Save time with review marketing email automation

Automate Review and Feedback Collection

  • Create custom automation easily
  • Collect reviews and feedback automatically
  • Save time while getting more feedback

Get reviews and feedback automatically

Why collect feedback and reviews manually when you can automate the process and get more responses than ever before?

Here’s how you can create your own custom automation with Trustmary.

NPS survey

Create a form and message

Whether you want to collect reviews or measure customer satisfaction, there’s a suitable survey form in our library. We also provide a set of template messages you can use directly or modify to your needs.

Choose automation triggers

Ensure you are sending surveys and review requests at the right time by using triggers.

  • When contact is added to a list
  • When contact responds to a specific survey
  • Send surveys at specific intervals, such as monthly or yearly

Pick automation actions

Customize the automation flows and choose the actions that suit your use case the best.

  • Send message (email or SMS, sms only in EU/EEA)
  • Wait for a specific time period
  • Wait until conditions are met
  • Send reminder after
  • Add contact to list

Integrate with other tools

Make automation even more effective by integrating Trustmary with other tools.

  • CRM systems
  • Email marketing software
  • Communication software
  • Websites
  • More

That’s it! Creating survey automations has never been easier.

Anyone can do it in a matter of minutes.

Get automatic feedback surveys

Don’t take our word for it

What kind of automations can you create?

Here are just a few examples of automation flows you can create with Trustmary.

Regular feedback surveys

Ask for feedback at regular intervals from your customers, such as weekly, quarterly, or yearly.

Trigger-based surveys

Send surveys when certain conditions are met. Integrate with other systems to unlock more triggers.

lightbulb icon

Share responses

Share new customer feedback responses to your team via Slack or Teams.

star icon

Reviews to website

Publish reviews automatically on your website when you collect them with review forms.

Lead generation

Trigger actions in other systems when you get new responses to lead generation forms.

Start automating your review and feedback collection today!

The first step is to create a free feedback survey in just a few clicks.

Or book a meeting with us to learn more from a real person.

Trustmary Display

Import your existing reviews and display them on your website.


Essentials to make reviews matter




up to 200 monthly views

Access to:

200 monthly views

1 review platform

One-off review import

All widget types


For smaller teams, more views and platforms




up to 5,000 monthly views

Everything in Solo, and:

5,000 monthly views

Up to 3 review platforms

Automatic daily review import

Unlimited users


The best Display plan for growing companies




up to 25,000 monthly views

Everything in Starter, and:

25,000 monthly views

Up to 10 review platforms

A/B testing

Remove Trustmary branding


For experts, loads of widget views, all the features




up to 100,000 monthly views

Everything in Business, and:

100,000 monthly views

Up to 25 review platforms

Priority support

Full access to all Display features


Trustmary has a native integration with HubSpot and Pipedrive. Trustmary is also a Zapier app, which means you can integrate it with thousands of other systems. We also offer integration straight through API or webhooks.

When you craft automations that send review and feedback requests at the right time, you’ll get more responses. It will also obviously save you time and effort.

Yes, you can fully customize all the emails you send via automations.

You can use our email, or connect your own email to Trustmary for sending messages.


Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.