13 Social Proof Software Solutions to Increase Conversion Rates

One of the best ways to boost your conversion rates is to communicate trust to your website visitors. Enabling visitors to see your customer experience is most efficient when it comes to building trust. This type of practice is conveniently called social proof. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it manually. You can streamline the entire process […]

7 Real Examples You Can Copy of Using Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in Advertising

Advertising isn’t easy. It is really hard to persuade someone to buy your product in an era where an average person sees between 4K to 10K+ ads per day. It has created a lot of problems with advertisers and marketers as consumers have started using ad blockers to stop seeing annoying and irrelevant ads. As […]

6 Examples of Using Social Proof in Advertising

Social proof is a term that’s gained a lot of popularity in recent years and is most often associated with online marketing. However, as a psychological idea it goes back much farther than this, and is a concept as old as human society itself. At its core, social proof is all about trust. As human […]

Fear of missing out research for marketers and how you can make use of it

What on earth is “FOMO?” You’ve probably heard about this term if you’re a copywriter or marketer. FOMO means “fear of missing out,” and it’s a powerful tool used in the world of digital marketing. It’s something you must know, and utilize, to skyrocket your conversion rate. This article will cover everything you need to […]

Psychology behind fear of missing out

Describing the psychological foundation of FOMO and how it relates to marketing. What exactly does FOMO mean? At some point in our lives, we worry about not being able to catch up with others and sometimes we even want to be in two different places at the same time While you are at Beth’s Dinner […]

Why You Should Leverage Social Proof in Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social ad networks. Facebook earned $17,440 million in revenue from advertising in the first quarter of 2020. With over 1.69 billion worldwide users, Facebook provides advertisers with several ad types to reach their target audience conveniently. One of the best ways to engage with your audience via Facebook […]

How to Use Social Proof in Marketing

Social proof is one of the most used psychological phenomena in marketing. It explains why people copy others and follow the actions and behavior of others. It is used to influence the buying decisions of your target audience. Research shows that 97% of consumers say that online reviews influence their purchase decisions. There isn’t any […]

4 Social Proof Examples to Inspire You

People tend to follow others especially when they don’t know what’s the right behavior for a specific situation. For instance, when you are in a bank and you see people standing in a queue, you will stand in the queue because that’s the right behavior to follow in that situation. You then visit a different […]

What is Social Proof and How to Use It

Marketers are always looking for ways to improve conversion rate, generate leads, and increase sales. It isn’t easy to persuade someone to buy your product or service. Buyers are getting smarter, and they have a lot of options to choose from. Marketers need to come up with innovative approaches to persuading ideal customers to buy […]