14 Best Tips on Lead Generation for Technology Companies

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Last edited: June 20th, 2024

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Is your tech or software company struggling to generate leads? 

I get it. Lead generation for technology companies is challenging. The competition is rough out there. 

The customers have a plethora of options to choose from and you really need to stand out from your competition.

You need to keep up with the latest marketing trends as well as remember the traditional ones in order to generate new leads and get sales opportunities.

This blog introduces 14 best tips for lead generation for technology companies. Let’s get started!

Lead Generation for Technology Companies: Defined

Lead generation is the act of finding people who are interested in your product or service and collecting their contact information.

Once you have lured these potential leads into the sales funnel, you need to nurture them with different tactics in order to have them convert to actual paying customers.

First step in lead generation is to identify your target customers. After that is sorted, you can think about which lead generation strategies would work best for your brand.

And how does lead generation for tech companies differ from lead generation of “regular” consumer marketing?

The process itself is not that different, but it can be more difficult to find qualified leads. Your prospective customers might not even know that they have a problem that you could help them overcome!

Target audience?Usually quite clearCan be hard to determine
How do leads find you?Social media, search engines, TVTrade shows, telemarketing, “other” (= not sure where they come from)
Qualified leads?Basically anyone who has moneyMust be interested, must have a budget, must know that they have pain points that you can solve
Timeline?Quite shortLong sales cycles

Below I will give you tips on the best lead generation strategies for tech and software companies. If you want to see further tips on other types of lead generation campaigns, see 20+ Strategies in Lead Generation for B2B Business and 7 Strategies for Lead Generation in B2C.

14 Best Tips on Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Tip #1: Think Like Your Customer

I’ll just say it: Sometimes tech companies don’t speak the same language with their customers.

I am definitely not the most tech-savvy person and sometimes listening to tech people talk about their stuff is beyond incomprehensible to me. The same probably goes with your customers, who have other interests and skills than you.

How could you possibly get a lead if the lead does not even know what the heck you are talking about?

So my tip is: ask your mom, grandpa or other person who is totally out of the professional jargon if what you are saying makes sense.

If they can understand, good. If not, you should think about how to express yourself better.

tech company vs customers

Tip #2: Do Market Research

If you want to know what your strengths are, you must do market research. You most likely already have: but keep going!

The tech and software industries develop all the time, so you need to be agile and stay up-to-date about what is happening in the market. You want to always be thinking about how you can help your ideal customer better than others, and inform your customers about that.

Tip #3: Plan A Content Strategy

Building trust with your existing and potential customers through content marketing that creates value is one of the most important lead generation strategies for you as a tech company. It brings organic traffic to your website and increases your opportunity to find new customers.

In order to get the most out of your content, you should create a content strategy that supports your business goals. It takes into consideration your brand story, your target audience, the marketing channels, and the types of content you want to publish.

It is a good idea to utilize multiple channels in your content marketing since not all your customers will be in the same place consuming your content.

Content marketing is a long-term strategy, so don’t be frustrated when you don’t see results immediately.

content strategy lead generation

Tip #4: Buy Lead Generation Services

A tech or software company that is looking for simple lead generation solutions can turn to lead generation companies that specialize in lead identification, appointment setting, and selling contact details of prospective leads.

If you feel like you want to focus strictly on sales and developing your product, using the services of a lead generation company might be a good solution for you.

See for example this list of best lead generation companies that you can buy your leads from. This way your sales team can focus on their core activities.

Tip #5: Build the Best Landing Page

Your website is probably the most important part of the lead generation efforts. Most customers check an interesting brand’s web page before making a purchase or any other decision. It is almost a standard part of a buyer’s journey.

There are many things you can do on your landing page that help your business generate leads. Here are some examples:

Make frequent A/B tests on your landing pages in order to optimize your conversion rate and better the customer experience. This will help you in the long run, and you will be surprised how small changes can make a huge difference!

small details can impact your landing pages

Tips #6: Search Engine Optimization

In order to gain organic traffic and more website visitors, you must be search engine friendly. This way you can capture potential customers who are actively searching for solutions for a problem that you could solve.

Some SEO lead generation tactics include e.g. targeting keywords, including alt text for images, using internal links to your own website, and focusing on the user experience so that you can lower your bounce rate and make the search engines love your website.

search engines love reviews and user-generated content

Tip #7: Leverage Social Media

Social media, especially LinkedIn, has many opportunities for lead generation of technology companies.

