50+ Sites Where You Can Find Online Reviews for Businesses

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Last edited: May 21st, 2024

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Online reviews for businesses are everywhere.

This list of over 50 online review websites illustrates how much we love reviews!

If you are a consumer or buyer, this list helps you find new sites to check out.

In case you are a business owner:

  • Take notes and sign up for the relevant services.
  • Keep an eye out for customer sentiment on these websites.
  • See how you are doing compared to your competitors.
  • Learn how to import reviews from the most important sites to your own website.
  • Encourage your customers to leave more reviews on these sites.

Online Reviews For Local Businesses

add review schema to gain leverage over competition

Having reviews as a local business can significantly boost your local SEO efforts.

They help customers find local services and share their opinions.

These websites below are great resources for finding online customer reviews. 

Whether you are in your own area or in a new city, they help you find the best local businesses!

If you are a business owner, you should definitely sign up for some of these services.

1. Google

This is no doubt the first place you will check when looking for reviews. After all, it’s the most popular search engine in the world.

Research shows that 63% of consumers read reviews on Google.

Be it a local business or online business, you can find the relevant info.

The best thing about Google is that you can search for reviews even when you don’t exactly know what business you want to find.

Just search for the type of business you are looking for, and voila! You got the locations, star-reviews, info on business, and much more.

Google covers basically every corner of the world.

As a business owner, getting more Google reviews should be one of your priorities, as it will help you get discovered and increase your search engine rankings.

Pssst…. You can add Google reviews to your website in just a minute with this simple free tool

Design Your Google Review Widget 💛

This works even if you don’t yet qualify for embedding a Google reviews badge.

And if you’re looking to get more Google reviews organically, you should start a free review campaign with Trustmary.

All you need is a Google review link, but that’s easy to copy-paste to Trustmary.

If you do this, you can have the following type of two-in-one widget on your website.

Benefits include:

  1. Build trust in new visitors
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  3. Adding review schema without coding

2. Bing Local

Bing is the second largest search engine and it functions like Google.

Businesses can list themselves to the local listing and start appearing in the local search results.

It includes a map that shows locations, just like Google does.

3. Yahoo! Local Listings

Yahoo Local Listings is another search engine.

However, it has no coverage in different parts of the world. 

If you are looking for places in Europe, you are out of luck. It is not very popular and people have not listed their businesses.

4. Yelp

Yelp is also one of the largest review sites out there with 244 million reviews. The platform contains almost 245 million reviews and gets almost 180 million unique visitors every month.

It helps you find the local businesses based on industry and category.

Yelp has received criticism for giving more visibility to negative reviews. Not nice, but it also helps businesses address the negative reviews in a professional way.

Request Yelp reviews from all customers to ensure you get a proportionate number of positive reviews.

5. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is the place to look when you are in a new city and would like to know the local specialties.

What I love about TripAdvisor is that you can search for the city and get all the information with one search!

You find the best restaurant reviews, things to go, hotels, and more.

The platform features around 860 million reviews on over 8 million businesses and reaches on average 463 million visitors monthly.

Collect Tripadvisor reviews with Trustmary’s easy review forms.

6. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle is a website for local businesses and their reputation management.

You can get reviews, respond to them, and update your own business page on the site.

It is also a social networking site for merchants, where you can connect with other businesses.

7. OpenTable

If you are looking for a place to eat, OpenTable is for you.

You can browse restaurants and search for available tables at your desired time.

There is also a mobile app, and the website even features blogs about the best places to eat.

However, the locations are very U.S. based. Finding restaurants in other countries can be difficult with this site.

8. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is the place for small businesses.

Customers can write online reviews much like in Yelp.

The review site also features city guides that introduce top picks of local businesses.

9. Citysearch

Citysearch is another U.S. based local business finder.

Choose a city and business type, and browse the different options.

Online Reviews For SaaS and Technology Companies

getting up to date social proof to website is crucial

It can be tricky to navigate the world of software and technology companies.

What is the best tool out there for you? How much should I pay for such service?

In these situations, business review websites that have both customer and expert reviews are a great help.

While the customer reviews highlight user experience, the experts can compare and contrast different tools.

10. G2

If you are in the tech industry and have not heard of G2… Where have you been?? It’s probably the most popular and authoritative business review site out there.

G2 helps you find new software tools based on your needs and write reviews for tools you use.

Only logged in users can post reviews. The reviews are often in-depth and include several questions.

