Elega: 14% More Leads with Longer Reviews

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Last edited: April 29th, 2024

Are you still unsure about how Trustmary could help your business?

Our clients have gained significant benefits from using reviews on their websites, which can be seen from the results of our A/B tests.

Trustmary helps you to

  • gather reviews,
  • showcase them on your website,
  • find out the best way to use reviews, and
  • test which reviews lead to the best results.

The testing feature has so far been part of our BETA program, which clients could sign up for voluntarily.

In the program, we use A/B testing to determine which Trustmary’s widgets get the best results on your website.

Kitchen remodeling company Elega decided to test out which reviews generate the best results on the website: shorter or longer ones.

They found that visitors who saw longer reviews were more likely to convert to leads than visitors who saw shorter reviews.

A/B Testing Basics

A/B testing is a method for comparing two versions of one web page and seeing which one results in more conversions, like sales or leads.

The website traffic is divided evenly between the two versions. Next, the amount of conversion on each site is tracked. This way we can decide if one page works better than the other.

Conversions can be e.g.

  • making a purchase,
  • registering for a product,
  • subscribing to a newsletter, or
  • requesting pricing information.

Conversions are most often measured by clicks or form submissions.

Finally, we get a conversion rate that tells how large of a percentage of the visitors completed the desired conversion event.

A/B testing principle

For Elega, the measured conversion event was form submission. In the form, the visitor expressed an interest in a kitchen renovation.

Result: Longer reviews generate 14% more leads

Elega wanted to learn whether the length of customer reviews affects lead generation efficiency.

Their website included three lead generation forms: one for participating in a lottery, one for booking a consultation meeting, and one for requesting a quote. 

The test measured which website variation led to more form submissions. The two website versions had different testimonial carousel widgets.

One carousel highlighted shorter reviews, and the other displayed longer reviews.

summary of elega case study

Out of visitors who saw shorter reviews, 2.8% submitted one of the forms.

In the case of visitors who saw longer reviews, the conversion rate was 3.2%.

In conclusion, longer reviews helped generate 14% more leads than shorter reviews.

Simply by showcasing longer reviews, Elega could get for example

  • 4 more potential clients from 1000 website visitors.
  • 8 more clients from 2000 visitors.
  • 40 more clients from 10.000 visitors.

Trustmary can help you get longer reviews for your business. Learn how to get them by collecting reviews automatically through your CRM.

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With A/B testing, Elega learned that longer reviews generate more potential customers than shorter reviews.

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