On social media, you can for example

1. Find leads

2. Execute ad campaigns

3. Share testimonials and reviews

4. Start discussions about your key subject matter

5. Contact influencers

6. Interact with customers and nurture leads

7. Share content

The top 5 social media platforms for B2B marketing are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.

social media lead generation

A rising star is TikTok. Even though it has not reached the top 5, it is growing fast and already reaches over 1 billion users monthly.

Tip #8: Cooperate with Influencers

In the tech industry, there are certain gurus that people listen to. There are so many different gadgets and products circling around that consumers and businesses can’t keep up on their own, and a review from a trusted influencer can make a big difference.

Influencer marketing is especially popular in the B2C business, but B2B lead generation efforts can benefit from it. When a respected thought leader shares their insight about your product or service, you can bet that large audiences will get interested in your brand.

influencer lead generation

Tip #9: Organize Webinars or Host Podcasts

As a specialist in your field, your business can offer valuable insights for potential customers in webinars and podcasts. Launching a podcast is easy, and you don’t need to invest in pricey equipment to produce quality content.

When you organize webinars, you usually need to collect the participants’ contact information in order to send them webinar links: and here you have leads who are interested in the topic that you will be talking about!

Promoting a podcast and finding participants for your webinar is a different form of art in itself. If you manage to convince people about the importance of your topic and formulate the invitation so that they feel like they can learn something relevant, you should be doing well.

Webinars and podcasts are all about becoming a thought leader in your industry. If you don’t have the resources to host your own events, you can try to get some practice by offering yourself as a guest to a great webinar in your field.

Tip #10: Email Marketing Campaigns

After you have organized a webinar or acquired email addresses with some other lead generation strategy, keep nurturing the existing leads with email marketing campaigns.

In the emails, you can promote your value proposition, advertise upcoming events and share recent content.

Not all your marketing-qualified leads who follow your newsletters will eventually buy from you, but some might! When you have established a specialist status in your lead’s eyes through consistent valuable content with data-driven personalization, they can turn to you when the right moment or surprising need comes up.

Tip #11: Collect and Showcase Social Proof

Social proof refers to the psychological phenomenon that makes people act and think like their peers. Social proof can be utilized in the form of e.g. reviews and testimonials.

Social proof often works better than advertisements, as people are more likely to trust genuine endorsements from happy current customers than the word of the company itself.

Video testimonials are an especially effective way to appeal to the emotions of the prospects and tell the stories of satisfied customers.

testimonials lead generation

Another powerful way to leverage social proof is referral marketing: your current customers spread word-of-mouth about your product or service to their friends and family, which generates more customers for your business.

Remember to be consistent with social proof!

Tip #12: Offer Free Trials or Freemiums

What would be a better way to convince your leads about the benefits of your product than to let them try it out? Either provide them a full access for a limited time or forever free access to a limited part.

After the prospects have experienced the test drives with your product, they might enjoy it so much that they want to make a purchase. 

Don’t hesitate to contact the high-quality leads after the free trials or after they’ve got results with the freemium to offer a free demo or meeting where you explain the product and its benefits further.

Freemium vs. Free trial

A free trial gives your customer full access to your software for a limited period. It’s meant to prove the value of your product during that time frame.

Freemium is a customer acquisition model where users get unlimited free access to a specific part of the software you’re offering. They’ll be able to experience some value but will lack the whole experience.

Tip #13: Conduct Surveys

Surveys can provide valuable information about your leads and their pain points. Asking about their opinions regarding your key competencies can be a great way to gain trust and learn more about your target audience.

You can ask for example: 

  • What kind of problems are you having with X?
  • What aspects of your daily tasks are causing you the most stress?
  • Is there anything in your routines that prevent you from being productive?
  • Etc 

When you do this, you can

  1. Learn more about your ideal customers
  2. Improve your sales process
  3. Collect contact information
  4. Prepare better solutions for your customers
survey lead generation

Tip #14: Collect and Analyze Intent Data

After you have executed various different campaigns and tracked their success, you will have accumulated data about each lead generation strategy: how they worked, how many leads were converted, what was the ROI of the strategy in question, et cetera. 

Now you can start applying everything you have learned about your converting customers on your future lead generation campaign.

Intent data helps you predict your leads’ behavior and purchase intentions and identify potential customers, which helps you convert leads more effectively.

Use AI tools to analyze results in bulk.

intent data lead generation

Best Lead Generation Companies to Consider

In case you feel that your lead generation strategy could do with a little outsider help, this chapter is for you.

We’ve already written about the 13 best websites and tools for lead generation, but let’s do a short recap here. Surely, this is a topic many technology and software companies struggle with.