And oh, if you have ever seen those badges on a website saying “High Performer”, “Top 50”, and so on?

Those come from G2. They also publish a list of the best software tools yearly.

Start proactively collecting G2 reviews to ensure good reputation.

💡 Take a guess: How many percentage of consumers trust a third-party authenticator?

According to a recent study, 70% of consumers said they would trust a third-party authentication provider to verify how trustworthy a site is.

73% would trust a trust badge or a trustworthy symbol from a third-party source.

Getting that Google reviews badge or other third-party badge on your site can be very crucial.

11. Capterra

Capterra helps businesses find the most suitable software tools.

You get to see reviews and compare features with alternative tools.

Users give star ratings for different aspects, such as features, customer service and usability.

It is easy to get an overview of the software tools by reading their Capterra profiles.

Get more Capterra reviews with Trustmary.

12. TrustRadius

Trustradius also specializes in software reviews.

You can browse reviews that have been submitted to the site, see business profiles, or go and compare two tools with each other.

There is a possibility to leave a video review, and the questions asked in review forms are quite creative. That helps with getting detailed answers.

13. Finances Online

Finances Online is a huge B2B software catalog.

The reviews are made by real users and experts.

Finances Online staff conduct research and use a special score system to evaluate software tools.

14. Compare Camp

Compare Camp includes software reviews from different fields.

The reviews are detailed and written by the editorial staff. You can find screenshots of software tools and break-down of the ratings.

The site also includes articles like “Alternatives to X” or “X and Y comparison”.

15. Cyberg

Cyberg has an extensive library of different tool reviews, including categories like SEO tools, video editing tools, payment systems and website builders.

Users can give a star rating or write a review for the tools featured on the page.

16. AlternativeTo

AlternativeTo is a review and recommendation site that lets you discover alternatives to software and apps.

Search for a brand and find out its competitors, and what people say about them.

17. Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange is actually a cloud marketplace, and reviews are just one feature of the platform.

It helps business customers find reviewed apps and consultants.

You can browse apps based on categories and your business pain points.

The key is that the apps are integratable with Salesforce.

18. HubSpot Apps Marketplace

Hubspot marketplace includes descriptions and reviews of Hubspot integration apps.

If you are using Hubspot in your daily tasks, it’s worth it to check out the connected apps on the marketplace.

Pssst… You can find Trustmary there, too! We have a native integration to Hubspot available.

19. GoodFirms

GoodFirms is one of the biggest review sites for service companies and software products.

On top of reviews, the website provides buyer’s guides to help with evaluating purchase decisions and understanding the products better.

You can get your business listed on the service and manage your reputation and lead generation via your business profile.

20. SourceForge

SourceForge is more than just a review platform but it also includes a great number of software tool reviews.

Reviews on SourceForge can be a valuable addition to your marketing efforts, as the platform hosts over 20 million monthly users.

The platform offers reviews from a more technical perspective as well, which is important for those who need to fit new products as a part of a broad SaaS stack.

21. SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is a platform that offers software reviews and free consultation for those who want to find a suitable tool for their needs.

For businesses, getting listed is pricey. However, the service comes with additional services related to marketing and building thought leadership.

If you have an account, make the most out of it by requesting more SoftwareSuggest reviews.

22. Software Advice

Software Advice is another platform where customers can browse software reviews or get personalized recommendations from industry experts.

Make sure your Software Advice reviews are fresh!

23. GetApp

GetApp.com lists some of the top-rated software already on its front page.

The platform ranks tools based on different factors, such as value for money or easiness of use.

Start collecting more GetApp reviews to keep your page up-to-date.

24. Sprout24

Sprout24 is a platform where SaaS businesses can purchase product reviews.

The review articles are very thorough and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each product, comparing it with competitors.

If you want to get more visibility for your SaaS brand, Sprout24 might be worth checking out.

But if you are a customer looking for authentic reviews, keep in mind that each article is written by skillful content writers. In addition to Sprout24, you should check out reviews on platforms like G2 and Capterra that host user reviews.

Niche Review Sites for Services

niche review sites

Most business review sites focus on products. But you need reviews for service, too.

You want to know whether the lawyer you hire is reputable, or whether the home renovation team can be trusted.

Here are some review sites that focus on specific services.

Attention! Some of these sites only apply to U.S. local service providers, or are otherwise restricted to local services.

We’ve also dived deeper into contractor review sites for US and EU-based contractors.

