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Did you know that by showcasing customer reviews on your Shopify pages, you can boost your conversions?

That is true: one of our clients reached a 32% increase in sales after adding a single video testimonial on the check out page.

This blog shows you step-by-step how to add customer reviews to Shopify.

The process only takes a moment but makes a great difference.

Why Should You Showcase Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are a form of social proof.

They create trust towards your brand and help people make purchase decisions.

They work, since people are more likely to trust other people rather than a company representative or advertisements.

It also matters how many reviews you showcase. The rule of thumb is: the more reviews you have, the better.

reviews statistics

However, you should never buy reviews! Authenticity is key in social proof.

Even if you get negative reviews, you can turn the situation around. Negative or less that overwhelmingly positive reviews show that

  1. You don’t censor the reviews
  2. You don’t buy positive reviews
  3. When you respond to the negative reviews, you can show that you really care about your customers.

How Do I Get Reviews?

To get reviews, you need to ask for them.

One of the easiest ways to collect reviews is using software that automates the process.

Trustmary is such software. If you haven’t got Trustmary yet, sign up for a free trial!

When you implement Trustmary, you can create automated feedback surveys that are sent to customers after a purchase.

The feedback that the customer gives can be turned into a public review. 

You can ask the respondents to provide more information about themselves for extra credibility. Such details would be e.g. name, location, company or profession.

On top of written feedback, the software lets you collect video testimonials.

Here’s an example of how the survey works.

trustmary survey
trustmary survey
trustmary survey

How To Showcase Reviews?

Once you have collected reviews, you can showcase them with Trustmary’s elegant and dynamic widgets

Trustmary widgets include e.g.

  • Carousel
  • Wall
  • Double testimonial
  • Video testimonials
  • Inpage form
  • Pop up
  • CTA bar
trustmary widgets

The widgets can be embedded on any website, like your Shopify page.

The new reviews will be added to the page automatically, or you can choose to select and pick them before making them public.

This blog guides you through the process of adding reviews to your Shopify page in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Find Your Widget

Go to the Trustmary app and open the Widgets page. 

Choose the widget that you want to display on Shopify. 

If you need to create a new widget, click create new widget and follow these instructions.

find widget

Step 2: Copy Trustmary Tag and Embed Code

After you have clicked on the desired widget, go to the Rules section.

You find two codes. Note that the two snippets of code serve different purposes. 

The first snippet, Trustmary tag, is a global script which enables the loading of the widgets. 

Install the Tristmary tag with Google Tag Manager following this guide.

The second snippet is the embed code itself. This snippet loads a widget into where it is placed on the site.

Copy the embed code snippet. We will get back to it during step 4.

copy embed code

Step 3: Add a Place for Widget in Shopify

Open your Shopify admin page, navigate to Themes and select a theme you intend to use.

Once in the right theme, click the green Customize button.

shopify admin

Next, click on the Add section button.

A menu pops up. From the menu, select Custom Liquid.

add section shopify

Step 4: Embed Code to Shopify

You have created a new Custom Liquid element. Go to its Settings.

add custom liquid

Paste embed code to the field on the left.

Finally, save the page.

embed code

Step 5: Check Preview

Last step is to make sure that the widget is responsive and looks good.

If something is wrong with the widget, please check that the embed code matches the one displayed in Trustmary and that JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

Now you are all set!


Why should I display customer reviews on Shopify?

Displaying reviews can boost your conversion rate.

When you showcase reviews from previous happy customers, you aid the current customer’s purchase decision. If they are not quite sure whether your shop is trustworthy, they will trust you more after seeing reviews.

How can I add customer reviews to my Shopify page?

You can add customer reviews from Trustmary to Shopify by doing the following 5 steps:

  1. Find the widget you want to showcase in the Trustmary app.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Find the right spot on your Shopify page and add a section.
  4. Embed the code to the custom liquid field.
  5. Finally, check if the widget works.

See more detailed instructions above.

How can I get reviews from customers?

With the Trustmary software, you can send automated feedback surveys to your customers. Once they have given you feedback, the survey will ask if they would like to make the comment public. When they decide to give public feedback, the comment can be showcased on your site.