Gather Video Testimonials that Improve Website Conversion Rate with Trustmary

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Last edited: March 14th, 2023

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Video Testimonials Turn Your Page to Gold

Video testimonials filmed by real customers really make a difference on your website. 

Based on our data, you should use video testimonials on your product or service pages to maximize conversion rate.

Our previous clients have noticed that seeing a video testimonial significantly increases the customer’s possibility of making a purchase, and one client even experienced a 32% increase in sales thanks to a single video testimonial!

Try it out, I promise you will be surprised by the effect video testimonials have on your site!

Here is how you do it with Trustmary.

Step 1: Create Video Testimonial Form

Go to the Trustmary dashboard and navigate to Forms. 

Create a new survey with a Video review template.

create video testimonial form

You can customize the form as much as you would like, but it’s best to keep it simple and concise!

Step 2: Customize The “Ask” and Add Incentive

The most challenging part of gathering video testimonials is to convince people to film them.

You need to find the right way to ask, and sometimes offer a suitable incentive.

Step 3: Share The Form 

Share your video testimonial form to your customers with an email link, QR code, or embed on the website.

Navigate to Collect responses and choose which way you want to share the request.

distribution channels for video testimonial forms

If you decide to send the request via email, you can use ready made templates or write your own message.

Step 4: Start Using Video Testimonials on Your Site with Widgets!

Once you get your first video testimonial responses, it’s time to choose the best widget to display them on your website.

Some ideas:

  • Display video testimonial pop ups
  • Attach to a lead generation form
  • Use inpage testimonial carousel, list, or other dynamic widget

Find out how to create widgets here.

video testimonials that convert

Additional Tips

Have you thought about adding Google reviews to your website? With our Google review widget, you can add all your reviews on your website within minutes.

They are sure to boost your conversion rates.

Learn more actionable tips on video testimonials in our blogs:

If you face any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to contact our IT-support team. You can always find the Help Chat on the Trustmary dashboard.

Good luck for the video testimonial collection! 🚀

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