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Are you looking for the best website for lead generation that could give you tips and tools?

Sometimes it is difficult to stay updated with the current lead generation trends, but luckily there are many resources available that can help you.

This list introduces 13 of them.

Check out these resources if you want to start generating leads efficiently and stay educated about the current trends.

How to Choose A Relevant Lead Generation Tool?

When you start searching for lead generation websites, you need to figure out your needs.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where is your target audience active? Which platforms do they use?
  • Do you need help with lead magnets or lead capture?
  • Do you want to outsource your lead generation or keep it in-house?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need ideas or action?

The best lead generation strategy for your business is in line with your business model, your target audience, the current trends and is based on hard data rather than a feeling. It can be a mixture of inbound and outbound lead generation tactics.

If you are looking for ideas and tangible examples, check out

Back to the present article.

I have divided the list into different categories based on what each of the lead generation services do for you.

The first section introduces lead generation tools for landing pages that help convert your website visitors into sales leads.

The second section features lead generation themed blogs that you should check out: they might give you new ideas for your lead generation process and marketing campaigns.

Third section focuses on third-party lead generation websites that provide you with quality leads that your sales team can start nurturing and converting.

Final section introduces social media lead generation: one classic platform and one new acquaintance.

lead generation ideas

Landing Page Lead Generation

This section includes lead generation websites and softwares that convert visitors into customers.

1. Trustmary

Trustmary is a handy lead generation software that provides you with easy-to-use and fully customizable lead generation tools on your landing pages, such as lead generation forms, pop-ups, chatbot templates, survey templates and social proof widgets.

The best quality about Trustmary is how it helps you leverage your happy existing customers’ written and video testimonials to convert new leads. Adding these testimonials near a call to action helps you get more prospective leads.

And good news for your time management: the whole process can be automated, and the software is compatible with many different CRM systems!

The benefits of this lead generation software are not limited to only landing pages: you can download gathered video testimonials and use them on multiple platforms.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages is a solution for creating landing pages and converting website visitors. The lead generation tool lets you build websites with a conversion guide that predicts how well your landing page should perform while you are building it.

The website can be integrated with different analytics, CRM, marketing, e-commerce and other tools.

The tool is suitable for small businesses that don’t need elaborate websites and want to save money on website design.

leadpages website for lead generation

3. DeskMoz

If you want to provide better customer service and improve your digital customer experience, chats are a good way to do that.

DeskMoz offers a live chat tool that is administered by human chat agents 24/7. The tool is customizable and fits seamlessly into your website.

deskmoz website for lead generation

Blogs for Inspiration

If you are not ready to buy lead generation software tools or services, but want to try and generate leads with your own terms, the following blogs are free lead generation tools that can offer you new ideas. They feature articles and tips on inbound lead generation tactics, search engine optimization, and content marketing that you can start implementing yourself.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot is a true expert in the field of marketing, especially inbound marketing. The blog offers valuable insights about current marketing and lead generation trends, in-depth research and tangible tips that drive traffic to your platforms.

If you are in need of detailed instructions and free templates for planning your strategy and content, HubSpot is worth your time.

On top of the blog, HubSpot software also offers marketing automation tools, email marketing tools, lead tracking tools, sales CRM, customer service, and other features.

hubspot website for lead generation

5. AeroLeads

Is email marketing your go-to strategy for lead generation?

AeroLeads is an email marketing software that finds potential leads’ email addresses. They also write a blog about relevant topics.

The blog includes recent posts about search engine optimization, social media advertising and identifying your target audience. By combining the tips from the blog and the software itself, you can bring your email lead generation to a different level.

aerolead website for lead generation

6. Markempa Blog

The former B2B Lead Blog markempa specializes in lead generation, lead nurturing, lead capture, lead scoring and lead qualification for B2B companies. Markempa promotes empathy and emotions in marketing and sales, and aims to help companies with motivating their target audiences.

This unique approach to marketing is explained in many of their blog entries and might give you some fresh ideas.

markempa website for lead generation

7. LeadGen

LeadGen are a lead generation company themselves, so they have really put effort into their lead generation blog as well.

