Turn your website into a customer acquisition machine with reviews.

Add Reviews to Squarespace

Embed your existing customer reviews on your website easily and without any coding skills.

  • Import reviews from major third-party review sites
  • Display the most powerful reviews on Squarespace
  • Showcase with a stylish and customizable widget

Elevate Your Squarespace Website with Reviews

You spend a lot of money and effort to get website visitors.

Convert your visitors by adding customer reviews to your Squarespace website.

Reviews build credibility.

  • Your potential customers need proof of your credibility.
  • Customer reviews are a great way of showing that you have been a great partner for many previous customers.

Customers love word-of-mouth.

  • People trust word-of-mouth more than anything you say about your own business.
  • Leverage your digital word-of-mouth in the form of customer reviews on your website.

The results are proven.

  • Customer reviews improve your website’s conversion rate and get you more sales.
  • It’s proven – many businesses have achieved great results! Read more >

By showcasing reviews with Trustmary, you can get more leads and sales from your Squarespace website.

Why not start today and tap into the benefits right away?

“It’s very simple and easy process to create added value for our business.”

Kati, Marketing Director, Purkupiha Group Oy

Key features

Import Reviews

Import existing reviews from the biggest review sites like Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and Tripadvisor.

Stylish Widget Designs

Display reviews with a tried and tested review widget perfect for your use case.

Fits Your Website Seamlessly

Customize the widget to seamlessly fit your brand in our easy-to-use widget editor. No coding needed.

How to Add Reviews to Your Squarespace Website

Easily embed reviews on your website for free in just a few minutes.

Import reviews from the desired source.

  • Import reviews from major review sites: Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Capterra, G2, and Google Play.
  • Whenever you get new reviews on the sites, they are automatically imported to Trustmary.

Get a widget tailored to your needs.

  • Trustmary generates a review widget with your best reviews.
  • Use it as it is, or customize it to your liking.

Copy and paste the embed code.

  • Copy an HTML code snippet.
  • Paste it to the desired spot on your website.
  • Anyone with admin rights can do it easily.

Let the reviews boost your conversions.

  • Let the reviews work their social proof magic.
  • Get more customers from your website!

Sounds easy, right?

You can do all this right now, and start seeing results immediately.


Why should I add reviews to my Squarespace website?

Reviews build trust and help you get more leads and customers from your website. The power of reviews is based on the social proof effect that makes people follow other people’s behavior. It’s a great way of optimizing your website.

Is the Squarespace review widget free?

Yes. You can get one review widget for free, and import reviews from all available sources.

Why to choose Trustmary to add reviews on my website?

Trustmary is a comprehensive review management tool that helps you import, showcase, test, and manage reviews. Trustmary has various customizable widget templates and an easy-to-use widget editor. It’s also completely risk-free. No payments, no credit card required, no binding terms.

Which reviews can I embed on my Squarespace website?

You can import reviews from multiple sources, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, Capterra, G2, Google Play, and custom sources like spreadsheets.

How can I start using Trustmary?

Just sign up for free with your email address. After that, you can import reviews from your desired source with just one click and use them on your website.

How to use the review widget HTML code?

You can simply copy the HTML code from Trustmary, and paste it to the right spot on your Squarespace website using an HTML block.

How to embed reviews on Squarespace?

Use Trustmary’s review widget. Once you have created the widget, simply copy and paste the HTML code to your website on Squarespace.

On which platforms can I embed Trustmary’s review widget?

Trustmary’s review widget works on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and 99% of other CMS.