7 Survey Subject Line Examples You Can Copy

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Last edited: June 14th, 2024

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7 Survey Subject Line Examples You Can Copy

Survey title. Coming up with a good one is harder than you might think. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of seven great ones you can use.

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First of All: Define Your Survey Goals

Before you can start to design the perfect survey subject line, you need to know:

  • What you’re measuring
  • What’s your target audience like
  • Timing of the survey

Depending on these common variables, you’ll need to modify the email survey subject line to fit the need.

Most importantly, you’ll need to first make up your mind on the type of survey you’ll be conducting. Some examples include:

  1. Net Promoter Score surveys
  2. Post-purchase feedback
  3. Post meeting feedback
  4. Post delivery feedback
  5. Event or conference feedback
  6. Product feedback
  7. Customer satisfaction surveys
  8. Customer experience surveys
  9. Customer support surveys

And the list goes on. What they all have in common is that you can boost email open rates by choosing an accurately fitting subject line for each of them – separately.

This is not a “one size fits all” situation!

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7 Survey Subject Line Examples You Can Copy

People like answering questions, but they’re not too keen on answering surveys when they get them via email. That’s why you’ll need to take extra precautions to make your subject lines as snappy, attractive, and alluring as possible.

First impressions matter a whole lot, especially if you’re going to ask someone to fill out your survey – so that’s why the headline is as important as the content within, if not more.

To make this that much more straightforward, we’ve decided to deep-dive into the concept of survey subject lines and give you seven fantastic examples that you can use when you’re making your own, or just copy these if that’s your ticket.

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1. Question Form Subject Lines

As we’ve said, people like answering questions. Different people will like answering different types and amounts of questions, and the occasional person will avoid answering as much as possible.

Still, every good discussion is based on listening and responding.

Conversation skills make up the bulk of your email subject lines and should be the driving force behind your survey pitch.

Question-based subject lines immediately pose a question to the person reading them, which hopefully reels them in to check out what the body of content is all about.

Some good things to keep in mind if you want to make engaging survey email subject lines are keeping them as brief, crisp, and straightforward as possible. Remember, goes for the part where you want to get the viewer interested in your content, not the content itself.

Instead of asking:

“Would you like to take a survey that will let us know what you think of our brand and the product you’ve recently bought?”

It would be best if you went for something a bit more personal and dynamic, such as:

“What do you think about our products?”

It’s snappy, it’s modern, and it’s everything that you need to reel that customer in.

2. Fully Personalized Subject Lines

Personalization matters quite a lot in any industry.

Approaching your customer personally will give them a sense of importance and a sense of place, both of which will increase your chances of getting them to answer your survey. Personalizing your subject lines leads to a 41% increase in survey responses, which is an astonishing number.

Some good ways you can personalize your subject lines is to use names, titles, and jobs. Using your recipient’s name will make them feel like you’re addressing them, as will using their title or job description.

Instead of asking:

“Hello fellow consumer, please answer our survey.”

What you should say is:

“Hello, Jonathan, could you answer our brief survey?”

It makes for a fantastic approach, and it’ll undoubtedly augment response rates.

This is a great example for the B2B field, where you most likely know your customers and have a modern CRM system with all their information in one place.

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3. Humorous Subject Lines

Everyone likes to have a little giggle from time to time, so bringing the fun factor to your survey subject lines might be the best thing you can do. It’ll make your email look and sound innately human, making it more appealing to consumers.

It will also be a great chance to establish some brand values, which can be comfortably patched and dressed up in a witty, humorous, and outright funny subject line.

For example, you should avoid asking:

“Dearest consumer, would you be so kind as to fill out this survey?”

Go for the young approach, and ask something along the lines of:

“Hey, you. Are you tired of boring surveys? Well, then you’ll love the one in this email.”

Companies such as Dollar Shave Club and Sephora have been using the funny subject line for a long time, and it has worked wonders for their email marketing. It might sound a bit tacky, but emojis work great for this as well! 😎

Here’s a real-life example I sent out to my co-workers. the response rate was 100%. So, I brought a test batch of carrot cupcakes to the office and wanted to hear their opinion.

The survey title was: Help me improve the cupcake recipe!

It was a hit! Because they all answered, I was able to improve the recipe for my daughter’s 1st birthday party.

They even left me video reviews, which was great.

survey title to get video testimonials

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4. Minimalistic One-Word Subject Lines

Minimalism is one of the hottest things in the world right now.