The blog includes information about various lead generation and conversion optimization related topics, but they seem to especially target start-ups and the tech industry.

leadgen website for lead generation

Get Leads from Third-Party

This section is dedicated to lead generation services that provide you with potential leads on a silver plate. Some of the services merely give you a list of potential customers, and others go even further and book meetings with them on your behalf.

8. ZoomInfo

If you want to focus on your core functions and leave the lead generation efforts for a third-party, ZoomInfo might be for you. It is a B2B database that sells contact details on a subscription basis. Their platform allows you to search for qualified leads based on their byer intent data.

The platform also lets you target ads for specific buyers, so you can stop guessing and start knowing who to advertise to.

Zoominfo website for lead generation

9. System1

The pain points of many consumer brands are related to the question: how to know which people are the most potential customers?

System1 runs a Responsive Acquisition Marketing Platform (RAMP) that collects user intent data through multiple channels, and provides its clients with the data. The process is a loop where the clients feed data back to System1, and the algorithm improves each time.

This way high-intent users and the relevant brands find each other.

system1 website for lead generation

10. Lead Forensics

When you do get online traffic to your landing pages, but the visitors are not letting you know anything about them, you might need some help finding out who those people are.

Lead Forensics uses IP tracking to see which companies have visited your website and finds contact information that you can use. Your B2B brand can turn anonymous site visitors into prospective customers.

Instead of revealing contact information of an individual website visitor, Lead Forensics focuses on the business client. It doesn’t matter who the person visiting your site is, but who they work for.

This is better for the visitor’s privacy, but also for your business: you don’t have to try and figure out which business the visitor represents.

lead forensics website for lead generation

11. Belkins

If you struggle with getting leads into the sales pipeline efficiently, why not outsource the tiring process of cold emailing and organizing meetings with prospects?

Belkins is a lead generation agency that specializes in finding qualified leads and booking appointments on your behalf.

belkins website for lead generation

Generate Leads on Social Media

If your digital marketing plan includes social media sites, here are some additional tips that you might want to consider.

12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is quite a standard social media marketing and prospecting tool at this point. Maybe you are already finding leads with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator using an automation tool or manually searching and contacting them.

But did you know that you can include lead generation forms that automatically use the users’ contact data in your LinkedIn advertisements?

The prospective customers don’t have to fill in their information in the form, which further lowers the threshold of providing contact details and increases your chances of capturing a new lead.

Moreover, improving this process with a LinkedIn scraper can enhance your lead generation efforts by efficiently extracting and using relevant data from the platform

linkedin lead generation forms

13. TikTok

This might surprise you, but TikTok is a serious business resource. It is no longer a social media for teens only. You can find actual paying customers of all ages on TikTok.

I can say from personal experience that the algorithm is powerful and knows exactly what I am interested in. This is also the case for your potential leads, and the targeting opportunities are broad.

You can use TikTok as the first step in luring users into the marketing funnel. Ask them to sign up for a newsletter so that you can get their contact information and nurture prospective customers.

tiktok lead generation


We have taken a look into different tools and websites for lead generation. They offer solutions for landing pages, social media, appointment-setting, finding contact data, creating content and inbound marketing, and much more.

The best lead generation strategy is a mixture of several tactics. Maybe you want to use live chat and lead form on your website and create social media advertisements and acquire a more comprehensive marketing suite: whatever suits your needs and budget the best.

If you are looking for free lead generation tools that you can implement right away, I recommend you start with Trustmary.

Trustmary is the best lead generation tool that uses social proof to convert sales leads. You get fully customizable survey forms that not only provide you with lead information and feedback, but also testimonials from current customers.


What is the best website for lead generation?

Trustmary provides you with lead generation forms that you can customize and embed on your website. The Trustmary lead generation software also utilizes social proof: you can gather and showcase testimonials from existing customers. It is proven to have a great impact on conversion rates.

How can I generate leads on my landing pages?

You can generate leads on your landing page by e.g. implementing

How can I convert website visitors into leads?

You can include different lead generation widgets on your website, such as forms, quizzes and chats where the visitors can leave their contact information. You can also utilize lead generation services and tools that identify your anonymous website visitors and find their contact information.

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