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Boost trust directly on your website by adding a trust badge to relevant instances.

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If you get visitors to your website, you need to get them to trust you. The right kind of trust badge can do that for you.

To determine what is the right fit for your website, think of the following:

  • Industry
  • Leads vs contact requests vs online purchases
  • Content management platform
  • Payment icons needed?
  • Security icons needed?

There are numerous different kinds of trust badges, BUT there’s one badge that will make sense for all industries.


What Is a Trust Badge?

Trust badges are visual elements, that are either statically on your site or popups.

Their sole purpose is to get your potential customers to trust your website, brand, or basically that you’re a legit business.

Trust Badges Can Be Placed

  1. On the checkout page
  2. Next to any CTA buttons
  3. On product pages
  4. On the shipping details page
  5. On the accepted payment methods page
  6. On the About Us page

In short, anywhere where additional help is needed to get someone to trust a business.

Next up, let’s look at the qualities of great trust badges.

Qualities of Trust Badges

Some of these could be no-brainers, but that’s sometimes needed to get you to add a few trust badges to your own website.

Increase Trust

Okay, I just had to add this.

But it’s also true. Some trust badges really boost customer trust and help get results.

The real struggle is to figure out where trust needs to be added to get the results.

Boost Conversion Rates

The best trust badge increases tangible results from a website.

This can mean

Size is Convenient

As trust badges are meant to be complimentary info, they are typically small and can be placed rather freely on a website.

One of the most effective places to display badges is close to CTA buttons.

If you can instill trust to convince a person to perform an action, you’re winning.

trust badges are very conveniently sized to be great additions to websites

Better Search Engine Rankings

With the right type of trust badge, you may even get a boost in search engine rankings.

If the feature list includes adding review schema to search engines, you can get a sort of a trust badge to search engines.

serp with review schema markup for seo

Examples of the Most Common Trust Badge

The following trust badges are meant to prove that your site is reliable, and people should trust you with their contact info and/or credit card details.

most common trust badges in use include ssl badges, payment badges, money back guarantee, guaranteed secure checkout, and third part endorsement badges

1. SSL Badges

Tell your site visitors that you value data security and privacy.

2. Payment Badges

Lets people know what type of payment methods you currently support.

3. Money Back Guarantee Badges

Self-explanatory: If they’re unhappy with your products, they can get their money back.

4. Guaranteed Secure Checkout Badge

Let’s people know they’re in safe hands when they fill in their credit card info or other personal information.

5. Third Party Endorsement Badge

Ever seen those “Top Performer in 2023” badges that for example, Capterra gives out? The purpose of these third party badges is to highlight that someone has already vetted your services, and deemed you trustworthy.

Leverage These Trust Badges to See Results

The common denominator with these badges is that they all focus on leveraging customer reviews.

But that tends to bring the best results, soooo….

Google Trust Badge

One of the most wanted trust badges is the Google trust badge.

However, there are some hoops you need to jump through in order to get it.

You need:

Not all of us qualify for this, but luckily there are other similar free trust badges available.

Create your free Google review badge below by searching for your Google My Business location below and playing around with the widgets in Trustmary.

Trust Badge for Shopify

Ecommerce sites really need to build trust as fast as possible to boost sales.

There are many reasons why customer reviews for in Shopify, but the most important one is that people trust people.

trust badge for shopify? add yours with Trustmary

Trust Badge for WooCommerce

Adding trust badge and reviews to WooCommerce is easy. At least according to the store manager of Studiovarustamo, who says that using Trustmary is smooth sailing.

And boosts results from online shop!

Guide: Add the Most Effective Trust Badge

Even though there are many types of trust badges, one is superior: A Trust Badge that features your overall star rating and number of reviews.

So let’s add one to your website.

Adding this is the absolute first step in getting website visitors to trust your brand.

It’s all about psychology and a phenomenon called social proof.


  1. Have reviews for your business
  2. Import all reviews to Trustmary
  3. Create a badge
  4. Copy-paste the badge snippet to the website
  5. Refresh the page (purge cache if needed)


  1. Have reviews for your business
  2. Import all reviews to Trustmary
  3. Create a badge
  4. Install Trustmary Tag
  5. Set the rules for pages to include or exlude
  6. Choose a trigger to show popup (exit intent, on pageload, on pagescroll)


What is the best free trust badge?

Trustmary has a great hero badge that can easily be added close to CTAs. It’s free to try!

Not sure if it’ll work? Trustmary’s review widgets have generated unparalleled results for many customers.


Are all trust badges equally effective in building trust?

No. You need to know your customers to know what it is that’s making them not convert.

If they don’t know whether your site is reliable, you need an SSL badge.

If people hesitate to buy because they’re not sure about your legitimacy as a business, add social proof.

Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki
Erica Ylimäki is a Growth Marketer at Trustmary. She is an expert in how to grow the organic traffic of a business with effective SEO strategies, and how to utilize reviews on different CMS and platforms.


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