Email marketing aside, minimalism has found its way into fashion, architecture, and anywhere and everywhere you look. Even technology is taking a piece out of the minimalist book, and things are getting as subtle and as small as possible.

In the marketing world, minimalism can help you craft the best email subject lines on the planet.

Instead of forming overly long sentences such as:

“Hello, valued customer. We’d like to invite you to answer our survey formally.”

Form short, snappy, sexy ones, such as:

“BRAND_NAME has a survey for you.” or

“Dear Peter”

That will ensure that you’re not boring people and that your surveys yield response rate results.

Also, isn’t that intriguing? You are dying to know what the message is all about!

5. Lists and Numbered Subject Lines

Making numbered subject lines will give your subject line a sense of professionalism. While this isn’t the best idea for all applications, it does work wonders if people are looking forward to answering your questionnaires.

An excellent way to approach numbered lines will ultimately depend on what you’re trying to convey, so it’s pretty case-specific.

A generalized broad example would be writing:

“Get 40% off of our product range by doing this survey.”

Although it’s an excellent way to use numbers in your subject line, the key is not to get carried away and write something vague, boring, and long, such as:

🙅 If you do this survey, we will be more than happy to give you a 40% discount on all our products.” 🙅

Try something shorter, such as:

Hey you, want 40% off your next purchase?

Now, it’s the recipient’s responsibility to open the message and find out more.

improve ecommerce conversion rate

6. Notification Survey Title

An excellent way to make someone take part in your survey, or anything you throw their way, is to let them know that you have one in store for them.

It’s practically that simple. All you need to do is include subject lines that notify people that you have a survey for them – simple, quick, and snappy.

So, instead of being vague and writing:

“We have something for you that you might enjoy.”

Try to present your notification content as directly as possible by writing something along the lines of:

“Tell us about your purchase on our website.”

7. Urgent and Shocking Subject Lines

Shock sells, and it has been trading for as long as the media has existed. People are always looking for something that will instill a sense of urgency and shock them into consuming whatever you throw their way.

You can play on this by adding a little controversy, a little pizazz, and a little urgency to your email survey subject lines.

A prime example of this would be writing:

“You don’t want to miss out on this…”

or even:

“We need to talk about something…”

These are snappy, instill a sense of urgency, and will ultimately make your correspondent open your email.

Other Snappy Survey Title Examples

Don’t overflow email survey subject lines with unnecessary words. Try to be precise, add a touch of humor and personalize for the best effect.

Creating personalized survey email subject lines will increase your chances or engaging your target audience and avoid those spam filters.

Here are some more ideas you can further improve for your own use.

  • Help us measure customer satisfaction!
  • Describe your customer experience – and get -10% off!
  • Your opinion matters to us, Jane
  • Has your recent purchase met expectations?
  • Take our survey and win a prize!
  • Cast your vote, Mark!
  • Annie, share your honest thoughts on Product!
  • How likely are you to recommend OurCompany to a friend?
  • We’d love to hear how the [product bought recently] fits!
  • Submit a video review of [product] to get a mystery gift!
  • How did we manage to help you out?
  • Got a second?
  • Can you lend your brain for a minute?
  • You’re important to us, Jack. Tell us what you think of OurCompany

Final Thoughts on Crafting the Best Survey Title

You might be confused about this information. “But first you said not to be vague, and then you said to be mysterious?? You said it should be funny, but then it should have shock value???”

The truth is, you never know what works for your audience until you test it out. The correct style also depends on your brand’s voice and image, and who your target audience is.

If you think your audience doesn’t roll with jokes, don’t make them. If your clients would despise a “click-bait” type of email subject line, don’t use those.

Making a survey subject line is simple – masterfully crafting a subject line that will directly translate into engagement isn’t.

With the information and tips provided above, we’re pretty sure that you’ll have an easy time making a subject line that stands out and that serves you well.

If you can’t find the time to create your very own company-specific or survey-specific subject lines, feel free to use any of ours provided above, including the offer for 10 tailor-made subject lines!

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Further Reading


What is the best survey title?

The best subject line is personalized and speaks directly to the recipient. At the same time, it tells the recipient what the purpose of the email is and what’s in it for them.

Oh, and remember to do this with the least amount of words possible 🤣 Test what works for your target audience!

What should my email survey title include?

Your survey title should be informative yet as short as possible. Try to include one of the following:

  • a clear call to action “Answer our survey to earn more loyalty points!”
  • question “Could you help us out?”
  • benefit for the answerer “Get -20% off from your next purchase!”
  • aim for an emotional response “We are in dire need of your help!”

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