10 Best Review Softwares You Should Consider

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Last edited: June 26th, 2024

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10 Best Review Softwares You Should Consider

In a world of the internet and e-commerce, it’s all about the customer and customer satisfaction. Modern consumers demand more attention than ever before. Only the businesses that are ready to embrace a customer-centric approach have a chance to remain competitive and relevant.

This is especially true for all technology companies, as the competition for any share of the market is fierce!

A recent study showed that customer-focused businesses are 60% more profitable and successful than organizations that focus on other things. Therefore, the best move is to focus on your customer. Have you considered starting to use customer review and feedback tools to help you achieve your business goals?

However, with so many different online reputation management software tools out there, it’s hard to choose the right one for your specific needs. With that in mind, we’ve reviewed the best software tools for customer and e-commerce reviews. Using them could help you build an authentic relationship with your customer base that’ll have lasting effects.

Before we get to the comparison, let’s dive deeper into why reviews and review marketing matter.

Reviews and Ecommerce

Modern online consumers are used to businesses that invest a lot of time and effort to establish relationships with their customers.

They want to be reassured that they can trust a company before they decide to buy in the first place. Your prospective clients’ll read online reviews before they commit.

In fact, 90% of consumers base their purchasing decision on online and customer reviews.

In other words, online and customer reviews greatly impact buying decisions. This is why customer review and e-commerce rating tools are widely used across every vertical of the e-commerce industry.

There’s a range of great benefits that come from the using review softwares and implementing reviews on your website:

  • Positive customer and online reviews are the best promotion your business can get.
  • Good reviews are an excellent way to emphasize your brand’s values
  • Responding to reviews creates opportunities to increase customer loyalty.
  • Improved SEO and higher ranking in organic search across search engines like Google.
  • Unbiased and honest reviews of your products improve lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Build trust as nothing speaks better about your businesses than positive reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Drive more traffic to your website.
  • Experience increased sales.

It’ll be much better and easier to run your online business if you know what’s on your consumers’ minds.

The trick is to know what to look for in a review software you want to use, as your tool needs to have the necessary features to satisfy your diverse needs. We’re going to give you a few tips on what to do to find the best software and how to choose the right tool for the mission.

Word of caution: No matter what you do, never buy Google reviews or fake any reviews yourself! It’s a slippery slope that won’t end well for you.

What You Can Do About It

It’s essential to stay aware of what your consumer base thinks about you at all times. Knowing what they need and want is vital when it comes to expanding your operations. Customer insights give you a bigger picture of how you can ensure their satisfaction and loyalty towards your products, services, and business in the long run.

The best way to know what’s on your consumers’ minds is to take their feedback into consideration when making your business plans. Modern technology can be extremely helpful in putting your efforts into reality. Modern consumers are active internet users – they are used to this online environment and have their voices heard across different communication channels.

The more they give their opinions on your services and products, the more you have a chance to build a meaningful relationship with your consumer base. To get ahead of what your consumers say about your business, you need customer review software tools that can help you track and monitor customer reviews in real-time.

In other words, choosing the right software tool to monitor customer reviews is the best way to address urgent issues and avoid the risk of losing your customers.

How to Choose the Right Review Software

The following tips should help you choose the right software tool for review management software.

Look for positive user reviews from people in your industry

To make sure you harness the full potential of customer reviews, start your search for the right tool by looking for the most relevant type of user reviews to your business and industry.

These reviews come from experienced and seasoned business users who already experienced all the pros and cons of the software tools you’re interested in. Pay special attention to specific, more targeted commentary that directly addresses your specific needs.

Identify common problems in the reviews

When browsing reviews of potential software tools, pay special attention to recurring problems in the comment section. The issues that matter most to your business will depend on your goals and priorities. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Praise or complaints regarding the user interface and ease of use.
  • Lack of appreciation for a particular feature (very important).
  • Comments regarding the tool’s overall impact on the business.
  • Praise or complaints about the vendor’s customer service.

Use reviews to narrow down your future needs

Pay special attention to the available features a tool you consider using provides. Browse reviews, testimonials and case stories of that review tool to find out more about what the tool can do and how other businesses benefited from using it.

Now that we have you fully covered on choosing the right software for your needs let’s move on to our short reviews of the best tools we think might help you expand your business and keep your customer satisfied.


Trustmary can help you with

  • Using all existing reviews
  • Get more reviews
  • Get more Google reviews (and Facebook, G2, … you name it!)
  • measuring your NPS,
  • Gathering customer feedback automatically and
  • Doing lead generation with social proof

In short, Trustmary enables you to use the essential features you need to gather and use reviews effectively on your website. For example, you can collect new reviews and easily embed review widgets to your WordPress website.

In summary, it’s a versatile social proof software that helps you get and show reviews that matter.

