Save time with review marketing email automation

Automate your Testimonial and Feedback Processes

  • Implement email automation
  • Create an automatic feedback loop
  • Collect reviews and testimonials
  • Grow your business

Simple Email Automation

With Trustmary you have everything you need to automate collection of reviews, testimonials, and feedback, including automatic reminders and different conditional flows based on the answers got from customers.

Automation triggers

You can trigger our automation based on contacts added to a list or based on survey answers. You can also build recurring triggers for contacts so that you can automate your quarterly (or other frequency) surveys.

  • Add contact to list
  • New survey answers
  • Recurring triggers

Automation actions

There are multiple actions for your automations so that you can customize the flows to your needs.

  • end message (email or SMS, sms only in EU/ETA)
  • Wait for a specific time period
  • Wait until conditions are met
  • Send reminder after
  • Add contact to list

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Trustmary Reviews

Start Automating Your Testimonial, Review and Feedback Gathering Processes today!

Here’s what customers say about Trustmary

Frequently Asked Questions

We have native integration with HubSpot and Pipedrive and Zapier integration available which allows you to integrate to the most popular systems. It is the most used way to integrate to Trustmary automations. We also offer integration straight through API or webhooks.

Yes, you can fully customize all the emails you send via automations.

You can use our email, or connect your own email to Trustmary for sending messages.