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Last edited: January 31st, 2024
office recycling tells about using trustmary

Better Understanding of Customers and Money Saved

Understanding one’s own customers is crucial for all businesses. Office Recycling has used Trustmary to gather insights on what their customers think about them. As a result, they get customer testimonials regularly and automatically with next to no effort from their side.

Office Recycling is a Stockholm based company that focuses on being the most environmentally friendly recycling company in the world. Their customer base varies, but their main focus is on offices. Joacim Eriksson is the Head of Customer and Logistics at Office Recycling and has liked using Trustmary thanks to its ease of use and the insights it offers.

–  Customer testimonials are of great significance to us, because they tell me what our customer really think about us as a company, Eriksson praises.

– Without them, I’d be blind as a bat, he continues.

Easy to implement – and use

In addition to offering great insights, Eriksson is happy that Trustmary was easy to set up in the first place.

– I would really emphasize that Trustmary’s support has a real human touch to it. We have a relationship with them, Erikkson says.

– Another great aspect I’d like to highlight is the ease of use. It didn’t take me long to understand it. When I introduces it to my colleagues, they were able to master the tool within half an hour. The learning curve is that fast, he states.

Invaluable insights with less money and effort

As gathering customer testimonials is crucial for Office Recycling’s business, making the process of collecting them automatic is a huge time saver. Eriksson states that the concrete benefits of using Trustmary include saving money and having to do less manually.

– At the end of the day, we do not have to spend so much money and effort on collecting testimonials which is something that we need to get done, Eriksson concludes.

Trustmary team
Trustmary team


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