early 2020 and it was off to a quick start, as they got over a hundred responses and 27 referrals within the […]

Perintäritari: ”Referral marketing is the most important channel for us in reaching new clients”

Perintäritari is a Finnish company that specializes in debt collection and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. During autumn 2019, they first started to use Trustmary’s online word of mouth service and have used it to this day. During that time, they’ve got 140 responses of which 27 are referrals. Their […]