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EasyStart Relocation is a Parisian relocation company that helps individuals and companies from other parts of the world relocate to France. The company has been using Trustmary since the beginning of its journey, and its growth is largely thanks to authentic customer recommendations.

From Volunteer Project to International Business

Ann Déla Victoria, Founder and CEO of EasyStart Relocation, is originally from the U.S. She studied International Business at Boston University. After graduation, she decided to move to France. 

– After my studies, I wanted to implement my international business knowledge in an international setting. As I met many foreigners during my studies, some of them suggested I move to France which is when I decided I’d take my chances and see how I feel about relocating to France for at least 6 months. Now, it’s been 11 years since I came to Europe, Déla Victoria laughs.

In those years, she has voluntarily helped other people to relocate to France. After a while, she made the relocation services her side business. In 2020, Déla Victoria decided to leave her job and build her own business.

ann déla victoria
Ann Déla Victoria

– We grew from a personal volunteering project into a business that currently employs 10 people. We help people with everything related to relocation. From A to Z, we can handle anything: visas, housing, bank accounts, healthcare, schooling, driver’s licenses, and even starting a business, Déla Victoria lists.

– We still volunteer from time to time, especially helping people in areas impacted by war to relocate. 

Currently, the company is expanding into new areas both geographically and in terms of target customers.

– We are opening services in Spain, and we are acquiring some B2B customers. Some of our customers so far include Deloitte, DeepL, and Mercure Hotels. We also partner with many insurance, banking, law, and credit companies.

Trustmary has been there since the beginning

Trustmary has been an integral part of EasyStart’s journey. Word-of-mouth is the main marketing strategy for EasyStart, and Trustmary makes it easy in the digital realm.

– I saw Trustmary reviews being used on other websites, so I decided to adopt it in my own business as well. I started collecting reviews and adding them to my website, Déla Victoria explains.

review widget on

– I was surprised by how much they helped me. I have never done any other type of marketing. We get new customers through word of mouth!

Déla Victoria saw Trustmary as a trustworthy solution for customer reviews and never considered other solutions.

– Initially, I didn’t even have Google reviews. The thing is, Google can have fake reviews and people can buy them. With Trustmary, I knew the reviews were genuine and from real customers. 

EasyStart found it easy to start using Trustmary

Déla Victoria says she is not a very technical person, and that’s why Trustmary’s easiness is an important factor to her. One of her favorite features is the widget editor.

– Setting up a review widget took just 2 minutes. Compared to the difficult Google API, Trustmary’s process is smooth and straightforward. And after the set-up, everything just happens automatically! Déla Victoria rejoices.

Setting up a review widget took just 2 minutes. And after the set-up, everything just happens automatically!

Ann Déla victoria, Easystart Relocation

Using review widgets has resulted in tangible improvements in the business.

– The widgets bring us new customers and help us with SEO. Thanks to the review schema, people find us easier on Google when they search for relocation services in France.

Ann Déla Victoria also has positive feedback about Trustmary’s customer service.

– Once I had to ask for help with something technical, so I used the chatbox in the app. I got a response quickly. The customer service is very good.

Being happy with the service, Déla Victoria doesn’t hesitate to recommend Trustmary to others as well.

– I get a lot of entrepreneurs as clients, so I recommend Trustmary to them while helping with other business-related things, she smiles.

Features that EasyStart is using:

Key benefits:

  • More customers
  • Helps with search engine visibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Everything happens automatically
  • Quick customer service

Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen
Aino Valtonen is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary. With a background in Linguistics, she is an expert in language and communication, as well as local SEO and review marketing.


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