5 Video Testimonial Questions to Ask from Clients

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Last edited: June 26th, 2024

Are you struggling with finding the right video testimonial questions to ask your customers?

Fear not, here are some video testimonial questions you can use as inspiration.

See also the template for remote video testimonials below!

Video Testimonial Definition

Video testimonials combine social proof and video – two of today’s top marketing concepts.

Social proof is the psychological phenomenon that makes people act like their peers: if one sees that other customers are enjoying your brand, they want in as well!

Video’s popularity can be noticed from the amount of time people spend on watching videos: Every day, people watch over 1 billion hours of video on Youtube, and every minute people watch altogether 167 million hours of video on TikTok!

And it is not just for entertainment – even business representatives use video content in their daily work, like the stats below show.

video testimonial statistics

In a video testimonial, your happy existing customer (or even an employee) talks authentically about their experience with your brand and generates positive word of mouth (=social proof!)

This builds trust between your brand and your prospective customers.

It helps you convert leads and get potential new customers.

One of our clients reached a whopping 32% increase in sales by showcasing a video testimonial on the checkout page!

5 Video Testimonial Questions You Must Ask

Depending on what kind of video testimonial you are looking for, the question can vary quite a lot.

For example, consumer testimonial videos differ from business client’s testimonial videos.

Business customer testimonials are more informative and in-depth – after all, business cooperation always aims for some kind of profit for all parties involved, and detailed references are very important for potential customers.

Also, sometimes you might want to get your existing customer’s opinion on the product or service, and sometimes on customer service specifically, in which case you need the right video testimonial questions for that.

We have many years of experience in testimonial videos, and now we are sharing our collected insights. 

Let’s see what testimonial interview questions we always aim to ask from the subjects of the customer video testimonials.

When you follow these tips, you can get a testimonial that works as a convincing sales pitch for other prospective customers.

video testimonial questions to ask

1. Background Information

The first question should reveal something about the client who is giving the testimonial video. This offers the viewer an opportunity to relate to the current customers.

Make sure that the question is not too broad, though. Especially if you are filming a remote video testimonial, you don’t want the customer to speak too long.

Choose the most relevant question(s) from these examples:

  • Introduce yourself: who are you and what do you do for a living? (Name, company, title)
  • Briefly introduce the company you are working for.
  • In a nutshell: who do you serve and what do you produce?

If you use our remote video testimonial software, the basic information (name, location, title) can be listed in a written form next to the actual video.

2. Pain Points

The idea of a video testimonial is to find out what problems your customers were experiencing and how your product or service helped overcome those problems.

Naturally, you need to let the viewers know what the problems were! Your potential customers might have a similar obstacle in their life and learn that you can help them.

You can also include questions about why they chose your services specifically.

Example questions:

  • What was the need that caused the cooperation with us to start?
  • Why did you decide to choose us as a partner?
  • What prompted you to make the buying decision?

3. Co-operation

It is also important to highlight the customer experience and smoothness of the process.

You can even include some places for constructive feedback, as that makes the testimonials even more authentic.

  • How has the customer service taken care of you?
  • Describe the expertise and the quality of our service.
  • Which aspects of the cooperation would you like to see improved?

4. Results

The most important part is of course to showcase the great results and customer satisfaction.

  • How has your day-to-day life changed after starting the cooperation with us?
  • What kind of concrete value has the co-operation generated to you?
  • Could you tell me about the benefits in numbers? (In terms of time/money saved/…)
  • What would be missing from you, if you didn’t have us as your partner? Which things would be harder to execute without us?
video testimonial questions example

5. Recommendations

Finally, you can get even more pull-effect for your brand when the happy customer recommends your services to a specific target audience.

Try this: Whom would you recommend to collaborate with us and why?

Collect Customer Testimonials Remotely 

If you have time and money to hire a professional video production team, or send an in-house team to the client to film a video testimonial, go for it!

However, we recommend you take a look into our remote video testimonial software. It allows you to request testimonials from your clients via email, SMS or website link. 

The customers can record their selfie testimonial video immediately with their computer or phone camera, or download a video file.

It’s super simple and affordable. You can save time and collect more customer video testimonials.

Here are 7 survey subject lines you can get inspired by to gather remote video testimonials!

remote video testimonial

Video Testimonial Form Template that WORKS 

With our software you can customize the video testimonial questions and feedback forms as much as you would like.

Here’s one simple and effective video testimonial form template. 

video testimonial form template example

You could choose to let the customer film multiple videos where they only answer just one question at a time. This might work if you are looking for very specific answers.

However, we believe that customers would feel overwhelmed if they had to record multiple videos. For that reason, it is better to present all questions at the same time to set expectations for the video testimonial.

We have created a template where the questions are first listed in a separate page, so that the client knows what comes next and can fully focus on the recording.

Here you can test out the template yourself!

Conclusion on Questions for Customer Testimonial Videos

Regardless of what kind of testimonial video you are looking for (professional, DIY or remote), there are some customer testimonial questions to ask in any case:

  1. A background question that introduces the client
  2. A question that digs into the problem and pain points that the customer had before
  3. A question that describes the collaboration and customer experience
  4. A question that lets the client tell about how your product or service helped them overcome their challenges
  5. A question that prompts the client to recommend your product or service to others

You can mix and match different questions, but keep in mind the type of content you are looking for. 

Especially if your clients create the video themselves with the help of a video testimonial software, you should aim to ask short and sweet questions.

This way you don’t get overly complicated answers and you don’t have to necessarily edit the videos – time and money saved!

Check out this video testimonial that one of our clients submitted via our remote selfie video testimonial software:

Next Steps

Now that you know the power of video testimonials: what are you waiting for?

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On top of video testimonials, you can collect written testimonials and reviews, conduct customer feedback surveys, and display testimonials on your website and social media with elegant and fully customizable testimonial widgets.

Start collecting powerful video testimonials that build credibility for your company and get you new clients and more sales!

Further Reading


What video testimonial questions should I ask?

It depends on many factors, such as who your customers are, what your product or service is, and what kind of video content you want to produce. However, you should always ask these 5 things:

  1. Background information/introduction of the client
  2. What problems or issues the client had before
  3. What your collaboration has been like
  4. What results the client has reached with your help
  5. Whom the client would recommend your services

Should testimonial video questions be short?

Yes. Short questions are easier to answer, and the client does not forget the question in the middle of answering it.

How many testimonial video questions should I ask the client?

Keep it short. Five broad-ish questions are enough. If you are personally interviewing the client, you can chop the questions into smaller pieces to get the desired answers.

How to make better video testimonials?

If you want to make professional video testimonials, you should hire a professional production team. However, selfie video testimonials done with a software are a cheap way to collect more authentic testimonial videos.

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