Trustmary method

The Blueprint of A Perfect
Review Strategy

It can be challenging to figure out how to get the most out of your reviews. Luckily, you don’t have to think about it. We already know how to do it. And it’s all summed in Trustmary Method.

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with trustmary: measure customer satisfaction, collect public reviews and add reviews to your website

Ground-breaking way of organizing your review strategy

You will get more and better reviews than ever before, and use them effectively to grow your business. And the best part? Everything is automated.

customer satisfaction survey star or nps rating

Find your satisfied customers

Measure customer experience and keep track of customer satisfaction trends. Get open feedback and learn what your customers really think.

collect reviews to multiple platforms

Collect reviews

Turn feedback into public reviews and testimonials with the same survey.

share your review collection campaign to different channels

Share your surveys

Find the most suitable way to distribute customer surveys.

  • Email sending
  • QR code
  • Website embed or popup
  • Email signature
boost your website up to 20% by adding reviews

Boost your website with social proof

  • Showcase customer reviews with stylish widgets
  • Import reviews from review sites onto your website
  • Capture potential customers with lead generation widgets
overjoyed and surprised woman surrounded by reviews and Trustmary logos, looking at the viewer and holding phone on one hand

Build trust and attract customers

  • Increase website conversions by 20-60%
  • Get a better ROI for traffic acquisition
  • Gain a better online reputation

The best review strategy

Why is Trustmary Method better than what people usually do?

The usual way

Trustmary Method

Feedback and reviews are requested separately, burdening customers with multiple surveys.

Measure customer satisfaction, get open feedback, and collect reviews with one simple survey.

Response rate around 2%

Response rate around 20%

No active feedback collection. People only leave reviews when disappointed or extremely happy with the experience.

Collect feedback across the clientele and get more good reviews from happy customers.

Satisfaction surveys are sent to everyone at once when you happen to have time and resources.

You ask for feedback automatically at the right time.

Surveys are too long and cause survey fatigue for customers.

Surveys are quick to fill out with minimum effort, getting you more responses.

Feedback survey results are forgotten and never acted upon.

Share the results automatically with the whole organization, making customer feedback visible.

Companies miss opportunities by not utilizing their reviews in marketing.

Trustmary ensures you are using reviews to boost your website and build trust online.

If you are still doing things the traditional way, you are missing out.

You can get more and better reviews by switching to Trustmary.

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The comprehensive guide to
collecting and displaying reviews

We don’t just provide the easiest review tool.

We can also teach you how to implement Trustmary Method in your organization.

  • Collect reviews in the best way possible
  • Use feedback and reviews to improve your business
  • Boost your website and SEO with reviews

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This is what Trustmary gets you

More trust

Authentic customer reviews are the number one trust factor for companies that want to grow in the digital era.

20% more leads

On average, a website’s conversion rate grows 20% with Trustmary’s review widget. That means more leads, customers, and sales.

Enhanced visibility

Reviews also help your website’s search engine visibility and click-through rate, bringing in more potential customers.

3-in-1 survey

Get quantitative feedback, qualitative feedback, and reviews all in one survey.

20% response rate

Get responses from at least 20% of your customers, thanks to the simple and smooth design of the surveys.

40% review rate

With Trustmary’s surveys, you get reviews from 40% of the respondents on average.


By sharing customer feedback internally and externally, you showcase transparency and dedication to customer experience.


Customer feedback helps you improve the customer experience, which in turn leads to business growth.


One quick question: what would it mean for your company to get 20-60% more sales?

Because we can accomplish that together.

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Real-life results with Trustmary Method

Read what out customers have accomplished by using Trustmary to collect and display reviews.

without and with trustmary

Kiwi-Xpress Transport: 69 Testimonials, 19 Google Reviews in 3 Months

Before Kiwi-Xpress started using Trustmary, they had 7 Google reviews and struggled to get more.

After using Trustmary for 3 months, they already got:

  • 171 responses to their customer survey
  • 69 verified Trustmary testimonials from customers
  • 19 five-star Google reviews

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photo from Eurokangas, lady cutting textile

Eurokangas: 38,52% Improvement in Purchase Journey with Reviews

Eurokangas wanted to collect reviews to boost their online store.

It was a wise decision, as by implementing Trustmary, they managed to:

  • Get over 38% more people move through the purchase journey in online store.
  • Collect 300 reviews a month.
  • Improve customer experience based on feedback in specific customer touchpoints.

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More features

Branded surveys

Get survey forms that adapt to your brand look and feel with just one click.

lightbulb icon


Follow customer satisfaction trends and analyze the results of your surveys.


Connect Trustmary with your website, review sites, CRM, email tool, and more.

Lead generation

Elevate your website with forms, chatbots, popups, and other lead generation widgets.

star icon

Social media

Create shareable review cards to publish on your social media channels.


Get a GDPR-compliant tool that fulfills privacy regulations in the EU and beyond.

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Guide to Trustmary Method, including quick steps to get started
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Trustmary is the most effective way to convert more sales by improving digital trust.