Lead Generation Companies Defined

Shortly described, lead gen companies collect B2B and B2C data and sell it to businesses that want to buy leads. These companies use different technologies and methods to scrape the necessary data and to segment and categorize it in a meaningful way.

The biggest benefit of using an external lead generation company is that they can save you time by:

  • building contact lists (inbound lead gen)
  • managing database (inbound lead gen)
  • schedule appointments (outbound lead gen)
  • personalize marketing campaigns (outbound lead gen)

However, these services come with a cost. Depending on whether you’re getting cold or hot leads, you’ll be charged different amounts. In addition, when a third party is getting you leads, you trust a big part of your customer acquisition process into the hands of someone else.

4 Lead Generation Companies to Know


As a software company, you probably look for people that are using a certain software solution. Either because they’re your competitors or because your solution can be integrated to that software.

Which ever the case is, you should check out Vainu if you target people in the Nordics or in the Netherlands. They’re constantly developing their product and will significantly ease your workload in the inbound lead generation department.

You can monitor target accounts for any significant changes within them in real time. This’ll allow you to react swifter to them.

best lead generation company vainu


Rocketreach provides you with real-time verified data for 700 million professionals globally.

It can be used by marketing, sales and even by recruiting teams for sourcing new talents. Their strength is the accuracy and volume of the data they can provide tech companies with.


Smith.ai provides outbound sales generation services. Their services include:

  • Phone support for your customers
  • Sales outreach campaigns
  • Live website chat
  • SMS answering
  • Lead screening & intake
  • Appointment scheduling

Understandably, outbound lead generation has its price, as it’s saving a considerable chunk of your work.


One way for tech companies to generate leads and build thought leadership is to organize events. You just need the right tools.

beamian is a global events technology provider. Whether it be a live, hybrid, or virtual event, they offer lead capture technology that helps you generate leads effortlessly. Through a hybrid event management platform, they digitize interactions and simplify data collection. 

With beamian in place, organizers can:

  • Sell tickets and manage guests;
  • Manage access control;
  • Deliver a fast check-in;
  • Connect to remote attendees;
  • Deliver an event app;
  • Have an efficient lead retrieval system.


What?A prospecting tool that finds you users of specific softwareA prospecting and sourcing toolOffers agents for live chat, phone support, and messaging with leadsEvent management and lead generation tools to use at events
For whom?For software companies that want to find prospective customers or investigate who its competitors’ customers areFor sales, marketing, or recruiting purposesFor companies who want to outsource sales communications like calls and messagesFor companies who wish to capture leads during events effectively
FYIWorks for Nordic and Dutch companiesAn outstandingly large and accurate databaseYou can opt for a plan that combines live agents and AI as “virtual receptionist”Solutions for virtual, live, and hybrid events
PriceFree / 6600€ / 12000€ per year$39 / $79 / $199 per monthVarious plans that start from $140 up to $3000 per monthCustom pricing

Conclusion and Next Steps

Lead generation for technology companies can be tricky business. The unique challenge is the field is that competition is tough and customers are not necessarily aware of their tech needs.

Luckily there are various techniques for lead generation.

  1. Think like your customer
  2. Do market research
  3. Plan a content strategy
  4. Buy lead generation services
  5. Build great landing pages
  6. Don’t forget to do SEO
  7. Leverage social media
  8. Cooperate with influencers
  9. Organize Webinars / record podcasts
  10. Create email marketing campaigns
  11. Collect and showcase social proof
  12. Offer free trials or freemiums
  13. Conduct surveys
  14. Collect and analyze intent data

By being in full control of your lead generation process, you’ll be able to get more high-quality leads and save money in the long run.

But how to get started?

If you are looking for easy lead generation strategies and affordable tools for generating leads, check out the Trustmary software.

The software gets you

  • Lead generation forms and pop-ups
  • Social proof pop-ups and widgets
  • Customizable survey templates
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Remote video testimonials
  • Landing page solutions
  • And much more

And the results?

Check out these case stories from SaaS businesses Sellai and LOCALBOSS that have received more customers by using Trustmary’s review widgets.


How does lead generation for technology companies work?

The process of lead generation for tech companies is essentially the same as in any other industry, but there are some special challenges in the technology and software industry. 

The field is highly competitive, and sometimes potential customers do not realize the real value of the products and services. That is why it is important to highlight the value proposition of your brand when doing lead generation.

What is the best lead generation tool for technology companies?

One tool that gets you lead generation forms, social proof, testimonials, video testimonials, feedback surveys, and landing page solutions is Trustmary. Sign up for a free trial and generate leads 24/7 with minimum effort.

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