25. Zillow

Zillow is the leading review site for all things real estate.

Whether you want to buy, finance, sell, rent, or renovate a house, you’ll find recommendations.

Mind that the provided services and listed houses are mostly located in the United States.

If you are a real estate agent or just an average Joe selling a house, collect Zillow reviews to boost your chances of getting a sale.

26. VouchedFor

If you live in the UK and need any advice on finances, VouchedFor is the choice.

You can get advice from vetted and reviewed financial advisors, accountants, or solicitors.

Finance professionals in the UK: make sure you are asking for VouchedFor reviews from your clients!

27. Avvo

Avvo helps you find skilled lawyers in your area, but only in the U.S.

You can filter lawyers according to state, city or practice area.

Each person has client reviews and an overall star rating.

28. HomeStars

Canadians, this is for you!

Looking for local professionals for your next home improvement project?

HomeStars offers the best recommendations that help you find the right match, and you can even directly chat with them through the platform.

Professionals, don’t miss out on this customer acquisition channel. Get listed and collect HomeStars reviews as soon as possible.

29. Angi

Angi (which many remember by the name Angie’s List) is a review site that specializes in living and home improvement.

It promotes certified professionals for repairs, exterior and interior design, cleaning, pest control and other services.

The search is personalized for each customer. The website asks a set of questions and offers a solution based on that information.

You get quotes from the businesses and see reviews from the people near you.

30. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor brings together U.S. homeowners and home improvement professionals.

It also provides an additional service True Cost Guide that helps consumers realize the average cost of a project.

As a professional, you should have HomeAdvisor reviews from your happy clients.

31. WebMD

WebMD is an online news site for healthcare topics.

It also features a search for the best healthcare providers in your area (in the U.S.)

You can filter what kind of help you need, in which area, what kind of insurance you have, and evaluate practitioners based on reviews.

You can even book an appointment on the spot.

Review Sites For Online Shoppers and Consumers

review sites for online shoppers and consumers

Online shopping is a wild west full of scammers and crappy quality products.

Authentic customer reviews are the only thing that helps you recognize the good from the bad products.

32. Amazon

No surprise here. Amazon has lots and lots of customer reviews for the products that are sold on the platform.

You know how it works: users can give a star rating and a written review for their purchases.

33. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is also one of the biggest and most important international review sites.

Trustpilot originates from Denmark and is now a global review platform that gets almost 1 million new reviews each month in over 65 countries.
The platform is visited by 45 million people monthly.

If Yelp is most popular in the U.S., Trustpilot is the leader in Europe.

The platform allows businesses to reply to their reviews, which offers a chance to manage the reputation of your business.

34. SiteJabber

SiteJabber is your average review site, but the specialty is a browser extension.

Whenever you search for a business on Google, you see the star rating as based on SiteJabber reviews.

35. Influenster

Infuenster not only collects reviews from online shoppers, but also gives personalized recommendations that help people find new products.

By becoming a member, users can get exclusive offers and samples.

36. Mouthshut

Mouthshut is the largest online review site in India.

It is meant exclusively for Indian brands and consumers, and covers basically all possible products and services.

37. Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a platform that evaluates businesses based on their trustworthiness.

When a business fulfills BBB standards, it is considered a trustworthy business and promoted for consumers.

The site accepts consumer reviews, but it also includes editorial content, like scam alerts.

38. Planet Rate

Planet Rate states that you can review anything. In other words, you can find all kinds of products and services on this review platform.

Consumers can use their Facebook or LinkedIn profile to review brands, which makes the reviews more trustworthy.

By reviewing companies, users get points. After collecting enough points, they can get rewards like gift cards.

There’s a danger here, at least in my opinion. If people can collect prizes by writing as many reviews as possible, how likely are all the reviews genuine? 

39. Which?

Which? is a U.K. based paid service for consumers. 

The website writes product reviews, gives money saving tips and shares practical information.

Users can also chat about current affairs in the U.K.

40. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is another paid service for consumers.

The page lists reviews and ratings of all kinds of consumer goods. The admins test the products and give unbiased feedback.

The site also shares advice for consumers regarding everyday topics.

41. Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs lists companies by category and recommends their products and services.

You can find lists like “best mortgage lenders” or “best moving companies”, and compare the firms.

They collect reviews from actual consumers and base the listings on people’s opinions.

42. Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews is an online review site where you can find very detailed information about products.

