Measuring customer satisfaction is essential for your business. Happy and loyal customers are your business’s most valuable asset. There are several ways to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, but nothing beats Net Promoter Score (NPS) in terms of simplicity, effectiveness, and ease-of-use.

What is NPS? NPS is a customer satisfaction survey that measures customer satisfaction and the likelihood of your customers recommending your business or product to a friend or relative. You can find the exact number of customers who will recommend you and won’t recommend you at all. The best way to create and run a Net Promoter Score campaign is to use NPS software. The software will help you create, run, analyze, and calculate NPS.

Not sure what NPS software to use? Check out our list of the best NPS software.

1. Trustmary

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Trustmary has an easy-to-use free NPS tool for measuring customer experience. You can create a survey for customers with a few clicks and send it to your customers via email or SMS. You can create an NPS survey in three different languages (English, Finnish, and Swedish). One of the best things about Trustmary’s NPS tool is that it lets you collect customer reviews and detailed feedback at the same time as also measuring NPS. You can also allow customers to submit video comments with their survey and this is a great way to get video reviews from loyal customers while measuring NPS.

You can integrate the NPS survey to your marketing automation tool or you can use it on any website. All you have to do is copy its code and paste it into your marketing process, website, newsletter, or anywhere else. You can analyze customer responses and check the NPS score on Trustmary’s dashboard. The reviews by the customers are published on your website automatically.

It is a free NPS software that doesn’t cost you anything. Its dashboard, integration, and targeting makes it a perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.

You can start measuring NPS with Trustmary for free here!

2. Hotjar

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Hotjar is a multi-purpose user behavior analysis tool that lets you collect user feedback visually on your website. It has a Feedback Poll feature that lets you create an NPS survey. You can create a survey from its user-friendly dashboard. You can fully customize the NPS survey by tweaking its trigger behavior, changing question type, and several others. You can also use surveys to create an NPS survey.

You can run a survey on your website and collect feedback from website visitors. Hotjar has a visual analytics dashboard that lets you analyze each answer individually. The NPS score is calculated automatically for you as the responses start rolling in.


nps tool 3 is one of the best NPS software that measures customer satisfaction and uses its insights to reduce the churn rate. It follows a 5-step process for measuring NPS:

  1. Engage
  2. Measure
  3. Respond
  4. Analyze
  5. Grow

It offers you a complete system to manage and improve NPS for your business. It is much more than a simple NPS tool. It has a clean user interface that shows gives you full control over your NPS campaign. Some of the key features include segmentation, recurring surveys, response management, lifecycle NPS, templates, survey settings, and third-party integrations.

These exciting features come at a cost. The starting price is $199 per month making one of the most expensive NPS software in this list. If you can afford it, do give it a try. You’ll love it, I’m sure.

4. Delighted

Delighted is a customer feedback collection and survey tool. It has several customer satisfaction measurement tools including NPS software. You can create an NPS survey with its easy-to-use survey creation wizard. You can add a feedback form to collect additional feedback from customers. Run your survey with its Autopilot feature that measures NPS over time. The survey can be delivered via SMS, email, website, or a link.

The NPS dashboard is where you can find all the details, reports, and comments from customers. NPS is calculated automatically and you can find top issues customers have raised with a few clicks. Sentiment analysis and trends are two helpful features for identifying customer challenges that make them unhappy. You can integrate Delighted NPS software with third-party tools and apps with simple one-click integration.

Delighted comes with a free plan with limited access. If you want to get full access to their platform, it will cost you $224 per month. Yes, that’s expensive but you can use all the features and customer satisfaction measurement tools.

5. Survicate

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Survicate is another customer feedback tool that has multichannel NPS software. You can create an NPS survey with Survicate easily without much hassle. You can send an NPS survey via email, website, app, and link. You can hook it up with your email marketing software. The design tool by Survicate is quite flexible that lets you use conditional logic to get customer feedback from the most relevant customers.

The Net Promoter Score and the number of promoters and detractors are calculated automatically in real-time. However, what makes Survicate NPS software stand out from the crowd is its advanced filter feature that lets you analyze each response based on existing customer data you have. This lets you analyze the customer lifecycle journey at an individual level. You can generate reports with a few clicks and share them with your team.

The free plan comes with limited features and the paid plans start from $49 per month (billed annually, or $99 monthly). Survicate is a cost-effective NPS software that provides you with tons of features.

6. ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Maker comes with an inbuilt NPS tool that helps you make smarter business decisions. It allows you to create NPS surveys for your customers with the help of pre-existing templates or from scratch. You can set start and expiration dates and decide when the user is first shown the NPS survey. You can even set throttle dates for the respondents. 

ProProfs survey maker can be integrated with most marketing tools, making it easy to share your surveys across large customer bases. The surveys can also be embedded on your website as a pop-up, sidebar, or on the page itself. 

Survey maker can also be used to create questionnaires and assessments, making it a unique multi-functional tools for all your customer feedback issues.

Final Words

What NPS software you’ll choose for your company? It gets easier to opt for the right tool when you know your objectives. If you are a startup or a local business with a limited budget, you should look for a cost-effective NPS software. If your primary objective is customer retention, look for a tool that focuses on customer retention.

You get the idea, right?

No software is good or bad. The way how you use it makes all the difference. Your NPS tool will only collect data and measure NPS score, what you do next is important. How to convert detractors into promoters is what matters. Your strategy, techniques, and decision-making are more crucial aspects of the NPS campaign that the software.

Needless to say, decent NPS software can help you save time and resources. It will solve half of your problems. You need to solve the other half yourself.