6 Examples of Great Testimonial Pages That Generate Sales

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Last edited: June 20th, 2024

This article shows you 6 different testimonial pages that you can use as inspiration when planning your own customer testimonials page. We also look at the pros and cons of each design choice.

If you want a shortcut to creating your page, add existing reviews to your website for free in just a minute.

Otherwise, let’s read further!

6 Examples of Great Testimonial Pages That Generate Sales

Great testimonials, reviews, and customer stories are your business’s best assets that you can use to generate leads and sales.

One great review can bring in several new customers because 88% of consumers reported that they trust online reviews and testimonials and consider them before making an online purchase on a website. In another survey, 92% of consumers reported that they read reviews specifically when planning to buy a product.

Your ideal customers’ buying decisions are influenced by testimonials and reviews and that’s why a testimonial page on your website is one of the best ways to generate sales.

No testimonials yet? We can help you create an automatic and authentic testimonials generator.

Why display customer testimonial pages?

It will make it easier for your target audience to access and read reviews from existing customers without having to search for them. You can show them what they’re interested in with great video testimonial and testimonial pages.

If you don’t have customer testimonial pages yet or you’re looking for ideas on how to create a perfect testimonial page to generate sales (and leads), I’ll share 6 excellent examples of how to display customer testimonials from happy customers.

Let’s roll…

1. Bizzabo customer testimonials

Bizzabo is an event software that has a good review example page. Their page is well-designed and has an awesome feel. The best thing about their review example page is that they have featured different types of reviews and testimonials such as text testimonials, case studies, and customer logos.

A review page like this can provide potential customers with answers to their queries that they may have related to your product. Adding different formats of reviews ensures that ideal customers can access their favorite type of review (e.g. video testimonials, tweets, etc.). The idea is to provide everyone with something on the review page your site has.

With Trustmary, you can create for example a testimonial wall (below) on your own website. You can hand-pick which testimonials and reviews you’d like to show and to whom.

2. mHelpDesk video testimonials

mHelpDesk is a field service software that has a nice customer review page that features both video and written testimonials, in-depth customer testimonials, and case study testimonials displayed perfectly as related content.

They have added images of badges from any reviewing site that matters on their website’s testimonial page. What’s great about mHelpDesk’s page is that they have focused on video testimonials that are real reviews by their clients. People love interacting with video reviews as opposed to other forms of reviews.

The testimonial page, however, could be better designed and more modern. This is one area where mHelpDesk lacks. Redesigning the page would help them drive more sales for the software company.

Trustmary allows you to embed similar video testimonial elements, but anywhere on your website rather than just on that one page.

video testimonial example on page

3. FreeAgent testimonial page

FreeAgent is accounting software that has a dedicated review page. The customer testimonials are presented as articles that include an engaging title and a short lead paragraph with a call-to-action.

When one opens the case stories, there is a professionally produced video testimonial and a short written summary. The story is presented in a personal tone, highlighting the customer and making the reader identify with the customer.

Stories like this are effective and credible. Of course, it isn’t as easy as getting a simple review from a customer, and it also requires some effort from your side (or at least money to invest in making the videos). However, it definitely pays off as material for your testimonials page, potential blog post, or other content.

As a finishing touch, a CTA to the product page is added in the end.

Placing testimonials near CTAs is a great way to boost conversions by adding that needed social proof and trust.

See what we did there? With Trustmary, you can add your testimonials to where they matter the most: near important call to actions.

4. ZenDesk Great Testimonial Pages

Zendesk needs no introduction. It has one of the best pages out there that features customer success stories with Zendesk.

They use big and well-known brands and even highlight the fact at the beginning of the page: “The companies you know and love share their experience with Zendesk”. This is a great way to get visitors’ attention.

A noteworthy detail is also that they have added the customer’s industry in each introductory “card”. It helps the reader to identify relevant use cases for their own industry.

Since Zendesk is a large-scale tool that has been in business for years, it has a massive collection of case studies. It won’t most likely be possible for you to create such a gigantic page but you can learn a lot from Zendesk.

You need to convert customer reviews into interesting case studies that deliver value to the readers instead of a mere comment about the company.

If you read any of the stories on ZenDesk’s testimonial page, you’ll see that they have published long-form case studies that show you how to make ZenDesk work for your business. The stories include:

  • tangible numbers
  • screenshots of the actual use of Zendesk
  • products and solutions the customer uses
  • quotes from the customer

In addition to the long-form case studies, you should consider adding a lead generation form to your case study page. People that are already interested in what others think about you, are very close to becoming leads or even buying from you. Create a popup lead generation form and add it to your testimonial page for optimal results.

inpage lead generation form

Many Trustmary’s customers have implemented this strategy. You can see more customer examples here.

5. HootSuite Customer Testimonials

HootSuite has developed a gigantic collection of case studies that are all based on customer reviews and testimonials. They have designed their page much like Zendesk. All the reviews are converted into long-form case studies that show readers how they can succeed with HootSuite.

