How to Use Testimonials to Improve Website Conversion Rates for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a critical bottleneck in growth for many companies, due to which optimizing websites for lead generation is very important. Testimonials are one factor that can increase conversion rates on a website significantly. Testimonials mainly increase the conversion rate by improving trust between the potential customer and the seller. But there can also […]

Testimonials WordPress Plugins – Top 8 Options to Consider for Better Business

Testimonials are the social proof of a business’ performance where a prospect’s decision is impacted by the actions and views of others. Social proof is an essential part of marketing. It can help you generate trust across your customers. You can easily convert visitors into customers by displaying testimonials on your site using an effective […]

4 Best Examples of Testimonials in Advertising

Your existing satisfied customers and customer testimonials are the biggest sources of motivation for potential customers. When your past customers share their online reviews of how your product or business has helped them, it inspires new potential customers, boosts brand credibility, and increases traffic to your sales pages. Few growth tools are as effective as […]

How to Get Testimonials for Your Business

Getting customer testimonials for your business is essential. They help you generate leads and sales. According to BrightLocal, an average consumer reads as much as 10 reviews before trusting business and an average consumer spends 13 minutes and 45 seconds reading reviews before finalizing a product. That’s how important reviews and testimonials are for your […]

Does anyone really want to publicly recommend my company?

It’s not uncommon for companies to question whether anyone would be willing to publicly recommend them, even though they know they have high-quality product or service which creates real value to the customer. It’s a common practice in the B2B business field to ask for and to give testimonials. For some reason, B2C businesses think […]

3 Best Examples of Testimonial Request Letters That You Can Copy

Customer testimonials are essential as they play a significant role in driving sales. Getting your happy customer to share their written or video testimonial is something that’s mostly not taken seriously enough even though they’re essential for future business. How to send testimonial request letters or emails to customers is one big challenge that businesses of […]

Employee Testimonial Best Practices

Attracting and retaining the best talent in your organization is challenging. It’s not easy to find talent in today’s economy when employees have a lot of options available to choose from. When as much as 61% of Americans prefer freelancing and more than 56 million Americans are actively freelancing, you got to have something special […]

6 Examples of Great Testimonial Pages That Generate Sales

Great testimonials, reviews, and customer stories are your business’s best assets that you can use to generate leads and sales. One great review can bring in several new customers because 88% of consumers reported that they trust online reviews and testimonials and consider them before making an online purchase on a website. In another survey, 92% of consumers reported […]

15 Important Questions to Ask For a Testimonial

Customer testimonials are essential for your business. They’re a great marketing resource that will hardly disappoint you. A survey by BrightLocal found that 88% of consumers trust online testimonials and consider them as much as personal recommendations that they can’t refuse. A great customer review can bring in hundreds of new customers. In order to get compelling testimonials […]

5 Testimonial Page Design Best Practices

Have you ever seen a testimonial page on a website that restricted you from buying? It happens. When the testimonial page design isn’t up to par, it will add to the bounce rate instead of converting visitors into customers. A poor testimonial page design can backfire. The fact is: 95% of consumers read (and trust […]