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Last edited: April 29th, 2024

Trustmary’s feedback and review software is an effective tool for sales teams to improve their processes and get more meetings with the help of reviews.

Here’s how Trustmary’s own Sales team uses Trustmary seamlessly with other daily tools.

1. Send Survey Directly After the Meeting

Trustmary uses Pipedrive as a Customer Relationship Management system. All interactions that sales reps have with prospects are marked in the system.

Pipedrive is integrated with Trustmary to allow data to move between the two systems. This enables various automation flows.

When a sales representative marks a sales meeting done in Pipedrive, it works as a trigger to send a feedback survey with Trustmary.

The prospects get a simple NPS survey in their inbox directly after the meeting. If they don’t respond within 2 days, they receive an automatic reminder message.

sending a survey

The NPS survey includes a review request for those who give positive feedback.

2. Share Feedback

When a customer responds to the feedback survey, another automation kicks in and shares the comment on a Slack channel.

This way the whole company can learn from the feedback, and everyone’s work becomes visible.

Successes are celebrated together, and constructive criticism can be analyzed and reacted to together.

example of sharing feedback internally

– Getting feedback on my meetings is very useful, as it helps me improve constantly. Some customers feel more comfortable leaving feedback with a form like this after the meeting rather than face-to-face. On an organization’s level, you can track each sales rep’s feedback and see how customers like the interactions, says Miko Jalkanen, Sales Manager.

3. Publish Reviews

The customer can leave their positive feedback as a public review with the same feedback form. 

It requires no extra work from either party to collect authentic customer reviews.

Reviews are automatically tagged with a “Sales meeting” tag and they are published on Trustmary’s Book a Meeting -page.

The positive comments from customers work as social proof and encourage others to book meetings with sales as well.

As a result, the Sales team gets more prospects and sales meetings.

review widget


Trustmary is a great tool for Sales teams who want to collect authentic feedback about their sales meetings and leverage positive customer experiences in getting more meetings.

The smart collection flow collects constructive feedback and public reviews at the same time.

Integrations with CRM systems and other daily tools, such as Slack, enable useful automations. 

You can trigger surveys at the right customer touchpoints, follow customer satisfaction, and share feedback with your team.

Learn to automate your processes with Trustmary’s experts!

Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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