Sellai Oy: Improving the Product and Acquiring More Customers with Reviews

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Last edited: April 29th, 2024

B2B sales platform company Sellai Oy uses Trustmary to collect feedback on the product and service. The company highlights positive comments as references when acquiring new customers. Sellai also shares reviews and the NPS score openly on its website with Trustmary’s widgets.

Sellai Oy is a platform that brings together companies that want to outsource B2B sales, and skilled sales agents who can expertly manage them. 

On the platform, companies can publish projects and find the right agents to take care of them. Independent freelancer salespeople have a way to acquire customers easily. 

Image: Sellai is a platform that helps businesses find top-notch freelancer sales agents.

Sellai is continually exploring ways to elevate the services they offer and provide outstanding customer experience. That’s why they regularly collect feedback from users.

Ilkka Laine, Chief Operating Officer of Sellai Oy, shares how the use of Trustmary has helped them transform their operations.

User feedback helps build a premium product

In a quest for premium quality service, Sellai implemented Trustmary to obtain feedback from both customers and agents. 

They measure the Net Promoter Score from the buyers and Employee-NPS from agents.

This information would help guide them in refining their service and navigating the path forward. 

– We want to shape a product with a superior user experience. It’s important to collect user feedback and document the users’ expectations. If we fail to do that, we can end up developing the wrong aspects, Ilkka Laine explains.

Image: Sellai’s COO Ilkka Laine

Feedback helps Sellai Oy find weak points, and confront inconvenient truths about its service. 

– We appreciate all feedback and want to see the whole truth, even if it’s ugly.

Comments from users also help Sellai Oy argument in favor of the platform. Especially feedback from the agents helps explain why such platform is useful and what benefits and advantages it provides compared to other ways of working.

Monthly checks on NPS and eNPS figures are routine, and the management team, owners, and agents all show a keen interest in this feedback.

The NPS is transparently presented with an NPS badge on Sellai’s website.

– When we make our NPS publicly available, everyone in the company feels responsible for improving it and makes an effort to improve the customer experience, Ilkka says.

Image: Sellai showcases NPS and reviews on the front page.

Sharing the reviews brings more business

On top of measuring customer satisfaction and getting feedback, Sellai uses Trustmary to collect reviews for each agent and showcase the feedback on the website.

Customer reviews have an immense impact on future sales and customer acquisition. The agents can much easier convince customers about their expertise when there are previous clients’ stories backing it up, Ilkka underlines.

A review carousel on the website showcases all customer reviews, and targeted references are used during the sales process for specific target groups. 

– A variety of recommendations helps us convince different clients. We can use specific reviews to offer relatable social proof to specific potential customers. For example, we recently started operations in Sweden, and the recommendation we have got from a Norwegian company has a great effect on Swedish customers, Ilkka illustrates.

Trustmary’s review widgets have proven to be handy, built as per need, and provide useful data on usage. 

– It’s great that we can follow the performance and impact of each widget, such as how many views they have and how many conversions happen. With that information available, we can assess which review widgets have an impact and which ones aren’t that important for us.

Sellai: They also highlight customer reviews on a separate page.

Tangible results follow diligent feedback processes

With Trustmary, Sellai has received valuable feedback that has led to changes and improvements in operations. 

We have enhanced the aspects that get positive feedback and improved the pain points that have come up in the comments. As an example, we have identified that starting an assignment is a “critical-to-quality” step on the platform, and worked quite a lot on making it more effortless, Ilkka says.

Another important aspect of Trustmary’s utility has been in recognizing varying customer profiles and how to interact with them.

– Some customer types don’t work well with the current version of the platform, but we have been able to develop better processes for those types of customers.

Sellai has also accumulated data on which types of customers match with each agent, thus learning to pair them more accurately and efficiently.

Finding happy customers through NPS surveys also makes it easier to reach out to them and ask for a longer customer story.

– I find it very important that Sellai interacts with customers more than just by sending the invoice. Feedback surveys are a good medium to stay in touch with customers.

According to Ilkka, Trustmary is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even as someone who confesses to being an impatient software user, he’s found the experience smooth and frustration-free.

– I have never been in a bad mood because of Trustmary. It’s easy to use and if we need help, it’s available by the professional staff, Ilkka praises.

With its user-friendly interface and excellent customer service, Trustmary comes highly recommended by Sellai, especially for anyone working on product development.

– Too often, products are made according to the terms of engineers and developers. User feedback, from both customers and employees, is essential to developing relevant new features and truly great products that meet the users’ needs, Ilkka stresses.

Sellai: Improving customer experience is a company-wide initiative for Sellai Oy.


Trustmary has been an integral part of Sellai’s journey in refining and perfecting its B2B sales platform. 

Through consistent use and application, they’ve managed to:

  1. Measure customer satisfaction with NPS.
  2. Measure the agents’ satisfaction with eNPS.
  3. Improve the product and customer experience.
  4. Make customer satisfaction a priority and display feedback openly.
  5. Collect public reviews for the platform and for the agents.
  6. Showcase reviews on the website.
  7. Follow the performance of the review widgets.
  8. Get more customers.

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