The content team also publishes How to -articles, top picks and current deals.

Reviews for Reviews

reviews for reviews

Wait, what?

Yes, there are tools that help you recognize reliable customer reviews.

Reviews can be biased, too. That’s why these solutions help you avoid bad purchase decisions.

43. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is a tool for analyzing Amazon reviews.

The tool recognizes unnatural reviews and adjusts the product rating based on what reviews the tool deems as natural.

It is trying to fight against fake or biased reviews made by competitors or friends and family.

44. Fakespot

Fakespot is another review checker that protects people from believing in fake reviews.

It uses AI to identify fake reviews and trustworthy sellers.

Fakespot is available as a Chrome extension and mobile app.

Online Reviews For Apps and Games

online reviews for apps and games

Avid gamers and app enthusiasts, this is for you.

See these review websites for different mobile games and apps.

45. 148apps 

148apps features in-depth reviews of newest mobile games.

You can find top lists, tips and guides, and new releases.

46. AppAdvice

AppAdvice lets you know about the latest iOS app releases and recommendations.

47. FeedMyApp

FeedMyApp is a platform where you can find articles and news about new apps.

There are no user reviews, but rather editorial in-depth review articles.

Online Company Reviews

online reviews about employers

Company reviews are a big factor in employer branding and talent acquisition.

Glassdoor and Indeed are two of the biggest company review sites that help job hunters learn about employers.

If you are an employer, don’t wait until one of your ex-employees writes a bitter review on one of these sites. Be proactive and ask for feedback regularly, so that you can fix any pain points.

48. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is the ultimate website for job hunters.

It is specially aimed at employees to rate their employer, and job hunters to evaluate potential workplaces.

You must register to give reviews, so the chance for spam reviews is low.

49. Indeed

Another employer rating service is Indeed.

It works in a similar way to Glassdoor, but the review form includes more questions and easy-to-use checkbox questions.

Social Media Reviews

social media reviews

Social media channels are often not regarded as places to give reviews. 

However, they are an important source of online business reviews.

Especially if you market your business on social media, that’s where customers leave reviews. You can use social media management tools to track these reviews and respond when appropriate.

50. Facebook

Facebook’s business pages have the possibility to request reviews, or rather recommendations, from customers.

Customers can either recommend or not recommend your business, and tell others why.

Outside of the official reviews… People also share their experiences and look for the best service providers in local Facebook groups.

Business owners: keep an eye on the groups, too.

Did you know you can also collect more Facebook reviews with a Facebook reviews link?

If Facebook reviews are important for your niche, focus heavily on getting more regularly!

51. Twitter

Especially for tech companies, Twitter is one of the most important feedback channels.

That’s where influencers and users state their brutally honest opinions about businesses and products. 

52. Instagram

Even though Instagram does not strike as a review website at all, people do share their opinions.

Instagram seems to be by default a place where people share positive reviews and experiences with brands.

If you manage to get these mentions from your customers, you should definitely leverage that in your content strategy.

User generated videos and images are a prime example of effective social proof!

53. TikTok

If you use TikTok, you might have noticed that many small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out post about their work.

During the pandemic, we even witnessed some success stories where a TikTok user posted about their crafty creations, and suddenly everyone wanted to order the products.

TikTok does include reviews as well. You can find them in the comments section or as separate videos.

According to research, TikTok is used more and more as a search engine. Close to 10% of Gen Z prefer TikTok as a search engine.

Getting those important UGC videos and reviews to TikTok might be a quick way to generate customers.

54. YouTube

It is no news to brands that even smaller Youtube influencers have an effect on consumers’ opinions.

They send products for Youtubers to review, and “haul” videos are extremely popular. In these videos, usually young girls showcase their recent purchases from an online store.

What would be a more convincing review than a video where you can see for yourself how a product works and what kind of quality it is?

How about Your Own Website?

use Trustmary to get reviews to your own website

If you want to make a buying decision easier for your potential clients, consider showcasing reviews on your own website.

With Trustmary, you can import reviews from the top review sites to your own website:

Additionally, you get to collect reviews yourself.

Just use the easy survey builder with made-for-you templates and distribute your form.

After you have imported or collected your customer reviews, showcase them with dynamic and elegant widgets.

Sign up today and see the great results! 👇

This concludes our list of online review sites. If you think the world of business reviews is lacking despite all the options, you have the chance to create your own niche review sites.

