Case example: 32% increase in sales by using video testimonial on check-out page

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Last edited: March 21st, 2024

Often we are asked how much of a difference do video testimonials make? Well here is a case study on the effect of video testimonial for Kö

The test was done on the check-out page of Kö

The test was done using Google Optimize A/B-testing, in which Kö defined two different versions of the check-out page. One with the video and one without the video.

The results of the A/B-test

Original version (without video) of the check-out page got 1 192 sessions and 31 conversions (conversion rate at 2,6%).

Version with the video we made got 1 052 sessions and 38 conversions (conversion rate at 3,44%).

“Out of the test we saw an increase in sales with 32% (based on the increase in conversion rate) which we are really pleased with”, says Joel Bergqvist from Kö

To make further conclusions about the test we would need some more data from the check-out page, but it is already quite safe to say the video has been very effective on check-out. According to the Google Optimize estimations the page with the video has 91% probability to perform better than the original one. The improvement can be in the range of -14% to 125%.

“The test we did gave really good results so we are very pleased with the video and the results”, Joel Bergqvist sums up.

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