With Trustmary you can gather reviews in text and video and use them in-page or by leveraging popups.

You can also import your existing reviews from third-party websites and use them on your website, including a Google review widget, Facebook review widget, and many others.


Formerly known as Repdrive, Podium is a customer review and rating management platform that allows businesses to manage the way they show up online. It’s a perfect messaging platform that allows the user to send quick messages to the consumer base, collect payments, get more customer reviews, and connect with website traffic.

Podium allows you to monitor and manage the way customers perceive your business online. Harness the full potential of reviews on top industry-specific sites, Facebook, and Google by keeping your communication with the consumer base in one place.

Put simply – Podium allows your consumers to rate your business and drive more traffic to your website when you need it the most. Boost your SEO, build trust with your consumers, and increase your sales by increasing your online exposure and search ability.


Reviews.io is a consumer reviews and ratings platform that provides affordable pricing and exceptional customer support/service. This software’s main purpose is to help you grow your business by collecting genuine reviews and boosting your click-through rate.

However, its biggest advantage over other tools is the ability to harness the full potential and power of Google Ads. In addition, the platform is a licensed Google review partner, which is essential for attracting more consumers, improving lead generation, and conversion rates.

Give your Google quality score a real boost, cut down your pay-per-click expenses, and give your product pages the exposure they need to increase your sales. Build your brand and improve customer engagement by including video reviews from your satisfied consumers.

The tool also allows you to create social proof of how useful your business is by creating top-quality, shareable content for top marketing channels, including Facebook, Google Display Ads, Instagram, etc.


Accelerating your direct-to-consumer growth is one of the key factors of growing your business today. Having the right tool to give your growth a good boost is the best way to achieve your goal. Well, Yotpo is an excellent tool to help you with your plan.

It’s also an e-commerce marketing platform, fully armed with tons of features that bases its entire approach on data-driven decision-making. The tool allows you to integrate your solutions for SMS marketing, loyalty, referrals, visual marketing, customer reviews, and more.

Use this tool to gather and collect top-quality customer ratings and reviews to dynamically display positive feedback using the power of automation and AI.


Attracting your customers is just as important as retaining them. That’s where Broadly excels. This customer review software tool is just perfect for helping your business attracting and capturing top-quality leads.

More importantly, the tool allows you to use text and email to streamline your communications. It’s also a platform for gathering customer reviews and feedback and collecting mobile payments. Keep all your customer review needs in a single place. Broadly is meant to help businesses:

  • Improve online exposure
  • Look good online.
  • Make sure customer reviews get the most visibility across crucial platforms.
  • Connect with the target audience and consumer base.
  • Establish a meaningful relationship with consumers.
  • Encourage customer feedback to improve customer loyalty and provide a top customer experience.

Yext Reviews

Since your consumer base is the best source of the most honest customer reviews and feedback, it’s crucial that you stay on top of how their reviews and ratings impact your business. Customer feedback plays an essential role in how search engines rate your business and how potential prospects make decisions about your brand.

The more you keep track of your customer feedback, the more revenue you create. That’s exactly what the use of Yext Reviews has in store for you. The tool allows you to monitor and respond to customer feedback and reviews to get ahead of the competition curve and improve your operations.

Improve customer relationships, stay up-to-date, analyze customer feedback, monitor your competition, and provide exceptional customer experience with each interaction.

Score My Reviews

Score My Reviews is an excellent customer review tool for beating your competitors, improving your SEO and search results, and building a trusted business.

Gathering reviews can be a tedious, expensive, and time-consuming task, but Score My Reviews can help you make the most of your efforts by using this online reputation management platform.

Get in touch with your customers, ask for their feedback, gather reviews, build your network, and get a chance to improve your ranking online, increase revenue, and gain trust.

Legit Local

The main description of Legit Local states that it’s an online review and reputation management software tool. Businesses use it to track, monitor, and transform customer experiences, interactions, and reviews into online highlights to point out their brands’ biggest strengths.

It’s a user-friendly local and online review management tool that allows you to request customer feedback, get customer ratings, and simplify customer review management to improve your overall brand image online.

Shout About Us

The last tool on our list is designed specifically for businesses to allow them to get ahead of online reviews, generate top customer feedback, monitor customer reviews, and provide timely responses.

The tool allows businesses to centralize their entire customer review management system. By using this tool, businesses can automate processes, gather feedback, customize the way you gather reviews, generate feedback, provide responses, and get the right exposure for their customer reviews.


The more you listen to your customers, the more you foster the development and growth of your business. These tools can help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and help you improve your decision-making to take a more customer-centric approach.

Try all of them to see which one works the best according to your specific needs. Build trust and loyalty throughout your consumer base by harnessing the power of unique tools, features, and experiences.

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