import reviews from third-party review sites and add them to your website

All Your Reviews on One Platform

  • Import Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, G2, and Capterra reviews
  • Manage all your social proof on one simple platform
  • Add reviews to your website

Import reviews

review sources

Use reviews on your own website

Embed reviews from various sources to your website quickly and easily with Trustmary.

review sources

Import in minutes

Connect review sources to Trustmary by giving the desired review page’s URL. Available sources:

Import reviews

Add manually

You can also import reviews from spreadsheets or add individual reviews manually.

Add Google reviews to your website with a stylish and customizable Google review widget

Add to your website

Get more customers directly from your website by impressing them with customer reviews.

  • Get customized review widgets
  • Showcase your best reviews identified by AI
  • Increase your website conversion rates

Add reviews to website

Various templates

You can choose from a vast amount of different review widget templates, and make it your own.

manage reviews

Manage reviews from one place

You can oversee and manage all your reviews easily on one platform.

  • Get notified about new reviews
  • Publish reviews on your website and social media
  • Organize reviews and use them in the right places

Import reviews

Manage reputation

When you know what is happening on review sites, you know what your online reputation looks like.

Don’t take our word for it

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Additional Capabilities

These features help you boost your website’s potential even further.

Search Engine Optimization

The review widget gives your website a review schema markup. It means that Google can show your star rating in the search results. As a result, you can get better rankings and more clicks.

AI Score

Trustmary’s AI Score analyzes your reviews’ content and identifies your best reviews. This way you always know which reviews you should prioritize on your website.

Collect More Reviews

Add a Call-to-action button to your review widget and ask viewers to leave more reviews. New reviews keep your social proof fresh and trustworthy.

Add reviews to your website today!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can showcase any reviews in any widget. However, the number of review sources you have available depends on your Trustmary subscription.

It takes around 32 seconds per channel but the first load might take up to 2-5 minutes in total depending on the number of reviews. You need to just add a URL or provide access to your account, click Connect, and after that, we will do the work for you every day automatically.

We have various pricing models that depend on how many review sources and widget views you need. A free version is also available. See the pricing details for more precise info.


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