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Making a Difference With Reviews Is Easy

Import Reviews From the Most Popular Platforms

You can get all your social proof into the same place in seconds. Import from the most popular platforms, spreadsheets or create custom reviews.

  • Supported platforms include: Google, Facebook, G2, Capterra, Yelp, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor
  • Import from spreadsheets such as Google Sheets, Excel, ZohoSheet, LibreOffice, Only Office
  • Create custom reviews from the content you have collected from other sources such as in email and phone discussions, events etc.

Highlight Reviews on Your Website

Displaying reviews on your website builds trust better than any other content.

  • Premium review widget library
  • Display all or hand pick selected reviews
  • Customize themes and design
  • Find out how reviews actually increase your website conversion rate

Don’t Have Reviews Yet?

Don’t worry! Collect an unlimited number of reviews (including video reviews) for free and automate review collection.

  • Easy-to-use video review collection
  • Pre-tested review collection forms
  • Omni-channel collection including: URL, QR code, website embed, email, SMS

Platform for Marketers, Growth Hackers and CRO Experts

Testimonial & Review Widgets

Testimonial and review widgets help you showcase and find the best performing testimonials and reviews on your website.

  • Optimized to improve your conversion rates
  • Automatically test and prioritize highest impact testimonials and reviews (coming soon)
  • Fully customizable

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)

Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation forms enables you to convert more leads by testing different templates and finding the ones that work best on your website.

  • In-page Lead Generation Forms
  • Lead Generation Popups
  • Lead Generation Chatbots
  • Integrates to your CRM and Marketing automation via Zapier

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)

Testimonial Forms

Testimonial forms help you gather high-quality testimonials from your customers.

  • Video testimonials
  • Automated reminders (coming soon)
  • Fully customizable
  • Ready to be used in minutes

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)


Our widgets are easy to add to any CMS. We are integratable with the most common CRM and marketing automation systems with Zapier.

  • Zapier
  • Hubspot
  • WordPress

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)


You can build automatic reports based on the data gathered on your website or from your forms and share those to your team.

  • Shareable Real-time Reports
  • Pre-made Templates

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Figure out which widgets and forms of social proof increase your website conversion rate the most.

  • A/B Test Popups
  • A/B Test Testimonials (coming soon)
  • A/B Test Lead Generation Widgets (coming soon)
  • Test Different Forms of Social Proof

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)


Don’t want to do everything manually? Automate your feedback and testimonial gathering with our email and SMS automations.

  • Different triggers
  • Set Wait times
  • Built-in Reminders
  • Email and SMS

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)

Feedback Forms

We offer you an advanced survey builder to build the feedback forms you need, while also helping you gather testimonials from your happy customers.

  • Survey Builder
  • NPS, CSAT and CES
  • Sharing via email, SMS, QR code, email signature or on your website

(Available in full suite and marketing plans)