What I love about HootSuite’s page is that they don’t focus too much on the features of their tool rather they focus on benefits and results that their clients achieved. Readers can even filter stories based on the industry they are interested in.

This is a great way to design your testimonial page. You don’t have to focus on the features of your product; rather focus on how it will solve your audience’s problem.

HootSuite has converted all the testimonials into case studies that are all now part of their resource page. You don’t have to necessarily create a standalone testimonial page rather you can incorporate it into your blog so as to increase visibility.

A good example of how to attract other customers and potential buyers by showing how the company makes lives easier for their users.

Additionally, HootSuite makes a big number of customer stories – as you should! They feature a “Customer Stories” tab in their main menu. When a visitor clicks on it, they will immediately see some of the best success stories.

The stories are also described with what the customer uses HootSuite for. That helps readers compare the solutions with their own current situation or future plans.

6. HubSpot Customer Testimonial Approach

HubSpot has taken a different approach to its customer testimonials page. On the primary “Case Studies” page they highlight a few featured case stories, and below they elaborate on what kins of results customers get on average.

If one wants to see more case studies, they get to filter relevant testimonials in the Case Stories Directory. One can filter based on industry, company size, and HubSpot product.

This is a smart move for a company as large as HubSpot that offers multiple solutions for various business needs.

HubSpot makes the customer testimonials brand-led rather than personal. You can’t see a single customer’s face on the page. You’ll only see personal quotes after opening an individual story.

The case studies are very thorough and long read. Some are available in the text as well as videos and they specify if the customer switched from another service. This is a great way to drive sales and interact with potential customers. Those who are interested in video testimonials can watch a video while others can read the case study.

The testimonial page is well-designed and has a lot of graphics and vectors. When you use graphics and images, it gets easier for readers to skim content and get to the point quickly.

This is one of the best testimonial page examples out there designed to establish trust and provide relevant information for the customer’s industry while ensuring social proof for the brand.

However, this is not very attainable for smaller businesses, and maybe not even smart. It works for HubSpot as they offer very elaborate and pricy solutions for large companies in all imaginable industries.

You can create your own customizable widget inpage carousel with Trustmary. The benefit of using Trustmary is that you can manage all testimonials with one tool. You can import them from other review sites, collect new testimonials AND add them to your site with one click.

widget inpage carousel embed to website

Bonus: Trustmary

We may be a bit biased about this one, but we’ll let you be the judge of that!

Customer references come in multiple shapes and forms:

  • text reviews
  • video reviews
  • case studies
  • customer satisfaction metrics like NPS

That’s why we have decided to include them all. We’ve also made sure to include enough CTAs on the page so that the reader can immediately act on the urge after being awed by glowing customer reviews! 🤩

Check out our Reference page here.

All elements found on this page are available in the Trustmary app. Start creating your own page by adding existing reviews to your website.

Final Words

There isn’t any single best way to create a brand customer testimonial page on your website. However, there seem to be specific trends, especially in the SaaS industry, as we can learn from the examples of leading SaaS companies.

It’s not always beneficial to compare your business to a much larger company. You don’t have to concentrate all your efforts on creating a grand collection of case studies in multimedia formats.

If your business is simpler and smaller, you can rest assured that less is enough: even a simple thing like a Google review widget makes a great difference!

Here’s a winning formula for a simple and attainable testimonials page:

  • Design your own customer testimonial page with a focus on the benefits of your product (instead of features),
  • showcase as many reviews as possible (before it becomes overwhelming)
  • avoid negative reviews,
  • use real photos of your customers,
  • provide both testimonial videos and text reviews,
  • include enough CTAs,
  • convert reviews into case studies, and
  • design your testimonial page smartly to attract prospective customers.

If you would like to get started fast with creating your own testimonials page, try our free tool to add your existing reviews to your website 👇

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What page should testimonials be on?

Testimonials can be shown on any page, and it’s wise to showcase them on pages where important conversions happen. Great placements include:

  • Homepage
  • Product pages
  • Contact pages
  • Testimonials pages
  • Check-out (in online stores)
  • Registration pages

What are the best testimonials?

The best testimonials are ones that highlight the benefits your clients have experienced while working with you. They are also authentic, personal, and include details that make the comments trustworthy. Often testimonial videos are also more effective than written testimonials.

Do testimonial pages work?

Testimonial pages are a great tool for building trust for your company. They truly work if you mind these details:

  1. Make sure potential customers find them. Include keywords for organic visibility and put the page in your navigation for visitors to find easily.
  2. Include enough CTAs to optimize conversions.
  3. Choose convincing testimonials to feature on the page.
  4. Make the page usable and offer valuable information.

How do I make a testimonial page?

Making a testimonial page can be as simple as copying and pasting some customer comments on the page. However, the easiest way to create visually pleasing and conversion-optimized testimonials pages is to use a tool like Trustmary. Start from adding your existing reviews to your website and move on to collecting effective written and video testimonials. Start for free here.

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