How to Add Testimonials to Website in WordPress?

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Last edited: September 27th, 2023
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Adding social proof in the form of testimonials to your WordPress site is about to become easier than you ever imagined. When you use Trustmary to do it you’ll:

  • Import existing testimonials and reviews from other review sites (Google, Capterra, G2, Yelp,…)
  • Implement with a piece of code
  • Publish new testimonials with a click of a button

Let’s start!

How to Add Testimonials to a Website in WordPress?

Want to get testimonials and reviews on your WordPress site? Well here is how you can do that with Trustmary.

At Trustmary we help our clients gather testimonials and use them effectively on their website.

Step 1: Create account to Trustmary

First, let’s get started by creating a free account in Trustmary. You can try Trustmary for 14 days for free!

Step 2: Gather Testimonials or Import Existing Ones to Trustmary

Now you have two options:

  1. you can gather new testimonials with Trustmary or
  2. import existing ones and use them.

Let’s focus here on importing testimonials, but if you would like to first gather testimonials, either text or video, you can start by creating a survey and then collecting testimonials from your customers.

To import testimonials to Trustmary navigate to reviews from the left side navigation:

Now on the top of the page on the right, you can see “+ Create new” button which allows you to import testimonials to Trustmary manually. After clicking the button it opens a modal that can be seen below:

testimonial wordpress plugin

So you can add either text or video here and other important information about the customer that has left the testimonial for you and click “+ Create new” after that to create a new testimonial.

On the same page under the settings tab, you can also find options for importing Facebook and Google reviews to Trustmary, if you would like to use them on your website. In the future, you can also import reviews and testimonials to Trustmary from other channels.

After you have imported testimonials desired to Trustmary click “publish” so that they are available for you to use on your website. This is to make sure that if you import testimonials from other channels they don’t get published to your website automatically.

Step 3: Create Testimonial Widget

We have a library of tested and tried widgets that can be modified to fit your brand.

They include:

  • Inpage carousel
  • Video testimonial widget
  • Inpage chatbot
  • Review carousel with stars
  • Full screen popup with testimonial
customizable testimonial widget for wordpress

Navigate to widgets from the left menu and click “+New embed code”. After that choose Customer reviews, All surveys and name the embed, and click “+ Create an embedding”. You can also choose a template here if you like but you can customize the template later.

After this you should end up on a page like this:

Under the “edit” tab you have all the options for editing the embed and choosing which testimonials to use on the embed and to embed the testimonials to your website you need to copy the embed code seen above and add it to your website.

Step 4: Adding Testimonial Embed to Website

The last step is to add the embed code to the website. The way this should be done depends on the theme you are using, but we have built guides for these separately in our help center.

If you’re still unsure if Trustmary is the best option for your business, check out this Google review widget plugin comparison which features 5 different options.

Here are some further instructions for adding the code to the WordPress default editor.

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