10 Best Review Softwares You Should Consider

In a world of the internet and e-commerce, it’s all about the customer. Modern consumers demand more attention than ever before, and only the businesses that are ready to embrace a customer-centric approach have a chance to remain competitive and relevant. A recent study showed that such businesses are 60% more profitable and successful than […]

How to Get More Reviews on Google With 9 Actionable Tips

Google reviews are playing an ever more important role in telling the world that you’re a trustworthy business who provides a top quality product or service. In many cases your Google reviews are going to be the first impression many customers have about you as they’re presented with a clear five star rating to instantly […]

3 Reasons You Should Never Buy Google Reviews

Recent statistics showed that Google processes about 81%-91% of all internet searches globally. This staggering figure alone is enough reason to want to get as many positive reviews as possible for your business onto the platform. Google reviews are becoming more important for business success, especially for local businesses, as that all-important star rating is […]

How to respond to positive reviews?

It’s easy for us to take the good things in life for granted. We tend to spend most of our energy focusing on problems that need fixing or desperately trying to work through that days’ to-do list, wishing that there were just more hours in the day to get everything done. If something is going […]

4 Negative Review Response Examples

Whether you’re brand new to operating your business online or a multi-year veteran of your industry, it’s never a pleasant experience to receive a negative review from a customer. One of the most common responses to criticism of any kind is to become defensive, to want to push back and explain that you (in your […]

Reviews and customer feedback in sales and marketing – why and how?

Let me tell you a secret. There is no need for this blog post because you already know everything that I’m about to tell you.  You know that when you buy a new product or service, you are interested in what other people have to say about it. You want to know if the service […]