Once you do, let us know! 😉

Book your free meeting to learn how you can:

  • Automate review collection
  • Add reviews to website
  • Measure customer satisfaction

With the same tool!

Why You Should Have Online Reviews

Let’s recap a few reasons why you should implement reviews as a part of your marketing strategy.

Consumers Trust Online Reviews

93% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.

Basically everyone.

Reviews from real customers give a more truthful image of a company than anything the company says.

All-positive reviews are not credible, though.

It’s a known fact that 4.2 through 4.5 is the best average star rating a business can have.

testimonials and reviews are more effective than advertisements

Your Brand Is More Credible

What if you wanted to learn more about a new brand, but you noticed that it has no customer reviews at all?

You would surely be suspicious about its legitimacy.

What kind of business has no reviews? Maybe one that has no customers…

On the other hand, a business who has lots of reviews is clearly popular.

Businesses that have over 200 reviews make twice as much revenue as businesses with less reviews.

Building a strong brand is especially important for SaaS companies, as the buying often takes place without any human interaction. The challenge to build trust in website visitors can be tough one to crack.

Luckily, using reviews allows bringing forward the voice of customer in an easy and trustworthy way.

Reviews prove your credibility and give potential customers insight into not only the intricacies of what your products offer but the quality of your customer service and more.

At Wrike, we display customer reviews prominently on our website, in our marketing across social media, and so much more. There’s no wrong channel to use reviews to build credibility – they’re one of the best ways to market our brand.

James DeLapa, Director of Digital Marketing, @Wrike

Improved Search Results

Like mentioned before, having online reviews can help you with search engine optimization and get you better rankings on search engines.

That is because customer reviews are packed with relevant keywords without coming across as keyword stuffing.

Also, when people talk about you online, Google rewards you with better rankings.

Positive Reviews Signal Customer Loyalty

Okay, I admit it: maybe this title is a bit clickbait-y.

Writing one good review does not make someone a loyal customer.

But: Loyal customers are more likely to recommend your brand to others and leave positive reviews.

The most powerful “reviews” are the moments when your happy customers recommend your services to their friends.

Online Reviews Increase Conversions

When you showcase reviews on your website, the potential customers can feel more confident about making a purchase decision.

Imagine you come across a new website and see a great product you would like to try.

If you see someone endorsing the product, you feel encouraged to buy it.

From a business perspective, this means more and faster conversions and more sales.

We at Trustmary have measured the effect. We have noticed that showcasing reviews can increase purchases up to 67%.

Reacting to Reviews

statistics about responding to online reviews

The above statistics show it with numbers. It is important to react to reviews, especially when they are negative.

Even if a customer is unhappy, you still have a chance to win them back if you show that you care about their experience.

Be sure to fix the problems and produce a good experience in the end.

When you do that, you signal to other potential customers that you care about them. It’s also a good tactic to protect your reputation in case of fake negative reviews.

Remember that you are not doing it just for a show. Provide genuinely exceptional customer service even when no one else is watching.

Even if you are collecting reviews privately and you can choose not to showcase negative reviews, you should react to them.

Send a private email to the respondent if possible, and try to solve their problem.

Reacting to positive reviews is a good practice, too.

Show your customers that you appreciate their time and effort by responding with a short and sweet message.

See our tips for responding to negative reviews and responding to positive reviews.


The internet is full of websites and platforms where you can find reviews for businesses.

With Trustmary, you can import reviews from the most important platforms to your own website.

The review widgets help you showcase reviews in a way that does not go unnoticed!

And if you need more reviews, just send automated review forms to your customers.

Sign up for free and see how it works!

Further Reading 


Where can I find online reviews for businesses?

Online business reviews are everywhere: find the list of 50 sites above!

What are some of the best online review sites?

Google, Facebook, Yelp and TripAdvisor are the most popular online review platforms.

How to find online reviews for local businesses?

Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are the largest online reviews sites for local businesses. If you are based in the U.S., check out also OpenTable, Citysearch and Yellow Pages.

What are the best B2B and SaaS review sites?

G2, Capterra, TrustRadius, Finances Online and Compare Camp are review sites that you should definitely check out when looking for a new software tool.

How to get online reviews for my own business website?

By using Trustmary’s review software, you can import reviews that you already have on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Capterra, G2, or TripAdvisor to your own website. You can also collect customer reviews yourself and display reviews with dynamic review widgets. You can even get more Google reviews!

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